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MineZ MineZ: Spookfest 2022

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MineZ Team, Oct 15, 2022.

MineZ - MineZ: Spookfest 2022
  1. MineZ Team Administrator

    Hello Survivors!

    Fall has come and we are excited to welcome you to the latest iteration of MineZ Spookfest! This update features a combination of returning and new locations, items and events.

    Treat Chests
    Once again, treat chests return! These supply drops have been a staple of Spookfest for the better part of a decade. Similar to last year, they will be run on an alternating schedule so that players from all over the world have a convenient time each week to participate in these epic events. Loot from these events are special, but rest assured, those who manage to grab a portion of the loot from the many chests that spawn during these events will walk away well rewarded. Below you will find all the information you'll need for this year, whether you're a seasoned veteran, or attending Spookfest and Treat Chests for the first time!

    Treat Chest Schedule and Loot

    We try our best to make sure chests are available to as many people as possible. For that reason, we've settled on this schedule for Treat Chests, which should feel very similar to last year! (All times in Eastern Standard Time EST)

    Monday: 2 PM EST
    Wednesday: 8 PM EST
    Friday: 9 AM EST
    Saturday: 4PM EST Weekend Chest
    Sunday: 9AM EST Weekend Chest


    Chest spawning is an important part of the nuance of claiming your prizes! At the scheduled start time, a server will be picked to host the supply drop, which will be followed by an announcement across MineZ with it's location and the countdown to the first chest spawn! Keep your eyes peeled for spooky business in the area, and head that way! Similar to last year weekend chests will have higher tiers of loot available compared to their weekday counterpart.

    Chests spawn in after the announcement on a delay, and similar to the past year of supply drops, will not spawn all at the same time. Chests spawn in phases, little by little each of the chests will spawn in, staggered one after the other, and you'll either have to get out quick with the first drop of loot, or stay longer to keep up the fight to claim as much as you can!


    You will notice that some of the loot you acquire throughout this update is marked as expiring. This is a system introduced to promote usage of (primarily) unique items, giving them a chance to change hands through combat and enhance fights instead of remaining hidden away in a bank vault. Of course we kept a fair share of collectible sets to encourage trading that will not be affected by expiry. We have added quite a few experimental items with this balance in mind this year, so be sure to let us know how it's working out!

    As always, alting is not allowed, and all other MineZ and Shotbow Rules apply as normal.
    Thrilling Journey

    Spooky builds have become prolific throughout the many years of Spookfest. Each year the team has brought new and old builds back. This year we are happy to bring you a truly frightful offering of spooky builds. From returning favorites to new spooky builds, you’ll have quite a lot of exploring to do. Like previous years, spooky locations offer a variety of halloween goodies and some even offer mini-games.

    The Hunt for Golden Jack

    For those observant explorers looking for a challenge, we offer you this thrilling headhunt. There are 13 golden Jack O’ Lanterns hidden in only spooky locations(none in instances). You may have to search more thoroughly for some, but if you are persistent you’ll be greeted by the smiling visage of these hidden gourds. Once you've found a head, simply right click it to be awarded a small fortune of XP. When you claim the last head, you'll be given some extra prizes along with a unique cosmetic to keep forever.


    A Treat for You
    As another new feature this year, we’ll be hosting a small challenge for any players interested in dungeons. Each rotation will feature a list of new dungeons which will offer a new cosmetic as a potential reward at the end of the dungeon.

    Players will have a chance to earn this reward by opening any chest in the loot room of these dungeons.

    Rotations should last at least one week to give groups time to organize dungeon runs and ensure everyone has had a chance to partake in this challenge.
    Winter is Coming
    A view of an ongoing project. Expect more sneak peeks and info throughout the late fall and early winter.


    Spookfest is here and its return signals the turn into the school year and the expectation of two long events. They are normally a welcome change to the pace of the game and a time to relax and participate in large events. It’s been a long year and there are many questions about what is next for MineZ.

    This past June MrJack posted about the state of the game and some of the hopes going forward. That was followed by the update Road Less Traveled in July and the PTR in early August.

    We feel it is prudent to release another State of the game in November and will be working to collect our thoughts from the past couple of months in conjunction with the feedback we have received.

    We're excited for Spookfest, creepy builds, supply drops and more.

    Until the snow start falling and as always,

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

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