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MineZ MineZ: Origins - Weekly Update #5

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Feb 27, 2017.

MineZ - MineZ: Origins - Weekly Update #5 | Page 2
  1. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Halo, I've gotta say, your posts are awesome, and really keep the hype upgoing. Great work! :)
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  2. Valkyrion_ Regular Member

    While this sounds extremely vague, perhaps anything to bring a sense of 'Old MineZ' back. Nonetheless, I am very happy with these cryptic changelog-type ordeals you've sent us. Keep at it!
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  3. ImANative0 Obsidian

    Zombies should deal more damage the farther north you get / location dependant, its fairly easy to get geared up and I was surprised how little pigmen spawned in the heavily iron littered areas.
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  4. Kezzbo Platinum

    If I could change something it would be how many people you need to heal for the healer tag, I've tried to heal people so often but they all attack people due to the large amount of bandits. So if we could get the tag easier then I wouldn't be attacked so often while trying to help someone. :D
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  5. Smartz_ Platinum


    Alright! Here are my thoughts on these changes.

    MineZmap.com changes are really nice and I have been needing them every once and a while :stuck_out_tongue: (Thanks Fridge!)

    The shrouds are really needed, hopefully the god inventories will stop (or at least decrease.)

    The big blue, old, new, and something borrowed? I got it, Big Blue and it's old and still new in new games! MineZ borrowed the idea, its Poliwrath.

    The only real info I found from the new MineZ origins is may be why the construction people blocked off Body Offload. However Part 2 would be nice to see because there would be maybe some game ending details?

    Now the question about the structure, is it Tiny-er Dock?

    Just guessing but the new post may look like the new Ghost Fleet. If so I really like the look. For a possible reward you could get the banner and be able to put it on?

    Well, lets hope for a new clan can- I mean a new Simoons Song.

    A suggestion, have some sort of item that shows a verification that you have beat the dungeon to could some how help you in end game? Like some depth strider leather boots that will help you complete a room in end game easier. Also maybe have some boots to have you skip a room if you have them. (Like a drop that will kill you without the boots but you can complete another optional room.) One more thing I would like the see is a chain helmet that can help you absorb (jumping to conclusions) damage from skeletons? Because the only other thing I can think of that is boney and can't be left alone is Dry Bowser.

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  6. Edog987 Platinum

    bring back baby zombies!
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  7. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    can we make it so we can safely change our names without losing stuff? D:
  8. gusblack1 Silver

    I would start with a playerbase...
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  9. ImANative0 Obsidian

    Happened to me last night lol
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  10. joonas1997 Platinum

    I am of your opinion. I loved these days when eg aspermont was very dangerous to visit. Zombie pigman spawned and were able to kill you easily. I miss the time in which it was hard to find gear, where you were forced to create routes all over the map to gear up until full iron.

  11. connor564 Platinum

    I am 120% sure the change is on the MineZ map... and make grapple obtainable without buying it again!
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  12. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    Considering the MineZ map still has the Ghost Ship next to the Eastern desert, it is safe to say any Origins map changes are not on there.

    Not sure what you're getting at by the second part of your comment. You can get the grapple(s) via in-game achievements for 5k and 10k career bow kills.
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  13. Bachelorette Obsidian

    More than flamboyant about the return of 1.9 MineZ, these re-implementations will surely spark some excitement for us old players and a new existing community.

    Question: Have you all considered re-implementations of ranks being displayed next to the players name? It could be surveyed as a cosmetic benefit.


    This engulfed the amazing environment of MineZ, especially up north. If this implementation is possible, it'll have a positive ratio to negative, as it'll satisfy many.

    Maybe a revamped achievement system on the website will also encourage development, nevertheless, keep up the amazing work!
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  14. MuffinMinister Platinum

    To be completely honest i dont even see why it was removed in the first place since it is purely a cosmetic feature and gives 0 advantage over others
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  15. EELDust Regular Member

    Something I would like to see in MineZ is something that I really liked in MineZ 2 (at least it felt like it in MZ2), more small locations. And this may appeal more to casual players, and the players that don't go to just the "good locations" but just go to explore, and gives a better atmosphere of the world. And, it was intentionally in the way in MineZ 2. You want to go to Balsor to grind Iron? run along the river and see houses along the water. Like the 20 small things around Asindia. The random hordes of zombies in the openness also gives that feeling of "okay, how can I deal with this situation? And the game gives you options, like sneaking around, sniping, charging in, or splitting up as a group. And it really does an amazing job at giving you the the feel of MineZ.
    Because of this, one of my favorite areas is around huntsgrove. http://imgur.com/a/QG6Yz Looking at this, there is space that is well managed. It has many small locations that add up to the feel of MineZ. Looking up North, it is more justified, like around Al Hasa, because the area was made to make a good PvP arena. But look at the majority of the map, and a common theme is empty space. Something that resonates this is Zelda: Breathe of the Wild, and what Nintendo did is they let people test their game, and look at where people go, and add stuff to where they didn't go to. This is like the theology that we should buff far more than we should nerf. ( Good watch for game balance)
    Basically, I think we should add more small areas and make MineZ feel like it's more than a few good spots with long walks in between.
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  16. Lomrun Platinum


    I really like your idea. It is true MineZ 1 has allot of empty space. Maybe an exploration update can come after the release of 1.9. It will only consist of many small buildings / locations / caves, with lore update. With the build team they have, I think they would like to do that. Especially if its only minour locations, meaning they don't have to spend allot of time worker on 1 project. Instead just little things when they have spare time.
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