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MineZ MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Apr 23, 2017.

MineZ - MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog! | Page 4
  1. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian


    minez giants are really cool now but its very difficult to murder them too so idk how i feel about this
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  2. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Adding onto the fact that MineZ is not too easy, check out Fridge's video. It's pretty damn hard... and it looks like a ton of fun!
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  3. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    tbh i can't even do anvalia anymore
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  4. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    I've tried out origins within the day of its release for about an hour, followed by one final look at it yesterday for another hour. The new zombies seemed to be almost exact replicas of the 1.7/1.8 zombies except for being just a little bit faster. The only cases I've died to a zombie was actually completely related to the lack of weapons/working weapons when I had low health due to over causes (fall damage, previous damage taken without potions). One case was that I had an iron sword of which did not work at all, basically the equivalent of punching a zombie to death. My second case was due to no weapons spawning in at all, with only having a wooden sword and a stone axe, both of my weapons broke very quickly, and armor did not appear to function properly either (armor bars not displaying over health, taking the same damage as if I had no armor, otherwise 1/2 of a heart).
    Despite the massive lack of functioning weapons, I still managed to survive over an hour in my first life, and then carelessly survive another 30 minutes on my second main life. (I did die other times, but only to fall damage or if I got a bad spawn). The following 3 factors were why I managed to last this long without a functioning weapon or cautiously using my functioning wooden sword & stone axe.
    1 : barely any zombies spawn in the wilderness except for maybe 1 or 2 of them which can often be very easily avoided.
    2 : lack of difficulty - even after my more extensive break, I still managed to survive for extensive periods of time by using features of the game that I still remembered to my advantage.
    3 : Overwhelming amounts of food - Food has a lot to do with this as well, within 15 minutes of being in grimdale, I managed to get 2 mushroom stews, 12 carrots, 10 apples and another 20 melons, not counting all the other food items I dropped to make room for potions and other supplies. In addition to this, lots of locations that did not have food before origins have food now. For example, logging camp has 2 food chest which restocked the 4 melons I already used to get there by sprinting. Food is an easy way to achieve early-game healing if you don't have potions and if the food has low saturation once you hit the wilderness.

    So really, assuming that iron swords and whatever other weapons that occasionally get broken end up getting fixed and armor starts showing up properly all the time instead of a fourth of the time, then it's actually extremely likely that MineZ has actually been made even easier than before, this claim is no blind claim either, although it's fully based off of opinion and experience. Additionally, I'm sure that when you did buff zombies in the past, based off of my memory at least, they were buffed when they were already strong enough for good gameplay when they did a heart of damage to iron, and around 2.5-3 hearts to an unarmored player. Balancing the zombies out seemed to have only been to make dungeons function properly and made the game way too softcore for survival based players and also rendered healers virtually useless, effectively killing off between 70-90% of the healing community. The only use healers really have now is to heal people after a fight, which are not all that common now, and then other cases to stop bleeding without using a bandage.
    I cannot speak much about pigmen apart from saying to shoot at them or avoid them, going into short-range combat with a pigmen is never a smart idea.
    I guess I do claim that MineZ is too easy, but that is from the survival aspect, one aspect that is often forgotten now because of the dungeons and overwhelming amount of early-game loot, excluding weapons.

    That video is based off of a dungeon attempt. When I make the claim that MineZ is easy, I'm not in any way talking about dungeons, I'm strictly talking about the survival based aspects that made MineZ in the first place.
    and again, in no way should dungeons determine the difficulty of the regular survival based aspect. There are actually a number simple ways to make dungeons not conflict with any zombie buffs as well if that's where this argument is heading. Whether instanced, region based, etc.

    Overall, if you want my feedback, my general thoughts are that there is an overwhelming amount of food, weapons seem to be highly uncommon between spawn & midmap at around the spire area. Other thoughts that I've had have been mentioned prior to this comment have been mentioned, and have remained the same even after trying origins out a little bit more.

    Edit : I completely missed this one, silly me I suppose.
    Personally, I do not think handing out bans is going to help this discussion at all. Whether what has been said is constructive or not can very greatly depending on the person. Remember, most of the people complaining have never been staff and I think their perspective needs to be considered more carefully, just be glad nobody is saying "This update sucks and everything is awful, you should feel awful too", people here are actually trying to give out their opinion the best way that they can. Threatening people with forum bans is going to do nothing but silence those who are critical, and further anger those who are already upset as it is, and then eventually when you really need feedback, nobody is going to give it because of past experience. Trust me when I say this, it isn't the worst thing in the world to be criticized by others views on a topic when both sides have a conflicting opinion and way of speaking, you can actually very well benefit from listening to the other part as opposed to threatening them. It's not like they're being completely ignorant, most of them have actually written more than a single sentence to their post without busting out any intentionally offensive/toxic posts and have given up in repeating.
  5. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian


    There's even more, way more out there, and many more to come.

    Zombies changed? It wasn't mentioned anywhere, I think? I've actually gotten out of my way, and tried out Origins, - wasn't interested in doing dungeons, wanted to see if there was anything different up north and other stuff. To see if survival's changed, loot tables have changed, more Pigmen.

    And you were right, there were slightly more pigmen - I actually encountered wild pigmen. But this isn't a buff, this is a bugfix, AFAIK, Pigmen barely spawned up north due to a glitch. Zombies changed? That wasn't mentioned anywhere? And I can't notice it anywhere. Maybe, the speed, or the attack speed, the knockback was altered a TINY bit due to 1.9 AI. But I didn't notice anything else than that. It's all coming from dungeoneers, claiming "Zombies got so much harder, I'm having trouble surviving! I have to sneak in towns! C'est une catastrophe!!" Why? Because most of them are self-righteous. They don't want zombies to get harder, making dungeons harder - making speedrunning difficult.

    I can't notice any visible changes regarding the zombies, it's nowhere close to the middle right now, they're too easy. 1.9 AI Skeletons in VANILLA MINECRAFT are even harder than the zombies in MineZ.

    It's not just the zombies that are too easy that dying to them unless it's a stupid reason like lag or snowbaling, is impossible. But surviving overall is too easy, what about adding a feature where you overheat near the volcanoes or in lava next update? Or freezing? That'd make the game a bit harder, and that's the type of stuff we need. Because at THIS VERY MOMENT, the zombies are just way too easy to kill and surviving is easily possible without doing stupid things.
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  6. Meme_MC Platinum

    actually theyre harder than everything in the game

    ive had more trouble killing a skeleton in vanilla than completing dcs
  7. _Swipe Platinum

    tbh not as hard as crafting torches i never remember
  8. Smartz_ Platinum

    So we have accomplished chocolate skeletons, a forum ban, and a lots of naked dungeons so for with this thread.
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  9. willbladeXZ Platinum


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