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Discussion MineZ: Origins - Where we are, and where we are headed.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by halowars91, Mar 1, 2016.

Discussion - MineZ: Origins - Where we are, and where we are headed.
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  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Hello Survivors!

    Where we are:
    It has been a long time since I addressed you. I remember when I joined MineZ a couple years ago. I never imagined I would become part of this network, and have the wonderful opportunity to help create so much. Over these three years of building, I have participated in the construction of this beautiful world and the story that grew around it.

    My predecessors Kensai111 and NicolaLeevey left me with the lore and the map, and I have tried my best to treat the lore carefully and with love. We have slowly whittled away at the rest of the lore, and you now have nearly all the pieces you need. You’re so close, but you still have questions, don’t you?

    Where we are headed:
    As some of you have guessed, there is another update planned. Some of you may call this, the Endgame. I can confirm this rumor. This update is my most ambitious project lore wise and gameplay wise, utilizing as many features and components as I can, and I’d like you, the players to get involved. What would you like to see in this update? What did you enjoy from the prior updates? What dungeons did you enjoy? What puzzles did you like? Do you have any suggestions?

    Ultimately, I have always built for the player. You are our inspiration to continuously push the limits on what is possible. We love to watch you attempt the puzzles and immerse yourself in this world. This is for you. With this update I will be completing the story of MineZ and the dungeons of MineZ.

    Now, you may be asking yourself, when will this Endgame update be released? There are certain things that must happen before this update will be released. What are they?

    Before the Update can be unleashed, five things have been fortold:
    1: The Seal holding Dentril must be tampered with.
    2: The Library of Axis Mundi, the ancient center of knowledge, must be rediscovered.
    3: Those long since put to rest will return in nothing but bone.
    4: An Event will shake the world, heralding the imminent uncovering of the location of The Origin.
    5: Information previously unknown will be revealed in a location of knowledge.

    In Closing:
    Make sure to post your suggestions and thoughts, in an organized layout. Thank you for trusting me with the world that you hold dear and love. I have truly enjoyed working on it for these past three years. This will be my final update to this wonderful world, before I move onto other mysterious projects.

    With Love,


  2. sunlost Retired Staff

  3. Mychon Obsidian

    Suggestion: Turn Darnies into a 10/10 hardcore dungeon with giant spawners, 5 block jumps over the void and underwater pigman mazes
  4. Smartz_ Platinum

    Alright shotbow, this is the time where our entire community needs to team up, the hated and the loved, healers and bandits, and you. We need to open tamper with Dentril... What other lore has pointed to this? I might have a clue on how to rediscover axis mundi
    JessE_Knight likes this.
  5. Ryter Platinum

    This sounds so awesome!
  6. oLoading Platinum

    Dont update to 1.9 PLEASEE
  7. svdragster Retired Staff

    Pretty much everything changed in 1.9 can easily be changed to behave like in 1.8.
  8. FPSHater Obsidian

    You may already have this planned, or you may have already considered this, but personally I’d love it if you didn’t tell us where the Endgame is located at. Instead, maybe make the location something of a hunt/race, maybe similar to the old Secret Sounds; what I want is a challenge where there’s tons of different groups scouring for these clues all across the map, fighting to be the first to reach the Endgame.

    Also another little personal opinion on that, I’d personally love to see (if something like that were added in the way of signs) for them not to be included on the PvE servers, and maybe even have the signs only included on one server (US1) to make it so that there’d be groups running into each other, and even fighting over those clues/also turning possible areas into PvP hotspots.

    Either way, I’m really happy to see this update and really can’t wait for it. Thanks for caring about MineZ :)
  9. oLoading Platinum

    Keep 1.7.10 atleast.
  10. halowars91 Lead Builder

    I love seeing players hunt for things. It'll be similar to the quest to Axis Mundi, if you're familiar with that. Players will really have to try to uncover it. The endgame will be kept relatively hidden. It'll definitely be very challenging to even access, so don't worry.
    I get your thoughts on PvE, but I don't believe I can restrict the update to only certain servers.
  11. Jackdm Gold

    You could possibly add another dimension which you can access through Axis Mundi which could contain more mobs, more dungeons and more interesting legendaries.
    xLeCoolMmeePig and TheDeplorable like this.
  12. FPSHater Obsidian

    that seems like a whole new game, not new update, lol.
  13. Jackdm Gold

    What does this mean? The gods?
  14. FPSHater Obsidian

    Sounds like it could possibly mean that Skeletons get added to MineZ in some extent?
    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  15. Jackdm Gold

    I was thinking more of a small 2000x2000 world maybe
  16. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Only time will tell what the prophecy has foretold.
  17. demon_peanut Retired Staff


  18. Jackdm Gold

    Maybe I overestimated
  19. boogaert Emerald

    Hype :)

    hi ryter
  20. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    10/10 for that


    I suggest
    Lets add a super modernisering futuristisch ultra hydra super weapon that destroys zombies and minez Will end

    Ok but serious
    When Will it come out?
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