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MineZ: Sleigher's Delight 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrJack, Dec 9, 2021.

MineZ: Sleigher's Delight 2021
  1. MrJack Community Manager, Film Crew Co-Lead


    Happy Holidays! The time has finally come for MineZ and the land of Valar to be plunged into an arctic winter, wrought with new builds, fun experiences, and ample holiday spirit! Off the back of a successful Halloween season, the team has been hard at work putting things together for our next seasonal update - MineZ: Sleigher's Delight!

    You should see some familiar concepts that you've come to know and love from years past, and while you may not find it all present to start, you'll find more additions throughout the season! Without further ado, let's get into this year's update!

    Santa's Sweatshop Returns Once More

    As with seasons past, Santa's Sweatshop and a few Christmas themed dungeons are on their way back onto the map of MineZ! At launch, only Rotted Roots will be available, and the other dungeons should open in short order. Here you'll find familiar challenges to overcome, battling through various mobs, rooms, and even some minecarts to claim your rewards. You'll need to complete both Clarce Coal Mines and Rotted Roots to access the Sweatshop, which can be found in none other than...


    The South Pole! This nostalgic wonderland can be accessed via boat, which will be docked in Pravus in short order. Visit here once it arrives to check out the arctic of Valar, and if you happen to have completed the previous two dungeons, your journey here may end inside Santa's Sweatshop... Winter dungeons are always a blast, and we hope this menagerie of content helps keep you all occupied as they come out! You can expect more content throughout the month!

    A Wonderland of Snow

    As with any Holiday Update, this season is chock full of jolly holiday rebuilds! All throughout the map you'll find fun re-imaginings of your favorite builds, and each of these locations will feature extra loot as well! You'll find a few tiers of chests with food, potions, military loot, and more, but maybe not all together! You'll have to explore and figure out which locations offer what loot, and watch your back for others doing the same! You'll find that both the Gold Standard and Ghost Ship have found new homes for the Holiday season, and we hope you find their new locations soon!

    Speaking of things to watch out for, I've heard rumblings just east of Icy Dock... What could it be, making all that noise?


    The Traveling Snowman


    As with previous years, The Traveling Snowman will return once again! The traveling snowman won't be live with the initial update, but will come later in the month and remain for the winter season. We appreciate your patience as this coveted feature gets the attention it deserves. Expect it to stick around well after Christmas! More information to come soon!

    Holiday Headhunt

    As always, a fan favorite game to play when you're not busy fighting off the undead, a new Headhunt can be found throughout MineZ! Valuable presents stashed away throughout MineZ, you can find these diamond coated presents in any location with a title (but not in an instance!). There are 20 presents to find, with the usual xp reward for each present, and a small bounty of goodies to go along with it once you've gathered them all!


    The first Headhunt will be live until December 25th (tentatively), and a new Headhunt will replace it until the end of the seasonal update! Each will feature new rewards, so be sure to complete them all!

    A Present from Us to You

    Holiday updates are one of the most routine things MineZ sees, year after year. And while we didn't release right at the beginning of the month, we intend on keeping this update live into January so we can all enjoy the season for just as long as we normally would. As thanks for your continued patience, support, and feedback throughout these past few months, we'll be capping off our holiday present to you all with an additional page in the bank! With this update, everyone should see a permanent, new page to their Main bank. As the game continues to grow, we want to make sure everyone has a place to store their presents (or standard gear) moving forward, and this should be a nice first step towards that! We hope you enjoy the additional space as a small thank you present from the MineZ staff to our community.

    Caroling Together

    As part of this update, and permanently moving forward, a long time feature will be leaving MineZ. No longer will you have to resort to just a radio to discuss with other players. The radio is being phased out, and instead you'll find the addition of global chat! Using either /chat [global,local,party] you can switch between chat modes to discuss with people all across MineZ. Alternatively, simply put a ! in front of your message to make it global! We hope this change will make MineZ more interactive and lively for all those who play it, making those long journeys across the map a bit more engaging!

    Following up with this system is a much requested addition of a mute system for MineZ. We'll be keeping a close eye on global chat with this new system, and hope the launch of both of these is met with positivity!

    Departing Words

    That said, we're certainly not done here! Expect more information, news, and features as the month goes on. We appreciate what we've all been through this year, and while every year has it's ups and downs, we hope to end it on a high note as we move forward into 2022, with more great content on the horizon.

    But for now, get ready to button up and embrace the cold, we'll see you in game! As a reminder, our Mini-Admin and Builder applications are still open. You can also discuss this, and any other update in our Community Feedback Server!

    As always, Thanks for flying Shotbow! (Vote for Shotbow!)

  2. Xhat Retired Staff

    i love mrjack and the minez sleigher's delight update!
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