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MineZ MineZ Status Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DocCodeSharp, Dec 10, 2019.

MineZ - MineZ Status Update
  1. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    Hello survivors!

    I thought it was time for a little MineZ Status Update.

    Server Status

    The game has been updated to 1.12.2 and it's now on the dev server. The admin team and build team are hard at work testing this update while working with me to iron out the bugs we have based on the update. This will take some time as everything has to be tested, from gameplay to every dungeon.

    With that note, since we have the map updated and instanced updated all to 1.12.2, we can not roll any changes until everything is completed. We are back to hard work to complete this task and bring updates back to the game.


    The event server will be coming back soon (so keep a eye out as we will broadcast when ready), and with this it will allow you to help us test 1.12.2 update with events being hosted again.

    Please note this will mean that you can ONLY join the event server using 1.12.2, so other versions of Minecraft will not work.

    Final Notes

    Thanks for sticking with us as we try improve the game with new updates and Minecraft updates.

    See you all out there in the wasteland,

    - Doc
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  2. Carrying Emerald

    yay doc!
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  3. Davidss10001 Retired Staff

    hi docy poo happy holidays
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  4. _Silver Gold

    What's this build in the picture with the Therum symbol on it? Foreshadowing?
  5. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Might just be another rebuild, I would assume DCS entrance.

    Hopefully we'll get something more than just rebuilds soon, been waiting for this for a while and doing the same dungeons over and over again isn't that fun after a while..
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  6. _Silver Gold

    Oh yeah, forgot about the rebuilds. Still, this would be a major overhaul to the desert around DCS on top of the entrance part, so it'll at least be interesting to see how that would work.
  7. MuffinMinister Platinum


    Im thinking due to the fact they use instancing for the inside of the dungeon they can basically do non-euclidian world building for dungeons, since the actual dungeon environment isnt on the public server, but rather is self-contained.

    Therefore, they can do entrance buildings to dungeons that do not actually make any sense from a "space" standpoint.

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