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Announcement MineZ: Origins - The "February" Update

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by halowars91, Aug 1, 2019.

Announcement - MineZ: Origins - The "February" Update
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Rise and shine survivors,

    As the warm, lazy days of July have quickly passed and we are on the precipice of August, it seems a major shakeup is on the horizon for MineZ.

    The sky grows dark as the waning light of the sun dips beneath the horizon. Its last life sending brilliant rays far across the sky, as if to give one last encore before the hour is up. A cold breeze rustles the leaves at your feet, sending them flying around you. Subtle pinpricks of light begin to emerge from violet sky, welcoming the new hour.

    Origins is fast approaching and will follow the conversion of MineZ to 1.12. For more information about this, please read our post here. Of interest, ShayminPlays made a commentary, discussing the possible hidden messages that I might have placed into my writing. Though only theories right now, the truth may be hidden in what you find there and throughout the map, despite any changes Origins makes.

    Within that post many revelations were made, and I’m sure that you have questions about the path we’ll be taking to Origins. As stated previously, we have dropped the naming convention for this update – Part 2. It is our belief that the framework and the story we will tell is not deserving of a name like Origins - Part 2. This is Origins now. That is not to say that the update previously known as Origins – Part 1 has been erased, demolished, and retconned. That is not the case, but it should now be seen as a pre-Origins update. Make no mistake though, I see this update as the genesis of everything to follow after it.

    The teaser for it can be seen below. Of note, it would appear that someone has unsealed Dentril, who is locked deep beneath the ancient Shrine of the Dusk, and if the ending were to be believed, the Spire of Agni's seal cracking. What could this mean for the world as you know it?

    Shining behind you with lights last encore, the grand, effervescent structure looms over you. Welcoming you into its embrace, and emblazoned in that masterwork stood the visage of the one above and yet in this twilight it’s clear. There behind its brilliant image, a shadow. Something dark, something sinister, yet all together similar.

    Speaking of events pre-Origins, this past weekend we watched with awe as a Gate Stone was used successfully during “Suicide Saturday”. If this is the first you’re hearing of Gate Stones, then don’t worry! They’re a pretty special item you can find deep within the map, but are currently limited to a select few who can successfully overcome the trials it takes to claim this legendary item. For more information about how you can retrieve it currently check here!

    When we first placed these waygates into the map, I had hoped that they might one day be used for something like this. Yet, this clip begs the question: Is this the waygates sole purpose?

    Years ago, when we started this great journey, I released a list of events that must transpire before Origins can be released. As a reference I have included it here.

    1: The Seal holding Dentril must be tampered with.
    2: The Library of Axis Mundi, the ancient center of knowledge, must be rediscovered.
    3: Those long since put to rest will return in nothing but bone.
    4: An Event will shake the world, heralding the imminent uncovering of the location of The Origin.
    5: Information previously unknown will be revealed in a location of knowledge.

    This list still holds true, despite the extensive work that has been done for this particular update. However, where we are in this list is up to you to decipher.

    Closing Remarks:

    In the next update to you, I intend to make clearer Origins purpose in the map, provide insight into those that call themselves “Eclipsed”, and something I expect to touch every part of the map.

    Origins scale is far larger than anything currently in the map. It has been an undertaking worthy of the word awesome. When you see what we have hidden for so long, I’m sure you will agree. A word of warning, though – you’ll want to find friends to play with. Not one person can do this alone.
    48 65 72 65 20 69 6e 20 74 68 69 73 20 6c 61 62 2c 20 6d 61 6e 79 20 74 6f 69 6c 65 64 20 74 6f 77 61 72 64 73 20 74 68 65 69 72 20 67 6f 61 6c 2e 2e 2e
    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the truth.” ~ Buddha

  2. Tozzu Platinum

  3. GJrocks09 Regular Member

  4. plusouplus Obsidian

    Finally ! :hype:
  5. ShayminPlays Platinum

    I'm actually shaking and crying rn (tears of joy) thank you so much for posting my stream oml
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  6. 8tv Regular Member

    "48 65 72 65 20 69 6e 20 74 68 69 73 20 6c 61 62 2c 20 6d 61 6e 79 20 74 6f 69 6c 65 64 20 74 6f 77 61 72 64 73 20 74 68 65 69 72 20 67 6f 61 6c 2e 2e 2e"
    Is hexadecimal. It translates to:
    "Here in this lab, many toiled towards their goal..."
  7. Glowwwy Gold

    "Here in this lab, many toiled towards their goal..." Is that meant to hint at something? Or just there
  8. up44 Platinum

    Oh boy is it finally time to leave the waiting room?
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  9. SuperMasony Platinum

  10. ysysimon Emerald

  11. Prompted Regular Member

  12. Ripp42 Regular Member

    MineZ: Bowser's Big Bean Burrito when?
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  13. DerpysLastMuffin Platinum

    Someone mind explaining what this means? Haven't been keeping up with minez in ages .-.
  14. double_axle Platinum

    Hmm hexadecimal, referring to a lab? Beysford?
  15. TriforceDeLink Regular Member

    I've always kinda wondered what those waygates did. If I'm thinking of the right things, I've heard they're supposed to open a dungeon called the Void Shrine, and the cords to there are revealed by finding all of them. I have no idea where all of them are, only a few. I think there are supposed to be 10, but there may be more.
  16. ShayminPlays Platinum


    I'll let you know what they do in Discord DM :wink:

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