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MineZ Minez: Spookfest 2020

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by JACOBSMILE, Oct 3, 2020.

MineZ - Minez: Spookfest 2020
  1. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer


    Happy October Survivors!

    For several years now, MineZ has been the host of many Halloween tricks and treats, bringing new and exciting content to the game for a whole month. This year is no different, as we have brought together some of our favorite classic events and upgraded them for 2020. This year has been monumental for MineZ, and we hope to continue delivering quality events for the foreseeable future.

    But enough talk, let's see what we have in store for you this year.

    Treats with plenty of Tricks

    The MineZ Treat Chest is probably the oldest trick in our arsenal. Many of you will be familiar with this event, and know generally how it plays. However, I encourage you to read on to understand some of the changes for this year's treat chest so that it may be fun and fair for everyone.

    Treat Schedule & Loot

    Every Saturday at 1pm Central Time, a special "Treat Chest Shrine" will begin to form in the world. An announcement will be broadcast 10 minutes in advance to the location of the chest. This is to give players a brief moment to prepare and get themselves ready for the inevitable fight for the prize.

    This year we stepped back and really wanted to make opening the treat chest feel worthwhile. Not very many people have opened one, but even those that have will recount simple renamed items being the stars of the show, as well as a singular themed pumpkin. Simply put, while these items are valuable collectables, they don't provide much interactivity in the game.

    This year, we have decided to line the chest not only with these collectables, but also items that actually DO something. You may find some of your favorite legendary items in these chests, or even entirely brand new items.


    Soon before a Treat Chest Shrine spawns, preparations will begin on the server side. If there is not already more than one server, another MineZ Public server will be temporarily started to house the event. The broadcast will announce the specific server that will hold the event. (Usually the last public server in the list.)

    Once the 10 minute timer begins, the following rules will apply. Failure to comply with these rules will disqualify you from the event, or risk action being taken on your account.
    1. The 10 minute timer serves as a preparatory period to travel to the location of the chest, and get your gear in order. Fighting and otherwise being a bandit is allowed during this time.
    2. You are only allowed one, and only one account for the duration of the event. Should you log in a second account at any time, no matter the location or status, you will be promptly removed from the server. It is your responsibility to adhere to this rule, and any attempts at abusing alternate accounts will be met with punishment.
    3. When the chest spawns, the server will be whitelisted to prevent hopping, and also to assist in the denial of alternate accounts. It is your responsibility to be on the server when the chest spawns, or you will not be able to participate. You will also be unable to rejoin the server, so please plan accordingly.
    4. As always, all other Shotbow Rules apply.
    Common Treat Chest

    Starting October 5th, another type of treat chest will spawn. This one might be more familiar to you, and will be similar to original treat chests. These will spawn with a server broadcast, announcing their spawn location. Chests will alternate between 12 PM CDT (EU time) and 6 PM CDT (US time) each other day.

    Each treat chest will consist of an assortment of Halloween goodies, rares, collectibles, useful items, and the traditional spooky pumpkin. This chest will of course pale in comparison to the legendary treat shrines that spawn once a week. This option allows for many people to potentially claim this variant of treat chest.

    Disclaimer: Should player abuse become a major issue in claiming these chests, we reserve the right to modify how common treat chests work and generally relaxed rules around this variant.

    Spooktacular Exploration

    What would a holiday event be without some decorations? For the whole month of October, you will find that many of your favorite towns and locations have been completely reskinned for Halloween. These reskins are not only visual makeovers, however. For you will also find unique loot throughout these locations, as well as generally more powerful items.

    For loot in particular, you will find special Halloween themed chests, each with their own special items to collect. Not only are these items fun collectables, they also will have very practical uses in your trek across the world.

    Something Wicked this Way Comes

    With each passing week in October, the veil between our world and the terrors of the beyond will slowly begin to fade.

    More and more features and dangerous creatures will seep into the world for players to experience and cower in fear from. The world will continue to morph and evolve throughout the days and weeks of October. It's almost as if it's alive...

    Be sure to keep an eye on the MineZ Changelog to keep up with the updates, and be sure to stay tuned for upcoming Halloween Cosmetics that will be hitting the Shotbow Store later this month.

    Additionally, starting in the Second Week of October, we will be running a MineZ Halloween Head Hunt on the map. These heads will shuffle three times total through October, giving players the opportunity to participate in three separate head hunts, each with their own prizes.

    More information will be shared in the second week of October.

    MineZ Admin Applications Update

    Originally announced in the Adventurer's Update thread, applications for becoming a MineZ Admin are now officially closed, and all applications have been reviewed and finalized. Thank you to everyone who applied, and please give a warm welcome to our newest recruits!
    • A_g_n_i (Agni)
    • Detective_Mark
    • robdoom
    • ShadowLAX
    Additionally, we would also like to announce that MineZ Admins are now able to assist more directly with potential issues you may come across in MineZ. If you haven't already, be sure to join the Shotbow Discord to chat and hang out, as well to request assistance if something goes awry during your travels.

    A Quick Word on Development

    While we have been hard at work to deliver a great Spookfest event, I am sure it is on everyone's mind on what may come after it. The MineZ Team has been in many talks about how we want to move forward and communicate our priorities to the community. While we are not ready to publicly share a priority map, we hear you loud and clear, and we are aiming to release some sort of priority map within the next month.

    Keep in mind, a "Priority Map" in this sense is not the same as a "Road Map". Simply put, we are unable to provide concrete timelines for when to expect features in the game. However, we still want to open up and at least share the direction we are heading for the future.

    We hope to continue expanding our transparency the best we can, so that everyone is on the same page.


    October is once again upon us, and we have been hard at work trying to deliver a memorable Spookfest for everyone.

    While we have gone through many transitionary periods through the past few months, and have had a few setbacks, we hope to continue the momentum we have built up and move forward into the Autumn and Winter months.

    As always, thank you to everyone for your continued support and feedback. We look forward to seeing you all participate in the festivities!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

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