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MineZ MineZ: Spring Cleaning

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Apr 5, 2021.

MineZ - MineZ: Spring Cleaning
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer


    Hello Survivors,

    Spring has sprung! We've got another slew of changes for the month of April after the utter (failure) success of the MineZ: Bold Steps update. Read on to see what's in store!

    Spring Cleaning

    We've had an ear to the ground with our recent changes, and decided to experiment with many changes that we knew would be game-changing and, well, quite Bold. Our last update proved to be a whole lot of fun to everyone, but alas, not everything can stay this way forever.

    Rewinding Time

    The following features have been removed:
    • All Lucky & Chaos Blocks have been disabled. They will still exist, but interacting with them will not do anything.
    • Elytra (obtained from a Chaos Block) has been converted to a cosmetic item.
    • Diamond Armor has been converted to Iron Armor with a unique name.
    • The Giant & Baby Forsakens have been removed. They were too powerful for this world.
    • Zombies have been turned right-side up. You will now see their blocky faces once again.
    Notes for the Future

    We did enjoy some of the changes in looting brought within Bold Steps, and we are evaluating ways to expand on it in the future to make it more enjoyable in the long term. More to come!

    Egg Hunt Egg-Stravaganza

    A head hunt honoring the Valarune prophecy has been unleashed! 20 different Easter Eggs have been placed around the world. For reference, you are going to be looking for heads that look like this: [IMG]

    Guide to Egg Hunting
    • The eggs could be hidden anywhere at any location on the MineZ map. This excludes any dungeons, but may include places you must parkour up to or into. Some locations may not be listed by the website map, but that doesn't exclude them from potentially hiding an egg.
    • They will not be in the wild, and can only be found in landmarks / structures. You won't be finding one hiding behind a boulder out in the middle of the jungle!
    • The only instance they can be inside of is Wind Spire. If you've entered one, you've gone too far!
    Gone are the days of screenshots!

    You no longer need to screenshot each egg you come across and send them on a forum thread or private message. Rewards are now instantaneous, and even if you don't find every egg, rest assured that each egg holds a wonderful treat.

    Simply approach an egg, and right-click it! Once you find all 20, you will receive an extra-special gift!

    Happy Hunting!

    Picking Up the Pieces

    The Emerald Shard quest line has seen a complete overhaul. Many of the shards now have a small challenge to obtain them and the range of where they're found has dramatically shrunk down. You no longer have to wander to the ends of the earth to collect them. This change does mean any existing shards will be rendered unusable, you will need to collect the new versions of the items to progress through the quest.
    In addition, the Heal Bow has seen some changes:
    • Heals 3 hearts when shooting a player.
    • Consumes 2 arrows and 2 durability each shot.
    • The shooter becomes afflicted with Weakness I for 5 seconds when successfully shooting a player.
    • A player who has been shot by Heal Bow can not be healed again by ANY Heal Bows for 10 seconds.
    A New Path

    Looking ahead into April, we have the following targets the development team is looking to hit:
    • 5 legendary reworks.
    • Changes to looting to help smooth over some of the rough spots we've identified.
    • PVP Adjustments.
    • Finishing up the Banking System & Instance Overhaul.
    Keep an eye out on our changelog as well as right here for our next big announcements! We're egg-cited for you to try this update, so hop to it!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!
    ~ The MineZ Team ~

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    Will the eggs be on PVE?
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