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MineZ MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Apr 23, 2017.

MineZ - MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog! | Page 3
  1. _Swipe Platinum

    Great update, it's definitely not what I was expecting but glad it came out nonetheless.
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  2. Lomrun Platinum

    Im loving it so far, and its just not because of the dungeons. Zombies are way harder, and gearing up is even harder. Now I actually have to crouch in towns to avoid zombies, and I have to walk instead of running to everywhere with infinite food from the spawn towns. It gives me the same vibe from 2 years ago which I love x).
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  3. Smartz_ Platinum


    Loot re balancing was something that the staff came up with such as the charts.
    Weapon damage was a complaint of everyone... That was common sense.
    Item nerfs were ONCE AGAIN common sense.
    Zombie damage has not changed since I've played. I haven't been killed by a zombie in about a year now. If I have been that was a pigmen being dropped on me.

    I will say, item suggestions are one.

    The point I'm trying to make is that if the dungeon community says something it's done. The pvpers are toxic and you guys don't want to mess with them. After 1.9 you have lost most of that half of the community to HCF and CS:GO. The dungeoneers and the on members that I feel like matter to you. As after all, Waynervia stated

    It's only dungeons, bug fixes (thank god), and stuff that shockingly the dungeon community would have wanted. You guys ONCE AGAIN completely PROVED MY POINT that you are all TUNNEL VISIONED. It amazes me that those suggestions only come from one side of the community because they can talk with Andrew and Waynervia in TS and the rest of us are shunned.

    Just listen to the community.
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  4. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    I agree that while releasing a dungeon update does not indicate anything particularly bad on itself, considering the effort I saw put into the update, it still does not allow an excuse as to why there had to be a second major dungeon update in a row.
    Basically, put this into perspective, for the last 2 years, there have been two major updates, of which both of them were primarily dungeon updates. These two updates include the secret update followed by part 1 of origins, and judging off of the direction that origins has gone in so far, I'm predicting that part 2 of origins will also be a dungeon update and will give even more focus towards dungeons.

    To go into further detail, the secret update was not just a dungeon update as it did also redo loot tables (whether for better or worse is completely debatable) and added in a handful of features such as the cactus and tooltips along with filling in some of the last empty spots left on the map. Despite that, the secret update was only best known for the dungeons and the loot table restructure in my opinion, whereas origins is just strictly a dungeon update based off of your previous responses, the previous update posts and the two hours I spent ingame.

    While these updates can be nice, being completely honest, it seems like all the recent updates and tweaks have just been geared towards dungeoneers (of which at one point was the smallest and most daring portion of the community from 2012-2014). The problem I'm having with origins is not just what it added, but instead more of the fact that MineZ has gone nearly 3 years without proper focus on any survival based aspects being improved despite previous attempts of my own for two of those previous years. Ontop of this, from what I heard and partly what I noticed, the pvp aspect has also gradually died out in the last 2 years due to the loot diversity (such as chain with sugar at minimum just changing to irons with 20 splash 3's at minimum) being gone and being plagued by legendaries such as therum's strength and pre-patch gamble.
    Had origins been a little less hyped up and had there been a couple minor notable updates even if just for one more side of the community in between secret update and origins, I highly doubt I or a handful of others would've been as disappointed or would've been having a negative impact on this thread. The fact that origins was so overhyped as if it would be the biggest update to ever happen when really it's just a dungeon update that adds nothing but dungeons and a handful of locations is the part that upsets me the most, otherwise, 2 years comes a long way to work on an update, why not take the time to make it more exciting for other portions of the community? If people have such a craze for dungeons, then WiR is going to be their type of gamemode whenever that comes back around anyways.

    And again, this is just personally my own opinion of which does not come without reason.

    The thread in the beginning states that the update began nearly 2 years ago. Sure enough it wasn't a full two years, but it was definitely just about a 2 year wait.

    Either way, I do not see the complaints as a train, but instead people who have opposing opinions over what has happened to MineZ itself, which an opposing opinion is a given over any topic, that's life.

    My conclusion here is that it's extremely difficult for me to actually enjoy a game where zombies are entirely wonky and where the all the recent major updates have been geared towards just dungeons, and it also has been very difficult to see how MineZ went from being a gamemode where all sides of the communities were balanced (dungeon, healer, survival, exploration, pvp/bandit, and yes, even the roleplay between premiums and non-premiums that nobody wanted) to a game where only dungeoneers have been benefited, essentially turning MineZ's balance into a far less linear, lesser quality WiR. The balance just isn't there any more, and that has been my biggest complaint combined with the large amounts of feedback I've given, whether from my earlier days from 2012-2014 that were just horrible and riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes and the lack of reason, or through my suggestions from 2015-2017 of which I have taken the time of normally an hour with full confidence after going through what I've typed to fully piece together in hopes of improving the game for everyone, only to get either ignored, stonewalled for ignorant reasons or short responses that almost entirely miss the point of what I'm trying to say for not only my sake, but the sake of many others who also want what I've suggested.
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  5. halowars91 Lead Builder


    I guess I'll shed some light on this. This update, as other staff members have said, was and is a builder update. We did not have the resources to push for more features on MineZ until recently, so naturally, the only thing we can really cater to is things on the map, which is our purpose.

