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MineZ MineZ: The Adventurer's Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Aug 8, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ: The Adventurer's Update
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Jr. Developer

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    Hello Survivors!

    We are back! I am sure you missed us in July. We were taking a bit of a break, but rest assured, we are back with more ideas and mechanics to shakeup the world.

    I am sure you have felt it. Every day it gets a little colder. Every day grows a little shorter. Autumn is coming, and with it, a whole slew of updates. There's a lot to unpack, so let's jump right in!

    MineZ Admin Applications

    First and foremost, the MineZ Administration team is looking for fresh meat, ...I mean, talent to take a step behind the curtain and join the team as MineZ Mini Admins. If you believe you would be interested in helping administer the game we all love, please feel free to apply.

    All the guidelines for the application process can be found in the Google Forms link below. Be sure to read them carefully!

    Obviously, we cannot accept every application, but if you take your time on your application and put in a little extra effort, it could mean the difference.

    Click Here to Apply!

    Civilian Loot Overhaul

    While the Loot Overhaul Update saw a complete readjustment to Military Loot, as well as adding new tiers of armor to help smooth the gear progression as you travel north, there has been a particular set of chests that have been underwhelming for quite some time. This overhaul of Civilian Loot was birthed by a brand new item that will undoubtedly shake up MineZ and breathe something brand new into the game, never before seen.


    Wait, you must be joking, right? Nope! Indeed, one aspect of survival games that MineZ has always lacked has been a way to increase your inventory space. We are adding a brand new item in high tier civilian chests (more on that in a minute) in the form of Small Bags! These small bags will act as a direct expansion to your mobile inventory.

    You simply hold it in your hand, right-click, and have access to an additional 9 slots of inventory room to work with! It couldn't be simpler!

    Of course, with such a drastic change to MineZ, it can't come without a couple small limitations. First and foremost, if you are PVP Tagged, it will take 10 seconds to unlatch the bag, and during that time you cannot move or switch the item in your hand. You are also limited to only one bag per inventory, and they obviously cannot be put inside themselves.

    This change comes as a precursor to the MineZ Bank which we are hard at work on in the background. This bag is one of the most pivotal changes and will help to breathe new life into MineZ, and pave the way for future expansions.

    We encourage you to travel out into the world, locate one of these bags (they are relatively rare!) and make full use of them!

    Three Tiers of Civilian Loot

    Civilian Loot has been rebuilt into three tiers: civ_common, civ_uncommon, and civ_rare. This also marks the retirement of civ_tool and tool_south. But don't fear! All of the tool items have been merged into the wider civilian loot tables. Buttons and Bags will be reserved for civ_rare chests, but they will be in familiar places, similar to the old tool chests.

    We are also introducing enchanted variants of Shovels, Hoes and Fishing Rods which have a chance to increase the drop-rate of each respective loot item.

    These changes to Civilian Loot give us further flexibility in loot placements, and more room to introduce new things!

    Alternate Lifestyles

    Who are we to tell you how to play this game? I find that the enjoyment and longevity of a game comes from the many different possibilities and playstyles that it has to offer. With that being said, there are a few features and utilities that have never quite hit their mark in MineZ. It is our hope, that with these two changes, we add new options to your MineZ career.

    Catch of the Day

    If you are like me, you might throw out your fishing rod when something better presents itself. Most people fish to enter Zerbia Depths, so what really is the draw of this mundane tool? Don’t throw it out so soon, though. The world of MineZ is full of treasure… if you know where to look. With a bit of luck and some skill, you might even be reeling in truly worthwhile loot, now.

    To keep up our goal of game progression, we took a deep dive into fishing. We wanted it to be a more viable form of looting. Something that felt rewarding for the time that you spent watching that bobber rise and fall.

    Split into three sections based off Z coordinates, these different sections of the map now offer increasingly rewarding loot. You could think of this like a tiered fishing system. Players now have the option to plunder the open waters for treasure that sits on the ocean and river floors. If you’re lucky, you might even reel in something other than a fish!

    Tomb Raider

    Gravedigging, another semi-functional mechanic, has been a “feature” of the game that has never really felt satisfying. It was hampered by the inability to create meaningful rewards from a gravedigging system…that is until now.

    Similar to fishing, we have created a tiered gravedigging system. The further north you go, the more rewarding the buried goods are(strange coincidence, but who are we to say how someone is buried)

    Also, no grave will be completely empty. Although, you may accidentally dig up the undead, so stay on your toes!

    Mage's Defense

    The mages of Agni Ignis, well known for their prowess with Elemental magic, kept to themselves. Secluded in the jungle, these wise and noble humans went silent, never being heard from again after the outbreak.

    Now, as survivors venture back into the ruins of the world, certain unique treasures present themselves. Surprisingly, in Agni Ignis a special armor has now been uncovered.

    Projectile Protection has been uncovered at Agni Ignis. Though the purpose for its creation is unknown, if you can manage to break through the jungle thicket and through the ruins of this gargantuan town, you might find the mages last gift.

    Projectile Protection Armor

    Located all throughout the chests at Agni Ignis, you may come across Projectile Protection Helmets and Boots. These will provide additional protection from Bows, to the point where their benefit can be definitely felt, but also does not gatekeep PVP encounters behind it either.

    Depending on the enchantment of the attacker's bow, you may survive for one to two additional shots before dying. This should help add some more diversity into the game without completely unbalancing PVP fights. Speaking of PVP fights...

