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Announcement MineZ Update Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by 100PercentHippo, Dec 15, 2017.

Announcement - MineZ Update Changelog
  1. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    The purpose of this thread is to provide players with the knowledge of when changes to the map are rolled and what those changes are. Future updates to the thread will be appended to the list below. Note that some changes may be only hinted at or omitted entirely as some changes are intended to be secret or hidden.

    Map changes may not take effect until the servers reboot (friendly reminder you can check server uptimes with '/mz uptime'), but changes listed here have been staged for release on all rebooted servers.

    -A new changelog has been posted and pinned. Please refer to this new post for all current MineZ updates.

    -Towns across the map have been received some holiday spirit :)

    -The map has been changed back to being significantly less spooky.

    -The Golden Key is no longer consumed upon use at this year's Halloween Dungeon.

    -A golden opportunity that was once sealed can be unlocked.
    -Sathara has been made slightly scarier.

    -The following locations now have their mechanics working: Grimdale / Portsmouth / Geuten
    -A couple new locations have been spookified.

    -MineZ Spook-Fest is live! Several map locations have been decorated for Halloween.

    -This Monthly Rebuild and the last Monthly Rebuild of this Season is Somnia!

    -Torchbar has been added to the map.

    -This monthly rebuild is Kaocho!
    -Boggy Den has been closed off temporarily.

    -Chime Cave has been removed from the map indefinitely
    -The traveller painter has wandered off.
    -Swimming directly across the water at Zerbia waterfall is no longer possible. (Wait, then how can I get to the opposite side of the waterfall?)
    -The Ghost ship has sailed to another location.

    -Changed flash grenade blindness effect duration from 12 seconds to 6 seconds.
    -Lost Thieves Guild plate room won't snowball anymore.
    -Chests at the top of the towers at Grayvale church can now be looted without using a grapple.

    -Flower Quest has been removed from the map and will be redone in the future.
    -Roseluck Crypt keypad and the boss room had some minor bug fixes.
    -Exolesco Raid key only takes 3 slimeballs now.
    -Death Mansion has gotten a lore update.
    -A strange person has been sighted at Clarce, what is he doing there?

    -Paluster tripwire room will not snowball anymore.
    -Desert Canyon Sanctuary before the loot room will now close after teleporting everyone.
    -Krubera Vault wave room has less pigman now.
    -Auraeus has been removed from the map indefinitely.
    -Roseluck Crypt has been reopened.
    -A build submission has been added to the map “Ephirion” https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/ephirion-astrumΩ.374395/

    -Updates to Giant AI, they will no longer get caught in a block while jumping and will instantly jump now.
    -Dungeons using the /summon command for zombies will remove the chance for pigmen to spawn. Note: not all dungeons have been affected by this yet.
    -This monthly rebuild is Longton!
    -Mining town got something added and a lore update.
    -The Exolesco mystery person has wandered off.
    -Exolesco raid has been tweaked to reduce crashing.
    -More map fixing has been done at the backpart of the map (The lava falls)
    -2 zombie spawners have been added at Fort Kharj.

    -Ghostfleet is open again.
    -Anemos is open again.
    -Exolesco raid is open again.
    -Shrine of the Dusk Water trial has been fixed.
    -Shrine of the Dusk Fire Trial door has been fixed.
    -Exolesco Dungeon water levitation trial has been fixed.
    -Dark mansion dispenser has been fixed.
    -Maze of the tenth dispenser has been fixed.
    -Krubera vault dispenser has been fixed.
    -Backpart of the map is completly smooth now.
    -The headhunt heads are gone from the map.

    -Exolesco Raid Closed off till further notice.

    -Shrine Of the Dusk is open again.
    -Exolesco Curious Cauldron will now reset itself.
    -Exolesco Raid dispenser has been fixed.

    -Ghost Fleet is temporarily broken so don't attempt it until further notice

    -The map was reverted to its normal state from the April Fools' version
    -Krubera Vault Giant room has been fixed
    -The bug where 1.11+ versions couldn't see certain mobs in Ghost Fleet is fixed
    -Shrine Of The Dusk has been closed until further notice.
    -A strange person has appeared at Exolesco. What is he doing there?