    Furthermore, this update has always been the "Endgame" update. The final lore update. As I said in my very first post about Origins, I was very clear what my intentions were, " With this update I will be completing the story of MineZ and the dungeons of MineZ."(Taken from the stickied post on the minez forum).

    Now, can gameplay and more features be added in the future to benefit more of the community? Yes, it could. But remember that builders are not developers and we can only control the map.
  6. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    To expand on Halo's comment, I do understand what your concerns are Vampire_Toothy - and with 1.9 we've already said we'd like to work on those aspects, and Andrew has asked for feedback on certain things and more posts in the forums about mechanical updates - and I've even triggered a few internal discussions about crazy ideas like making thirst even tougher.

    And while it is not currently a concern, there is an upper limit to what we can do for the survival and PvP aspects of the game. At some point they're just tweaks. Dungeons/Lore can be expanded indefinitely.

    It may also be worth noting two more things:

    • The Origins update is not yet finished - this was Part 1 of 2.
    • Part 2 is also a dungeon/lore update.
  7. Rixhack Emerald

    Not sure how people can still complain about "minez being easy" Zombies are super difficult now, and you can't walk 10 blocks in the gravel lands without encountering a pigman or baby pig.
  8. mr_dude Regular Member


    I had a whole rant lined up against the same post and then decided to say something actually helpful
  9. Smartz_ Platinum

    Halo, you've done your job. We got shiny dungeons and two cool towns. Better than what we thought we would have gotten. We didn't ask for a new Al Hasa. We wanted something else besides ONLY dungeons.

    But the thing is, we are not all lore scavengers turning the map upside down trying to find stuff. I've quit pvping on this server and tried to do survival stuff. I've enjoyed it, but it stops at a certain extent. The thing with Minez is that we (hopefully) have active devs that do stuff on this server. That's been clarified now. I've seen new devs on the forums now and that is really nice to see. However, I think we need to have certain people represent the community.
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  10. connor564 Platinum


  11. Smartz_ Platinum

    Connor, that isn't survival. That was a fix/buff that needed to happen over two years ago.
  12. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Wait does this mean mil swag?!?!?!?! :lmao:
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  13. connor564 Platinum

    but it made survival harder.
  14. Smartz_ Platinum

    "But it made survival harder" doesn't mean anything with the zombie AI.

    Hey also, I want to point something out. I'm not trying and in NO WAY want to be mean. I'm just trying to get my point across and am having a discussion with the staff. Sorry if my statements sounded harsh guys.
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  15. Gnjoejoe Councilor

    We do our best to listen to the community and also work on things that we think are cool. Most importantly we work on projects that we enjoy and want to pour our free time into. We're listening and I'm sure after this post there is going to be a long discussion about future changes to MineZ and changes going forward. The players have had a massive effect that has been put into updates and like I said I can easily think of 10 and those 5 are quite a few and cover at least 4 changes blanket in 2 of them. Sometimes changes are small, sometimes changes are large. Many times we push out updates that go 100% unnoticed by the community but we continually work on our updates.
  16. kscopekid Gold

    Thanks for listening
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  17. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Unfortunately the votes of 35 people out of the hundreds of thousands of players that have played on the Shotbow network is not very accurate, nor do these 35 players have any thoughts for the future. Unfortunately, the way Minecraft works is that if a popular server network wants to stay popular, old software won't cut it. Simple!
  18. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Listening does not mean we make all our decisions based on committee. It means we consider what the community wants and how to align it with our goals.

    1.9 was inevitable.

    End of story. Now, you can contribute productively to the conversation, or I can start handing out bans for people repeatedly doing nothing but whine.

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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  19. kscopekid Gold

    I tried to contribute in the past but you ignored me, most of the people against these changes voiced their opinions and you ignored them. The server has an average of 200 players after an update that has been hyped up for more than a year, you're acting like the server would have been revived when you switched to 1.9 when the exact opposite has happened. If you're gonna ignore everything I say then just ban me from the forums.
  20. Wayvernia Councilor

    Boys and Ladies, please let us keep this thread on it's tracks.

    Many of you do not provide feedback (Minus the ones that actually do) but only spread hate and provide complaints. Complaints are useful, but not in the current situation/way they are stated!

    When we stated we listen to our community, we did not state we follow every suggestion they make.
    We do listen to many of the suggestions and think them trough carefully.
    However, when a choice we have is more fortunate for the network, we will take that choice.

    Updating to 1.9 was a critical thing Shotbow had to do, because staying behind all the rest and not staying up-to-date is not in the favor of our network. We have tweaked a lot of 1.9 issues to look familiar like 1.7, so there is not much change at all.

    I hope you guys understand that the network goes first, and if a choice, such as updating, appears, it is 'common sense' to take the most fortunate way first.

    This is the last request to keep this thread normal, and my request is for everyone to act according to their age.
    We don't want to take action but if we are forced to do so then unfortunately we will have to, which makes is less enjoyable for all of us.

    We are here to make it as nice and fun for everyone, so please keep a normal friendly thread like this peaceful and on it's tracks. :)

    Edit: I want to add something. Many of you state "MineZ is too easy". I do not think you guys have even tried, or tested the new zombies and pigmen. Even on top of that, in the past, when we decided to make them harder, all we got was complaints. "It was too hard." We balanced it now, between both parties, test it out before reading posts of other players and using their opinion as one of your own.

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