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MineZ MineZ: Origins - "Legend, Location, Future" Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Aug 18, 2019.

MineZ - MineZ: Origins - "Legend, Location, Future" Update
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Darker Pasts Lead to Brighter Futures:

    Surrounded by obsidian peaks, the lone monolith, a representation of Therum’s imprisonment, sat at the center of a lake. This spire was unlike any of its counterparts and was one of two that were released for the world of MineZ 2.


    These spires (Pluvia and Therum) were among many of the most unique and beautiful builds that were lost to us when MineZ 2 was placed into the Garage. MineZ 2 was never completed, and the world you experienced and played through was not the intended final result. A whole trove of builds and dungeons planned and built in varying levels of completion sit collecting dust on our build server now.

    Perhaps one of the most important things lost though, was its story. MineZ 2, in my writing, was intended to be a tragedy. From the beginning you would know the end. It was a narrative prequel to MineZ, and the story it would tell would be instrumental in the arc of MineZ’s story.

    The more adventurous player will know that two notable locations from MineZ 2 have resurfaced in our world; Helia and Asindia. Yet, how did these locations come to wind up buried under the world, only recently being discovered? The Origins update has the arduous task of telling that story that was lost to time, and the role that it served in shaping MineZ’s lore.

    When it comes to the lore of this game, we faced a hard decision. MineZ’s existing lore comes in many forms: Signs, loreblocks, lorebooks, and physical locations. However, it also comes in the form of many authors, and while many voices often make for a chorus, I and many others have had a hard time realizing the full scope of this game’s story given the input of so many others.

    Some lore is outdated, some lore makes no sense, and other lore is so incredibly cryptic and has no other information that not even I can figure out what the original author intended. It was for this reason that we decided if we were going to do this game justice, it would need to be with a clean slate.

    This does not mean the lore you know will be invalidated. For the most parts, the story is the same, but the goal of this has been to cleanup some details and to make the world seem more connected than it has previously.

    While the inhabitants of this world are dead, the world is very much alive and teeming with secrets. I believe that through this rework, you will be able to clearly map out the events that have led to this point.

    As I have said all too recently, there are some large changes on the horizon. Some that not everyone might be comfortable with, yet they are necessary. For example, we’ve finally patched nearly every two-block hole in the jungle making the trek to Agni Ignis passable! This was a monumental effort to explore this jungle and really fix it so players could explore it, and I hope in the future you might.

    Furthermore we've revamped a couple of locations that you wouldn't even guess! These locations will not be spoiled by any pictures or future promotions, so you'll have to explore!

    Sunset and Moonrise:
    One of the most interesting and rewarding experiences you can have is watching players dissect the story threads you have laid out before them, and no thread has been more interesting then The Eclipsed. This group found its introduction at the end of the Secret Project Update, in the halls of the Library of Axis Mundi.

    Since then, they have supposedly been linked to many other locations throughout the map, yet their purpose and their impact has yet to be revealed. Besides a wayward member of their group who has been spotted crossing the map in search of something(recently), there appears to be no one else that could tell their tale.

    ~Until Next Time,

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    I want one sign with a gag joke about grinding for proficiency. I will be very angry if all my time was put to waste.
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    Here we areeee
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    So, guild halls?
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    I guess it's time to play MineZ again. :heart:
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    Im dusting up the old salt shaker for this update
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    You down to form a group?
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    I'm quite busy but going to let you know, once I know when I've got some time to spare. :)
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    Fix stats pls.
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