    -Certain portions of the map were rolled back (announcement)

    -Changes to Exolesco Tunnels
    -Reduced the amount of particles that spawn in the poison water to reduce lag
    -Added pigmen spawners on the Toad
    -Made the croak do 6 hearts of damage when near the Toad and 3 when not near and not under cover
    -Fixed the main mushroom room so there isnt a hole to the command blocks when the yellow mushroom spawns
    -Rabbits feet can no longer be used in the main mushroom room
    -You must complete all the trials and spawn in all the mushrooms to be able to continue past the mushroom spawning room
    -Loot changes will be made soon to reflect the new difficulty

    -Changed the wooden pressure plates near the air trial to wooden buttons to prevent snowballing in Shrine
    - Fixed an issue causing unintended chest spawning behavior
    - Fixed an issue causing unintended map behavior

    - Fixed XP Multipliers to be server-wide

    - A headhunt (pot of gold hunt?) has begun. Details here.
    - There may be another change associated with that announcement

    - New location Crowmure Farm read more here.
    - Pigmen can now spawn from spawners and giants.
    - Pigmen spawn rate changed from 7% to 5%.
    - Place missing tables in Youngton Abby to fix a floating chest.
    - Geuten chests have been fixed and now have more civ, tools, and military chests.

    - You can now exit Exolesco Tunnels loot room without having to log
    - Red Demon Temple loot room will close after 1 min
    - Bug fixed in Warped Ruins boss room where the platform would not appear when shooting both arrows
    - Shrine of the Dusk water trial teleport radius has changed so you can no longer TP from outside the dungeon
    - Warped ruins loot room chest have been relocated
    - Wizard Tower, Frostbain Catacombs, Shrine of the Dusk and Krubera Vault loot rooms are no longer campable
    - Added new road signs

    - Update to Dungeon Chests for more rebalancing
    - Remove Giant spawn from Giants Farm
    - Aeternalis Crypt now teleports you into the loot room
    - Desert Canyon Sanctuary loot room will only let you stay for 3.5 minutes. After that the dungeon will teleport you out
    - Dark Mansion parkour has slightly changed. It is also not possible to solo the dungeon with a zombie bow
    - Wizard Tower bug fixes
    - Anemos loot room (all 20 dungeon_rares) are now fully accessible even to a solo player

    - Dungeon Chests were rebalanced - adding a new chest type and removing old ones read more here
    - More to come that hasn't rolled yet (soon™)
    - Some minor locations have got a few loot chests. This includes unnamed camps, farmhouses, and small buildings at the southern coastal road.
    - 1 potion chest has been added at Pravus, and 2 potion chests at Pravus Dawn Brigade Cantina have been moved to the town hall.

    - Disease: Effect time has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
    - Pigmen: Damage reduced from 5 to 4 hearts per explosion. (This is being edited and reviewed to find a good balance.)
    - Wizard Tower has been reopened with some new changes (report dungeon bugs - if any - to Fridge)
    - Town Auraeus is now open again with new loot.

    - Carmi now spawns more potions and less military gears.

    - All the buttons in Overgrown will now let you place them without being removed due to a shroud
    - Wizard Tower is temporarily closed for minor changes

    - Staklimiter: Fix bug where it caused brewing stands to allow blaze powder to be obtained.

    - Stacklimiter: Overhaul system to a better control for item stacks and stop ghosting of items.
    - LoreBlock: Fix into place to have lore blocks work again.

    - Pigmen: Fix bug where they would not take fall damage.
    - PvE Server: Fix bug where on PvE server you get login effects when near a player on login.
    - Death Message: Fix message for death from dehydration.
    - Zerbia has been rebuilt.

    - Disease: The disease system is back after backend changed to help prevent server crashes.
    - A wizard summoned a button near a previously inaccessible piece of lore in Byesford labs
    - Gold Name: After much talk and deliberation, it has been reverted back to the Yellow.
    - Pigmen: Pigmen will no longer 1 shot kill you. The most they will do is 5-6 hearts at close range per mob and decrease from there based on the distance of explosion. Note that if 2 explode near you, you will most likely die. (Damage might change at a later date, this is to see how it works at this rate.)

