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MineZ MineZ: Our Story

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Apr 19, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ: Our Story
  1. halowars91 Jr. Developer, Lead Builder


    Dear Survivors,

    As you know, PTR season is upon us once again. Doc has been hard at work moving MineZ up to MC 1.12.2 and it’s full of new features. As I’m sure you’ve also heard, the Origins update is set to release after that. There has been a lot of discussion about primers and trailers for this update and I'd like to discuss one of these now.

    New MineZ Narrative Series

    Starting this Monday (4/20) at 1PM CST, the new narrative series MineZ: Our Story will be released. There are eleven episodes in total and form a depiction of important events in the world. Each of the eleven episodes ranges from one to two minutes. The episodes will cover a very overhead view of the world’s timeline starting from the beginning and going up to the end of the last update (Formerly MineZ: Origins Part 1).

    Below, you will find a release timeline for each episode. When the premiere link is available, it will be posted below. All premieres will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

    Release Schedule
    MineZ Revelations

    A while back, we created a podcast series called MineZ Revelations. It was an exploratory podcast meant to depict events as they might occur in the MineZ world between Secret Update and Origins. Yet its release schedule has been horribly delayed and for a time abandoned.

    When Revelations released three years ago, there was a set story plan for Origins, but as you now know, the update it was made for does not exist in that form, and the lore it follows has also been altered to benefit the game (as said here).

    The game’s story and flow is very important to me, but Revelations is not going to be a major part of Origins anymore. It shouldn’t be considered a primary/secondary source for Lore and the game.

    However, we've been holding onto the last Revelations episode for a while now, so we will be releasing it to give it a finale. It will premiere sometime during the release schedule of MineZ: Our Story, and we will post the link on this thread when we've decided.

    What next?

    Now, a note on the lore. As I’ve said in the update post last August:
    There is an incredible amount of expanded lore. You will be able to piece together a much deeper timeline than before, but we are going to help you with the general timeline. As many of you know, it has been hard to piece together the full story, and with Origins adding a very large segment to the story, I wanted to make it easier for you to jump into Origins with the general story.

    If you are a deep theorist, do not worry - there is a much deeper story to be extracted from the game, but I understand that not everyone can comb through the map for its story, and I want people to go into the game with an understanding of what came before.

    The MineZ Team

  2. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator


    First Class Ticket for the Hype Train please
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  3. Voymar Platinum

    Can't wait for it, sounds interesting. :D

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  4. Alqddin Platinum

    :taco: :truck:
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  5. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    EU inventory transfers? our poor alts have been waiting in the shadows for years
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  6. shrauger Regular Member

    A large metallic wagon with a giant wooden taco on top pulled up in front of my village and the man driving who was in a large sombrero was looking at me. The other villagers asked me what he wanted, I didn’t know. How could I? They pressured me to talk to him. As I walked up I noticed that his sombero was cracked and broken. He went to meet me at the side of his horseless wagon. With an equally cracked and broken smile with two fish tacos in each hand, I knew that he was trying to be friendly. My stomach let out the very same scream to me as I had screamed after jumping off the spire into the freezing water. I asked “How will I pay?” The man in the sombero spoke in a language of the ancients, “No hay necesidad de pagar a mi amigo.” He then handed me two fish tacos and ran back into his mysterious wagon and drove off. There was a piece of paper on the ground. It spoke in a language I’ve never seen before. What I could read was “MineZ Taco Truck” so I told the other neighboring villages to look out for the MineZ Taco Truck.
  7. Myotis_ Gold

    When this for Annihilation? :D
  8. Smartzz MineZ Mini Admin

    Ok? Does this mean origins is any closer to releasing? This just looks like filler rather than content.
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  9. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator


    This series serves the purpose of providing a basic timeline of the lore of MineZ, so I'd say it's fairly useful for introducing new players to the lore of the game
  10. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    AnniZ: coming 2022
  11. MuffinMinister Platinum

    So basically you're gonna make 4 episodes of it and then do a 2.5 year hiatus while new content on the network as well as lore related things are as good as stagnant? Forgive me for being sceptical, but we've been waiting for multiple years.

    Nevertheless im really interested in what this brings and i hope we can get a teaser at what origins part 2 means for in-game content!
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