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Event MineZ Rising Lava Parkour Event

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by WTDpuddles, Jun 29, 2024.

Event - MineZ Rising Lava Parkour Event
  1. WTDpuddles MineZ Events Co-Lead, Mini Admin, Event Staff


    Hey y’all! The Event team has been hard at work making a unique parkour experience! We figured we’d put a little fire under you while parkouring to really heat up the stakes. Come join us to win some scalding hot prizes!

    How to join?
    You can join 10 minutes prior to the Event using the Event Server NPC in the MineZ lobby.

    The Event
    • Everyone will start at the bottom of the volcano's interior. The goal is to reach the hot air balloon at the very top.
    • The lava will rise after a period of time to the nearest floating magma chunk. Once the lava reaches the magma chunk, safety platforms below will rise, but are not guaranteed to save you!
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will get a spicy hot prize. Anyone who finishes the parkour after 3rd place will also get a participation award.
    • If you find a spot where PvP is enabled and you use it to kill someone you will be banned from partaking in future events.
    • You must be online immediately after the event to claim your prize or you forfeit it.

    Time & Date

    EST 7th of July (2PM)
    CET 7th of July (8PM)

    Click here for a time converter!

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