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No Prefix MineZ Summerfest Sumo Event

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by LangScott, Jun 28, 2024.

No Prefix - MineZ Summerfest Sumo Event
  1. LangScott MineZ Events Lead, Administrator, Specialist


    Hello Survivors! We're excited to kick off your summer with some awesome events! Splash into the summer event marathon with our Beachball Sumo Event!

    How to join?
    You can join 10 minutes prior to the Event using the Event Server NPC in the MineZ lobby.

    The Event
    • Every player will be granted a knockback 2 stick.
    • Every player will be given weakness so you can not be killed unless you fall off.
    • Teaming is not allowed, to help combat this everyone will be invisible with full leather armor on, if you are found teaming you will be removed from the event.
    • Every 3 minutes part of the beachball will disappear till only the white zone is left. (It will go Black & Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
    • The last 3 standing will be granted a prize.
    • You must be online after the event to claim your prize or you forfeit it.
    Time & Date

    EST 6th of July 2PM
    CET 6th of July 8PM

    Click here for a time converter.

    Can't wait to see everyone there!
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