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Announcement MineZ Road Map Update

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by DocCodeSharp, Jun 5, 2019.

Announcement - MineZ Road Map Update | Page 2
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  1. cyclone_43 Silver

    It's the dead time of year, itll pick up again in December

  2. MuffinMinister Platinum

    I've posted this before, so im copy pasting my reply from there here. Before you read, there is very little to nothing you can personally do to attract a significant amount of players, at least unless you have a ton of friends that would enjoy playing here or are a youtuber with a decent following.

    The network lead staff is good at practically leading the network, in the sense that nothing is burning down and no shit is being stirred up every 2 seconds.

    However, they lack the vision of similarly stationed executives, it seems like they are more preoccupied with fighting a losing battle. Shotbow has players playing on it, and they mostly enjoy what they're doing, the problem is that unless you have something very special (in games, examples would be starcraft 2, pubg or CS) people are not going to sink in thousands upon thousands of hours without some new content every now and then.) Shotbow's issue is failing to capitalise on the few major content updates they do have, When MineZ: origins part 1 released they should have messaged a couple of large youtubers asking them to take a look, i believe some did on their own accord but with very little permanent profit for shotbow.

    There is a way to save this server, use the limited funding available to capitalise on the content that is being worked on right now. The problem is that the attention is way too divided, i understand that people enjoy MTA but without the bigger gamemodes present on the network the smaller ones (in terms of players cannot exist at all. Annihalation is good as is, there may be some relatively minor issues with it but as a whole it is pretty good.

    With the way things are currently going, the network is heading towards a complete shutdown due to either lack of players and/or lack of active player attraction, noone that likes the gamemodes or has recently spent money towards supporting the network would want this.

    I understand the executive staff's argument that shotbow is volunteer-run, noone gets paid for this, however even if that is the case some form of marketing or advertisement would definitely be beneficial for the server as a whole.

    I hope my prediction is proven wrong, the staff should not repeat their mistakes that were made with the dutch server crossover, and it should be doable financially to regain at least some of the former playercount.
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