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Event MineZ Spook-Fest Head Hunt 2017

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Nokah, Oct 20, 2017.

Event - MineZ Spook-Fest Head Hunt 2017
  1. Nokah Platinum

    MineZ Spook-Fest Head Hunt 2017
    General info
    This is a scavenger event happening on all the MineZ servers! 13 heads will be hidden around the map and you will have to find them all, and take a picture, to win. The event starts today, October 20th after the 7 PM (19:00) CST reboot, and ends 12 PM (23:59) CST on October 31st. The heads can be hidden in any major or minor location on the map, and is not limited to areas marked on the MineZ map. This means a head might be hidden in a location not listed on map, due to it not being 100% updated. No heads are located in areas that require buttons, multiple people or in dungeons. Some heads might be located at dungeon locations, but they will be clearly visible from outside of the dungeon itself.

    What do the heads look like?
    In total there are 13 heads placed, and each head can be either of the ones pictured below (one for the easier ones, and one for the harder ones).

    How to participate
    Everyone is able to participate in this event. Just log on any MineZ server and start looking for heads. To win you have to send me a pm on the forums containing a link to an Imgur ablum with all the pictures in it.

    Picture requirements
    - All 13 pictures have to be on Imgur and preferably in an album.
    - The picture must contain a screenshot of your Minecraft character with your skin on it.
    - The skull has to be in the picture
    - You have to type in chat, showing your name and tag in the picture.
    - Must contain some surrounding scenery so I can determine if the location is legit or not

    Example picture:

    The first 5 people to find all 13 heads, take a picture following all the guidelines and send me their Imgur album will receive a huge prize. This prize is filled with Halloween loot and a special legendary.
    Everyone else who completes the hunt will receive a special pumpkin to remember the event by. This means you will recieve a reward even if you're not top 5. I will update this thread as soon as I can, to show how many of the top 5 spots have been claimed.

    Top 5 Leaderboard:
    1st - suitaso
    2nd - temis
    3rd - sansanflower
    4th - _Laynor
    5th - LinsiEMe

    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the hunt!

    Good luck!

  2. LegendaryAlex Platinum

  3. Typuzer Platinum

    no clues this year?
  4. Nokah Platinum

    No clues for now. If it turns out to be too hard we might give out some hints throughout the week.
  5. Catsage Retired Staff

    Good luck everyone :)
  6. jinl3e Platinum

    Nice, but wouldn't it be too hard? 13 heads out of hundreds of locations. By minor, even like ruined fort?
    EDIT: I call up44 and meme to be on dat list tho
  7. Nokah Platinum

    By major and minor location I mean every build. The heads could be at any build in the map, even random forts and houses. I'm worried it will be too easy, but if it turns out to be too hard I will give out hints.
  8. Frostpain_ Platinum

    Meh, too hard for prizes like that.
  9. LaukNLoad Film Crew

  10. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    Sounds good! I’d love to spend another 12 hours to win a Head Hunt... Again! I got such great prizes for the other Head Hunts, this would definitely be a fine addition to my collection on EU! oh wait....
    Frostpain_ likes this.
  11. _Laynor Emerald

    [IMG]He is the only winner,and you are lost!!!
    Catsage and Meme_MC like this.
  12. Nokah Platinum

    Spires are counted as dungeons in this event. The prizes for the top 5 people will all be the same
  13. ArsMagia Retired Staff

    Congratulations suitaso and temis!
    suitaso, Nokah and temis like this.
  14. jinl3e Platinum

    ^ Congrats to them knowing I won't have a chance now. up44 has to make it to the list tho
  15. _Laynor Emerald

    Im think so,this is no time u do head hunt.
  16. _Laynor Emerald

    I'm fourth? they are crazy within three places "suitaso,temis and tintinflower".
  17. up44 Platinum

    not really, i got bored midway and stopped xd
  18. Nokah Platinum

    The event is over. Thank you to everyone who participated! :)

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