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Announcement MineZ Player Survey

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Sep 20, 2021.

Announcement - MineZ Player Survey
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  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    Hello Survivors!

    As we continue to move forward towards the future of MineZ, the feedback from our players, both new and old, is as important as ever. While we have consistent discussions with our most veteran of players, many players are brand new, retired, or not active in the same mediums where these discussions take place. As such, we have elected to put together a Player Survey!

    With this survey, we hope to gauge what players from all play styles and experience levels enjoy and dislike about MineZ; from those who joined for the first time today, to those who joined for the first time many years ago and are veterans of the game - we hope to hear from all of you and your experience with MineZ.

    The survey shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes, featuring a small list of questions, with the option of some freeform responses for those of you who wish to provide more in-depth feedback. We ask that you submit only one response per player, as this information will greatly help us as we continue to analyze the game both now and well into the future. As such, you must sign-in with a valid google account to take the survey -- however, we ARE NOT collecting ANY personal data except for your IGN and Discord tag, which are needed for analytical purposes and response validation. The responses or contents of the responses are not sold or redistributed to any third-party (we perform our own in-house statistical analyses), and only a select few MineZ Leadership and Network Leadership members have access to view the responses. If you have questions about the survey, you can reach a MineZ staff member through our support ticket service in the Official Shotbow Discord.

    We are always appreciative of the constructive feedback we get from passionate players, and we believe a survey such as this will help consolidate much of that information for us to utilize as we move forward with gameplay updates, balancing, and more in hopes of improving the game for everyone.

    Thank you all in advance for your time and feedback, we are looking forward to seeing what you all have to say!

    -- The MineZ Team

    Survey Link: https://forms.gle/dYamrzS7J7Gp93QX6

Thread Status:
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