    Knockback Changes

    We have heard you loud and clear. It is true that PVP knockback has been a bit wacky since Origins, and even through our attempts in a previous patch to try and resolve it, there were still many glaring issues. Through a mixture of community and staff interactions, as well as loads of testing, it is our belief that knockback has been adjusted for the better.

    Of course, this system will undoubtedly be looked at and tweaked further, but after some internal code changes to our system, and a lot of balancing with numbers, we are well on our way to a more refined and enjoyable PVP experience.

    A Chill in the Air

    I was in Pravus the other day.

    It was a calm evening with no wind and only the gentle sound of waves to break through the serene, quiet town. Nearly imperceptible at first, I heard bells rigging, and the groaning of wood. Stopping for a moment, I looked out past the horizon and I saw a blurry image drifting purposefully due west.

    Before the collapse, sailors had shared stories of this strange sighting. There before me, a hazy ship drifted by. Yet, no people manned that decrepit ship. It swayed from side to side soothingly, drifting away.

    What could I call it other than a Ghost Ship…?

    The Ghost Ship Returns

    Those that have been around for a while may remember the Ghost Ship. A unique attraction, it could often be found roaming the waterways of the world. Once again, it appears to have been sighted, though where it settled, no one knows.

    The ship is said to have a cargo unique to the world, and well worth the risk should you find it. Though its crew has vanished, the danger still lingers…

    The ghost ship will not be a permanent location in the world and will move around the world. Currently, it will move at a minimum of once a week.

    Striking the Anvil

    On either side of Pravus, you may recall two large desert fortresses. They are as old as MineZ; some of the first structures on the map.

    I remember my first time looting them on the way to Grimdale, but as time changes, so must they. They have received a face lift!

    Furthermore, a town in the north west has received yet another rebuild. This time, it’s for good! We promise this is the last time we will rebuild this town. Let me tell you though, it has such a great feel and aesthetic to it, you just might find yourself gearing here more often.

    Summer Screenshot Contest Results


    Submitted by LynarieZ, this beautiful shot of Sercaul and the surrounding area is the winner of the MineZ Summer Screenshot Contest!

    In addition, the 14 runner-ups in no particular order are as follows:


    Thank you to all of the people who entered! Please contact JACOBSMILE over Discord or the forums through a private message to claim your prize!

    The Cartographer Emerges

    There are a lot of projects being juggled by the MineZ team right now. Sometimes, we get burnt out of one project and need to take a break from it for a little while before revisiting it. Two projects I want to tease today actually came out of my burn out.

    Looking at the map, there are areas that have always felt off to me. They are essentially useless but should be important areas of the world. Out of my frustration with these areas a couple new ideas emerged.

    A complete redo of two areas. While I will not show you them today, I will let you know that my hope is to have them out soon. Both should have lasting impact to the game. If you really want to know where exactly these changes might happen, you might be able to find a familiar face roaming around these areas of the map.

    While we expect these changes to eventually roll to live, at this time, we cannot guarantee it.


    Following our short break through July, we wanted to come back strong with another round of big changes to MineZ. We really wanted to look at areas of the game that haven’t received much love in this update. While we can make new dungeons and new towns, if we don’t take care of the base game, everything else becomes irrelevant.

    While we may begin to come across as a broken record, truly, from everyone on the MineZ Team, we must thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. The continued feedback, comments, and concerns across a wide spectrum of topics in MineZ helps us to continue creating new experiences, and memories for everyone.

    As stated above, there are a plethora of projects in the works, and there are many reasons to get excited. Stay tuned to our social media for future sneak peaks, and possible teasers into what comes next!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    Hold on you’re adding BAGS? that’s something I didn’t know I wanted but.... Okay that’s insane... haven’t read the rest yet but I’m hyped
  3. robdoom Emerald

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  4. Oams Platinum

    this calls for a celebration
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  5. sometimesforever Emerald

  6. RoseFredricks Artist

    Out of curiosity, when is Meteor Crater dungeon coming back?
    I know it was removed because it didn't fit the map right now (even though Lazerville, Sunken Library, a dozen other far worse looking dungeons and locations, all still exist and serve far less of a purpose than Meteor Crater did *cough*), but right now it literally serves no purpose, despite being a pretty sizable location.
    Additionally I know a lot of people, myself included, think the crater part of Meteor Crater looks amazing, but the meteor part looks absolutely disgusting.

    Just a suggestion, but what if you WorldEditted the old meteor into where the new meteor is, and readded the dungeon until you can create a new one instead of just leaving this huge useless part of the map, and further detracting from that continents usefulness, when it's already pretty awful to go to, especially now that it's such a pain to climb through the jungle. If I had to guess the whole process would probably take max of an hour, since WorldEdit is such an easy to use tool and everything is already prebuilt.
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  7. TYBASEDGOD Platinum

    okay !
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  8. LynarieZ Platinum

    WOAHHH!!! I'm so glad :ᴅ
    In two meanings!* (?
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  9. ShayminPlays Emerald

  10. Blakei Emerald

    Awesome. The experience never ends with this game because it's always adding something new to check out. Can't wait to see it in action :)
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  11. Smartzz Emerald

    Suichaso's screenshot was actually so cool. Please consider using that one as well.
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  12. Kryanine Platinum

    Great progress! Thank you guys so much for all the hard work lately! The game is coming together like never before!

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