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MineZ MineZ: Spookfest 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MineZ Team, Sep 29, 2021.

MineZ - MineZ: Spookfest 2021
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    It's finally that time of year! Welcome to one of the spookiest and busiest parts of the year for MineZ! For years upon years, MineZ has been host to a wonderful month of exciting content - and this year is no exception! We've gathered some of our favorite activities from years past and got them ready for another spook-tacular year of events and, of course, loot!

    We're excited to launch this update tentatively this weekend. Please understand we may delay as we put on finishing touches. We appreciate your patience as the hype continues to build! Anyways, without further ado, let's read on to see what's in store for this year's Spookfest, and a few insights on the future of MineZ!

    Treat Chests

    The long awaited return of Treat Chests is finally upon us! Year after year, the Treat Chest system has been a crowd favorite, bringing people from all corners of the community together for epic events all week! The general system behind treat chests has been modernized thanks to some hard work from the MineZ team, but should look very similar to those of you who have attended in years past. Below you will find all the information you'll need for this year, whether you're a seasoned veteran, or attending Spookfest and Treat Chests for the first time!

    Treat Chest Schedule and Loot

    This year we wanted to hit Treat Chests hard, knowing they're one of the most sought after events of the season. We try our best to make sure chests are available to the most people possible across a few timezones. For that reason, we've settled on this tentative schedule for Treat Chests this year! (All times in Eastern Standard Time EST) We've settled on Tuesdays as an "EU Chest" and Thursdays as an "NA Chest", with the hopes that the times are still accessible to as many people as possible.
    1. Tuesday: 3PM EST "EU Chest"
    2. Thursday: 8PM EST "NA Chest"
    3. Saturday: 3PM EST Weekend Chest
    4. Sunday: 3PM EST Weekend Chest
    The Weekend Chests are special, and feature extra-spookified builds, extra loot, and more danger! You'll want to bring your fastest hands to make it out with the loot in these chests. As the month goes on, we'll be introducing new loot to the Treat Chests, so the spooky items you find each week will change - you won't want to miss a single week of Treat Chests this year! In years past, many Spooky Items have been cosmetic, and we're trying our best to get away from that this year. In each chest, you should find many of the rare items this go around are usable, unique items that you'll want to be swinging at other players! Keep an eye out for some old favorites (Super Spooky Pumpkin, anyone?) and new exciting additions as more of these items roll throughout the month!

    We understand our players hate missing out on content, so we've started with this schedule to ensure that people don't get too burnt out prepping for chests, but also giving plenty of opportunities for people to attend. We'll be keeping a close watch on numbers and feedback for the event, so anything can change as the month goes on!

    Chest Spawning

    Chest spawning is an important part of the nuance of claiming your prizes! This year, you'll see two announcements for each Treat Chest event. The first announcement takes place 1 hour before the event starts, and is broadcast network wide for players to start to prepare for. At the scheduled start time, a new server opens with the location spawned in, with another announcement across MineZ of it's location and the countdown to the first chest spawn! Keep in mind the locations aren't always exact, and may be nearby the announced spot. Keep your eyes peeled for spooky business in the area, and head that way!


    Chests spawn in after the announcement on a delay, but new this year, not all at the same time. This year, the action keeps going, and little by little each of the chests will spawn in, staggered one after the other, and you'll either have to get out quick with the first drop of loot, or stay longer to keep up the fight to claim as much as you can!

    As always, alting is not allowed, and all other MineZ and Shotbow Rules apply as normal.

    Spookified Sights

    What would Spookfest be if there wasn't a scary map to go alongside it? Much like previous years of Spookfest, entire towns across Valar have been changed for the entire month of October! You'll see some familiar returning builds as well as some new facelifts to the roster. Alongside some of these locations you may find some fun mini-games, challenges, or features that could affect your gameplay! Each location will feature some additional Spookfest Chests with unique loot - costumes and all, with practical uses to make your October season all the spookier.


    Harrowing Headhunts

    "There's zombees!"
    "Zombies, oh no! Where are they coming fro- wait.. are you saying Zom-BEES?"


    A returning game loved by many, this year's Spookfest Headhunt is sure to be a doozy! This Spookfest will feature two 2-week long headhunts, each with 20 heads to find scattered throughout Valar - but this go around you may have to look harder than normal! Heads are hidden at named locations across the map (but not in instances!). Once you've found a head, simply right click it to be awarded a small fortune of xp. When you claim the last head, you'll be gifted some extra prizes!

    You better BEE-lieve this headhunt will be a bit harder than it has been in the past. Keep your eyes peeled for these sneaky undead bugs to claim your rewards!

    Words for the Future

    As we get ready for Spookfest, with a huge amount of time dedicated by our staff team, I'm sure many of you are wondering what's next for MineZ. Alongside the launch of Spookfest this year comes a few more updates that you can check out in the MineZ Changelog soon. These non-spookfest related changes will remain once Spookfest ends after October, and you should look forward to more changes like them. Over the course of Spookfest, staff will be watching to make sure everything is running smoothly while we look forward to making the game stay lively in November following the Spookfest hype. Keep an eye out for more build changes, balance updates, and more gameplay tweaks as we continue to gather feedback from the community. (Check out our MineZ Player Survey!) Devs are continuing to work in the background on the move to 1.16 for MineZ, so expect more build and balance related content in the meantime!

    We appreciate all the feedback we receive from the community, and are looking forward to the fall and winter seasons, as both the leaves on the trees and MineZ continues to change.

    That's it for now! We're excited for a month of Spookfest, creepy builds, fistfuls of candy, and tons of MineZ.

    Until next time, and as always,

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

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