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Question MineZ Thirst Overlay mod

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MonroeTT, Jul 31, 2020.

Question - MineZ Thirst Overlay mod
  1. MonroeTT Platinum

    So I got bored a created a small client side mod that creates a overlay for thirst. I haven't tried using it on the server yet for fear of getting banned. Can someone of authority take a look and let me know if this is acceptable?


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  2. ShayminPlays Platinum


    All non-authorised mods are use at your own risk but I think it would be absolutely absurd if you ever got banned for using this since it does nothing to inform you of information you don't already have access to. Because it gives no unfair advantages over other players you should be completely fine with running this mod. I wouldn't worry about a thing :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. RisingThumb Regular Member

    If it's truly client-side, it's truly undetectable by the server, bar admins observing unusual client behaviour, or your own stupidity releasing screenshots of it.

    The rulings do not make clear the line of what is a fair and unfair advantage, and so it can very reasonably be argued that you can still be banned for it.
  4. MonroeTT Platinum

    Until I get a yay or nay from an admin, I'm not trying. I've sunk too much money into this to get banned.
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  5. JACOBSMILE MineZ & Film Crew Lead

    As long as this is all this mod does, I see no problem with it. I cannot give a 100% confirmation of it being an approved mod, but it does share similarities to old MineZ overlay mods that used to be approved on the network.

    So as long as it does not provide any additional information, or advantages that normal players already do not have, this will be fine.
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  6. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer

    Can I see the source code and how it works? If this is on the up and up it can be approved only for that version number. If the version every changes or the code is changed it would have to be re-reviewed.
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  7. MonroeTT Platinum

    Cool, Thanks.

  8. Smartzz Platinum

    this is kinda live bro, I like it

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