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MineZ MineZ PTR: Loot Rebalance

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by JACOBSMILE, Jun 12, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ PTR: Loot Rebalance
  1. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer, Community Manager, MineZ Lead


    Hello Survivors,

    The MineZ Balance team has been hard at work looking at the overall feel of progression and looting in the game over the past month, and we are rolling out a large overhaul to the loot and progression system to PTR for public testing.

    This will be a short PTR, so please take some time and try out the new progression and leave feedback on this thread.

    PTR will open Friday night (CST).

    This PTR will also have PVP disabled, as we are simply testing the progression and feel of loot, so please keep feedback related to these aspects.


    We are adding two new tiers of armor into the game to smooth out the sharp progression curves we currently have.

    It will now progress like this:

    1. Leather Armor
    2. Studded Leather Armor (Enchanted Protection 1)
    3. Chain Armor
    4. Pristine Chain Armor (Enchanted Protection 1)
    5. Iron Armor

    Studded Leather and Pristine Chain Armor will repair with itself as you would normally see with the original three tiers of armor.

    We are shifting to a more Risk vs. Reward system. This means, while you may find less quantities of chests in locations, you will find more quality loot. One of the main sticking points of this update was to remove the "Junk Items" in higher tier chests, and encourage the more gradual progression into the north. Dangerous locations in the far north, you can expect to find the best gear.

    You will no longer find loot of the previous tier in chests of mil_uncommon and higher, however, you will have a very rare chance to find the tier above it. This was our main attempt at removing "Junk Items" and increasing the quality of loot in higher tier chests.

    Dungeon loot will be adjusted at a later time. Dungeons are closed on PTR, but the balance team is still in discussions about dungeon progression and loot. More information on that to come!

    Mythic Chests

    Once upon a time, we briefly had mil_mythic chests on the map, and they were basically a slightly better mil_epic chest. Simply put, these did not accomplish what we had wanted, so we are trying this again. Mythic chests will only have Iron, and the best tiers of weaponry. This includes a brand new weapon.

    Mythic Chests are going to be the best way to obtain Iron Armor, and will be in the most secluded and dangerous locations on the map. It is important to stress that Iron Armor is the most end-game you can get, and the most end-game map locations you can expect to find Iron Armor.


    The PTR server will only be open for a few days. This update is slated to roll to the live servers this coming Sunday the 14th. So in this time, please log into PTR and try out the changes, and give us your thoughts and concerns. A more in-depth update thread will release on Sunday with more specific loot changes, and a few other words from the build team.

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Archi_ Platinum

    Epic, time to test
  3. HimikoYumeno_ Regular Member

    Everyone rush Hell Tree
  4. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    ok agni ignis time
    notswipe likes this.
  5. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Does this imply that iron armor will be much harder to obtain?
  6. KRiddytoo Silver

  7. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer, Community Manager, MineZ Lead

    Yes and no. Iron will remain in locations you would expect to find it, and be spawning much more frequently. You just may need to travel a bit farther to find it.
    Andrew_64_MC likes this.
  8. Bloxyest Gold

    Would pristine chain helmets be a thing? cause if so that would make iron helmets and prot 1 iron helmets be kinda worthless since chain and iron helms have the same protection value
  9. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer, Community Manager, MineZ Lead

    We are aware of this possibility, and are exploring options. Damage values are custom in MineZ, but we have a couple ideas on how to manage this potential issue. We'll be watching closely.
  10. Saints_Evolved Platinum

    Does this mean protection 1 iron from dungeons will be repairable?

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