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MineZ MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Apr 23, 2017.

MineZ - MineZ: Pre-Origins - Changelog!
  1. halowars91 Jr. Developer, Lead Builder


    It’s finally here folks. After such a long time, I’m very proud to announce the launch of MineZ: Pre-Origins!


    Before we jump into the changelog, I’d just like to say a few words. This update began nearly two years ago, after Majicou finished the Secret Update. Now, it’s finally here. This update is the result of a collaboration on a monumental scale between everyone here at Shotbow, even up to the final minutes before release. There’s too many people to individually thank, but you know who you are, and thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put into this.If you would've have told me when I started here that I would get to be a part of something like this, I never would have believed you. It means so much to see these ideas come alive. I’m so excited for you to jump in and start unraveling the mystery and discover all the changes we’ve placed.

    I expect everything to be running smoothly, but there may be an occasional bug. If you come across a bug in a dungeon, or code, please notify us so we can work on correcting it.

    Without further ado, onto the changelog. Keep in mind, not all changes will be listed here, so you’ll have to explore for those, and this also includes special loot as well. The wiki-editors have already yelled at me for keeping some of it secret!
    -Dungeon Changes-
    • Nearly every dungeon has been re-redstoned to insure compatibility and efficiency going forward. This may take the shape of a completely new experience for you, or may just be a few small changes here and there.
    • Added a few new dungeons. Good luck finding them.
    • Added Grapple Shrouds to nearly every dungeon. Parkour is fun!
    • Added teleportation shrouds to every dungeon to discourage players from trying to farm.
    • Reintroduced specific legendaries for dungeons. This means that you can only get a specific legendary from one dungeon, instead of the possibility of having two or three dungeons give the same legendary.
    • Introduced several new mobs to fight in dungeons. Maybe you might have run into them before!
    • Some dungeons that have changed noticeably are as follows:
    Shrine of the Dusk:
    • Removed the teleport glitch allowing people to get into the dungeon after they have died.
    • Increased chances for dusk fragments in the loot room.
    • Re-redstone problem rooms.
    • Increased Immersion.
    • Made some….minor changes.
    • Patched Krubera. Enjoy now!
    Anemos Sanctum:
    • Received a face-lift and a much needed redstone overhaul.
    Paluster Dungeon:
    • Paluster dungeon has been buffed. Be very careful. Not even I know what lies in the depths of that old tree.
    Ghost Fleet:
    • Ghost fleet dungeon has received an overhaul. Now with more spooky!
    Tiny Dock Dungeon:
    • Moved to Origins for release.
    -Code Changes-
    • Slowness on Login Fixed!
    • You can now hear the clattering of people if they log in nearby.
    • Bleeding has been fixed.
    • The zombie virus now spreads properly. Better have that milk handy!
    • Added a command for players to view server uptime. Use /mz uptime
    • Fixed /mz deathmessages
    • Did a little spring cleaning to make ./mz help easier to use.
    • Tweaked mobs to work with 1.9.
    • Fixed a bug with heal bow.
    • Fixed gapple glitching.
    • Increased the efficiency of the admin team by giving them new features to assist in patrolling.
    • Fixed many of the “broken” legendaries.
    • Fixed many post 1.9 update bugs.
    -Misc. Changes-
    • Laid the groundwork for Origins. More info on that update will arrive in the coming weeks.
    • Added several small new builds around the map. Maybe you’ll run into them.
    • Added a creeper head hunt!
    • Made some small modifications to the loot tables, aswell as loot at some locations.
    • Introduced special spire-specific loot. For example we’ve brought back baked potatoes and some other things at the Spire of Agni.
    • The ghost ship has reawakened and will now move again.
    • Added more sweet lore.
    • Nearly a year of build changes. Who knows what we did for a year?
    • Paluster Dam received a face-lift.
    • Patched several 5k spots. Go do it legit, now :stuck_out_tongue:.
    • Locked Cave of the Dead Lady so we could fill it in with stone. We no longer needed it.
    • Likewise, also filled in the cave by Zerbia Waterfall.
    • Added a new town!
    • Made Septus great again!
    • Fixed Fisherman Hut.
    And many, many more things that I forgot to add.
    That's it for this changelog. I'm excited for you to jump into this update. I know it was a long wait, but this update and the one soon to follow will be worth it. As always, thank you for flying Shotbow. See you out in the wasteland.
    With Love, the Shotbow Staff
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  2. Mistri Network Lead

    First! Hella hyped!

    EDIT: you didn't give credits to The Night's Watch for finding the grass block... smh
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  3. Archi_ Platinum

    Good job!
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  4. Its_me_Erika Emerald

    Tiny dock dungeon was 4 REAL
  5. Fluffoon Retired Staff

    Anyways, good job :D
    smh, am I the only one who noticed that there is a meme linked to the text before the log :lmao: ?
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  6. Selling_Weed Platinum

    When will the dynmap be updated?
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  7. spolendina Emerald


    I'd kinda prefer to know where all the stuff is, exploring isn't fun

    Also, are these changes live? Can I go and do the new ghost fleet?
  8. Frostbain_ Platinum

    Woa did it actually happen? After all this waiting, all the pain I've been through, finally, finally my suffering will be over and I'll be free from the waiting. ;')
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  9. jinl3e Platinum

    omg it's here
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  10. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    Origins H Y P E
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  11. kqce Emerald

    where do giants even spawn nowadays
  12. connor564 Platinum

  13. FreeCookson Platinum

    Does fixing "broken" legendaries have something to do with therums strength?
  14. vampire_toothy Obsidian


    I'm not really impressed with this update a whole lot at all.

