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MineZ MineZ: Survivor's Relief

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MineZ Team, Jun 20, 2021.

MineZ - MineZ: Survivor's Relief
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    MineZ Changelog

    Hello Survivors!

    Summer is finally here, and with it comes a new MineZ update! The MineZ team has been hard at work over the last few months creating, revising, and finalizing this major update, so we are excited to finally release it! Continue reading to see what's changed!

    New Settlers from the South
    Welcome to Meridian; a new settlement just off the southern coast of Valar, the name given to our realm by these seafarers.

    It brings with it a host of amenities available to you. Most notably, a bank for players to store their items. Meridian is a new spawn for all players, starting a generation of new explorers. It is a safe-haven for you, devoid of zombies and under the surveillance of these new settlers. You won't have to worry about hunger or thirst here!

    Use Meridian as a launchpad for all your adventures. Meet up with players here, interact with these new and mysterious travelers and of course - store your items.

    The Island Folk

    It's unusual to see many people, especially talkative ones. Though in Meridian, you'll notice there are many lively characters.

    Conversational NPCs

    These NPCs offer up tidbits of advice and in some cases items. They are soulbound of course, but will surely help you in your travels. Not all NPCs will offer you a gift, but they generally have something to say, whether it's rumors about the mainland or stories.

    Baldric the Supplier

    Some NPCs may even be willing to refill your gear. This new feature was created to help players who make several journeys back and forth, replenishing your spawn-kit items. We did this due to the amount of players who routinely killed themselves to recoup valuable items and to establish more of a game loop.

    Spawn NPCs

    Another addition you will notice are NPCs who will take you to different spawn towns. All players have the option to use these NPCs; regardless of rank.

    Historically, only premium members have been able to choose to spawn at specific locations, though after looking at months of player actions it is clear that this has been hurting player retention with the vast majority of non-premium players choosing to kill or drown themselves for as long as 5 minutes to get a close enough spawn to their friends.

    This change will allow groups to play together instantly. Players who have purchased premium still maintain the ability to spawn anywhere along the coast, and this may come in handy during certain events in the future.

    We will be expanding premium features soon, to make up for the lackluster amount of cosmetics and perks you receive, so please have patience! For the moment, we felt improving the game loop was one of the biggest concerns.

    • Players may still use the old spawn command if you desire. There is also an NPC ,"Oliver the Navigator", who presents players with spawn choices in a GUI format.
    These NPCs will be expanded upon in the future, but we hope you enjoy these new additions/changes.

    Item Storage for All

    Over the years since MineZ's creation, alternate Minecraft accounts have become the de facto item storage method since there was no other way to safely store items. As little as seven months ago, the idea of a per-player item storage system (commonly referred to as "The Bank") was just that -- an idea. While it had been talked about for many months prior as a very important feature, actually creating The Bank was a daunting task. In general, inventory management from a technical standpoint must be more precise and well-thought-out than usual; even the smallest bug or mistake could result in complete data loss or game failure. Even so, with the staff recognizing the impending need for the system after the Mojang Java account migration announcement, one MineZ developer accepted the task. After a long, tumultuous journey, the MineZ team is proud to announce the official release of the MineZ Player Bank.

    The following sections will provide a brief overview with the most up-to-date information of the Player Bank and its functions. For a more in-depth explanation with images, please refer to the Banking System PTR Thread. Note: some features listed in the PTR thread are outdated.

    The Player Bank

    Bank Access

    The Bank can be accessed by right-clicking specific Ender Chests. With this update, these Ender Chests can only be found inside the Treasury building at Meridian. You can return to Meridian at any time using the NPCs on special ships found in the surrounding areas of major spawn locations (Geuten, Carmi, Romero, Bell Farm, Portsmouth, Pravus, Grimdale, and Kaocho).

    While some of you may be disappointed that there are no locations in other parts of the map, releasing with a south-only approach was by far the easiest option with regards to balancing and the most logical for the current implementation. We will continue to explore other possible locations and implementations in the future.

    Bank Storage

    The Bank offers two separate storage spaces, which are referred to as the "Main" and "Legacy" banks. By default, every player will start with TWO pages (1 page = 4x9 slots) for both the Main and Legacy Banks. Storage space in for both banks are limited, however there are plans to add expansion possibilities in the future.

    The Main bank allows you to store ALMOST ANY item you have or may find in the world. This includes, but not limited to, armor, weapons, potions, food, legendaries, cosmetics, and rares. As a general rule, if it's in your inventory, or it can generally be found in the world, it can likely be stored in the Main bank. The purpose of this bank is to be used as general storage. There are a few notable exceptions that will be stated later in this section.

    The Legacy bank allows you to store any item that is CURRENTLY NOT OBTAINABLE in the game. This includes cosmetics, some legacy legendaries, and rare items. As a general rule, if it can be found through normal means in the game (including, but not limited to; loot chests, mobs, and dungeons), it CANNOT be placed in the Legacy bank. The purpose of this bank is to be used to store cosmetics and legacy items. Similar to the Main Bank, there are a few notable exceptions that are stated below.

    Both banks have some special case items that are not storable. These exceptions are stated below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.
    • The following items CANNOT be stored in EITHER bank:
      • Bags*
      • Soulbound Items
    *Note: Bags were limited to one of each color in the PTR, however this was found to require some more time to correctly incorporate, so for the foreseeable future they will not be storable. Even so, we will continuing working on eventually making one of each color storable.

    PTR Bug Reporters

    For those of you who participated in the PTR all the way back in January, thank you! This update would not have been possible without your help. Rewards for those who submitted qualified bug reports will be distributed over the coming weeks. As a bonus, everyone that qualified for a reward will also receive a special bank-themed glyph in honor of its official release!

    A New Way to Trade

    In addition to adding a place to store your items, we've also added an official system to trade them!

    The "/trade (name)" command or shift-right-clicking the player you are trading with can be used to send a trading request. The request must be accepted by clicking [ACCEPT] in the chat before the trading GUI is opened. The trade will automatically cancel if at any point you are not within 20 blocks of the player you are trading with.

    You can trade multiple items at once, and the trade will only complete after both players have offered items and clicked the "confirm" button in the GUI. Soulbound items cannot be traded.

    Collect a Premium Discount!


    Use coupon code "RELIEF" at checkout for 20% off of all premium ranks. This does not work for subscriber.
    This sale lasts until June 25th.

    Looking Towards the Future

    While this update may seem relatively small on the surface, the content in it is important as it lays the groundwork for future projects and fulfills the pressing need for a permanent per-player item storage system.

    The summer season is just getting started and so are we! Stay tuned over the coming months for more MineZ content!

    As always, and until next time,

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!
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    So exiting omg a bank fianlly!! been thinking of this for years
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    Amazing! Any approximation as to how long the servers will be down for?
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    A long time coming, great work!
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    minez i miss u. plz. come back.

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