    - Frostine was buffed
    - Devil's Respite tp to boss room is centered now.
    - Falling in lava in dungeons where its impossible to swim out will now result in the death of the player

    - Chime Cave closed for minor changes
    - Swamp Pit was buffed a little more
    - We tried to convince Halo that Christmas is indeed over

    - A dungeon has been added to the cave system called Chime Cave.
    - Modified the way certain floating pillars behave. Rumor has it, they have a strange aura around them.
    - Added two minor locations to the map. Wonder where they are.
    - Reverted Christmas builds throughout the map.
    - Minor bug fixes in some dungeons.

    - Some Holiday locations have been changed to reset properly
    - Misc map fixes and bug fixes to some Holiday locations
    - Swamp Pit has received a buff

    - Holiday Head Hunt heads placed (see thread here)
    - Some Holiday location challenges patched to give rewards properly and show if they've been claimed or not
    - The following locations now have their holiday mechanics working: Sirus / Aspermont / Crowmure / Hell Tree
    - Word has it the captain of the ship in Pravus has returned, and is looking for some willing adventurers!
    - Byesford Labs shroud adjusted to allow button placement the initial rooms (prior to the dungeon start)

  2. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    This thread will now include developmental changes as well, to help to have a unified place to look for updates.
  3. cyclone_43 Silver

    How was frostbain buffed? The town of the dungeon?
  4. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    It's Frostine Valley Acres that has been buffed, not Frostbain. It had only 1 tool chest so we've added more chests there and might add more in the future.
  5. Mychon Obsidian

    The game is fixed
  6. DocCodeSharp Retired Staff


    There is more to be done. This is just the start :)
  7. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Now we just have to see it. :wink:
  8. shrauger Regular Member

    Oh thank god for the lore blocks, I was getting bored.
  9. Mychon Obsidian

    this fix was the only one I needed
  10. Mangraz Platinum

    Just gotten back into the game after years of absence, due to a friend wanting to "play some good ol' Minecraft". Great to see development is still going on despite low player counts.:)
  11. FPSHater Obsidian

    Why my MEME post got deleted wtf toxic af my ninja
    Meme_MC, up44 and ACrispyTortilla like this.
  12. FadingGeneral Platinum

    Could you tell us the reason behind this change?
    Talef and ArsMagia like this.
  13. DocCodeSharp Retired Staff

    I removed the giant spawn due to it being to easy to farm the giant ( one of the bosses) the location was bad for this spawn. You could hide in the building, run the the woods and hide behind the tree and fight it with no fear of being kicked, and fight with the water behind you with no fall damage with the kick or jump.

    I will be working with halo to build a better location that will fit the boss and allow better PvP in the West.
    FadingGeneral likes this.
  14. cyclone_43 Silver

    Alright, well I'd suggest readding the Giant's spawn to Forest, and adding potion chests to either The shire or Giants farm that don't require a button. I've made a map (map) highlighting all the potion chests that aren't (For the most part) in southern locations. When you look at it you can see there's a big portion on the western side of the map that has no potion chests that don't require a button. A couple pot_uncommons would definitely help out PvP in the area if you're not to kill PvP in the west.
  15. Talef Gold

    what are zombie bows for?
  16. Goliac Silver

    You put it in your alt and it stays there for decades.
  17. Meifot Silver

    Removing west giant spawn again. :/ Can we go back to forest?
  18. AetheralWraith Platinum

    "Lmao lets get rid of west giant spawns AGAIN and make it so you can only get them in the canyons xd" -Doc
  19. Talef Gold

    They didn't say this publicly for some reason, but they are adding the giant spawn in the west somewhere it wont be easily exploited (due to water and trees). They are also going to buff legendaries soon I'm pretty sure so hopefully zombie bow will be maybe worth doing Devil's Respite ever.
  20. mackwell Gold

    Zombie Bow was one of the only good legendary's, now its kinda crap.
    ACringyTortilla likes this.

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