    From the perspective of a survival based player & a healer, I don't really see much of any changes that could benefit the survival & healer based community much at all. For a dungeoneer, this might be great, but for virtually any other player, about 15 different dungeon related changes were listed on this changelog (counting all changes to shrine as a single change and not multiple) and not only that, dungeons even got their own tab of which the majority of the major changes to origins was listed there.

    Out of all of these changes, I only like the fact that there are more locations, the infection is back and that there are some build changes, but overall at my first glance, I only see a MineZ that has even worse survival based flaws given the fact that MineZ zombies still do not harm you while standing still and still do virtually no damage. Ontop of this, the armor bar that would normally display above the health does not show up, indicating that either armor is also broken,or that the armor bar just doesn't show up for some reason.

    But for so far at least, I get that this update has been a long time coming, but I do not think that origins so far is the update that MineZ really needs as it just seems to be mainly a dungeon orientated update. Basically, consider these few details - The map is already cramped and dungeons are all over the place, I personally think that origins would've been the perfect opportunity to introduce new survival based challenges, extend the map further East/North/West (or even south) by however many blocks and then add in new locations there. But now, more than ever this game just seems like a dungeon runner or otherwise a poor remake of WiR within MineZ as not only have even more dungeons been added into the already cramped up map, they're also being turned into the only real purpose of playing MineZ which is NOT what MineZ was designed for at all. Initially I left a post as feedback towards the direction of which MineZ was heading in and how to make MineZ better, but it never received any response off of you (halowars) or either of the MineZ leads to alleviate the concerns brought up in that thread of which I will link here again and some quotes that I thought were well made enough for my solution and thoughts towards the MineZ problems.

    Basically, my thoughts sum up to the fact that I personally think that for waiting 2 years for a MineZ update, so many other things could've been done instead of just what appears to be just a dungeon update. Overall, I guess this is an update which can be appreciated for the work put into it, but it just doesn't seem like the one MineZ needed from my perspective at least. The map just seems too crowded for any new enjoyment out of the new locations, dungeons are now officially all over the place when they should be more scattered out with appropriate linear difficulty and more thought over "oh hey, I can jump over this block and feel really special about everything and win", and yet not really a whole lot to look at, the difficulty for a normal non-dungeoneer seemingly has decreased and the only real reason to play MineZ now is for a reason it wasn't even made for.
  15. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    Y'know, we've been waiting for this. 2 years straight. And now, it's finally out. What was my feeling? I didn't even want to play it.

    First of all, there were barely any survival changes.

    With that being said, we've been waiting 2 years straight, I was full of excitement throughout all of this, but slowly, because the waiting took so long, the excitement drained. And now, in the end, all the excitement is gone already, because the waiting took SO long, the excitement eventually was gone, and in the end, after it was out, there wasn't any hype for me, it was already gone. I hoped for some survival changes, but instead, all we got was dungeons. With that being said, after waiting for all this time, I had no excitement left, no hype, and after reading the changelog, it didn't even feel special because the only changes where pointed towards dungeons, I was excited for survival, but we didn't get any of that.

    After my excitement had worn out, the update came out, and after all those 2 years of excitement being drained, we eventually got this, nothing I've been waiting for.

    I haven't played Origins yet, and I'm not planning to play either.
  16. connor564 Platinum


    Then you're literally judging a book by how long it took to write it. Bet you haven't even seen Anvalia yet.
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  17. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    I think you're judging that post off of the fact that it was judging how long it took. That post wasn't just about how long origins took, it was the fact that origins was so cryptic to everyone and then when release comes around, it was just only a bunch of dungeon updates and changes made to strictly benefit the dungeon community. In addition to this, there is also the fact that even if you haven't logged on, you might've also heard negative things about the update which can very well influence an opinion. Personally I do not care how long it takes for anything to release as long as it lives up to the hype, which off of my experience, it seemingly did not so far. It's not just time that has an influence, also take into consideration of what thomas was looking for out of the update as opposed to just "Bet you haven't seen anvalia yet.".
  18. spolendina Emerald

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  19. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    It's worth noting that Origins is definitely a dungeon update, released by the builders (which should be obvious as the changelog is from Halo).

    The fixed issues were fixed as part of MineZ updating to 1.9 - and are unrelated to Origins but included in this changelog.
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  20. spolendina Emerald


    Adding to Navarr's point, what is there survival wise in MineZ? Unless you are new to the game, it takes a few weeks to learn the map like the back of your hand. Surviving isn't hard. Making survival super difficult would sap all of the fun out of the game. If I'm honest, the only thing good about MineZ is the locations and the dungeons. If the game became more survival based then I would leave it. Back in 2012 when the server was huge, survival was an aspect. Zombies, players everywhere. But shotbow has nowhere near the numbers it used to. Survival is out of the window, I'm sorry to say.
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