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Update MineZ: Origins - January 2018 Update

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by halowars91, Jan 17, 2018.

Update - MineZ: Origins - January 2018 Update

How many players should X be?

More than 5 29 vote(s) 26.4%
More than 10 81 vote(s) 73.6%
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Hello Folks!

    It’s been a long time since I posted anything relating to Origins. I apologize for the radio silence on this project. I promise you that moving forward, I will not cut communication, and am working to increase transparency on this project. I have a couple of ideas I want your opinion on.


    We’ve been mulling over the idea of giving teams(guilds/clans) guild halls, similar to the one that the Night’s Watch has in Romero. What keeps this game going is the continued support, organization, and explorations by teams throughout MineZ. This was in part suggested by two of your community members and I have adapted. This would of course have to be applied for by your team leader, and would only be accepted if you meet the proposed guidelines.

    Tentative Guidelines:
    -Active in the community for more than 4 months, and maintain activity. (I do not think this is too much to ask. On a per case basis, this could be lifted given enough proof of your prior activity)

    -More than X player in your group(X is a placeholder. I would really like to get your input on this number. I do not want to exclude any teams, but I cannot accommodate the large number of small teams throughout this games history. There are a finite amount of locations that can fit these so some choices will be made.)

    -Going forward, positive interaction in the community.( I know that teams have different agendas, and different "cultures", but if you do not interact in a positive manner, I will not allow you and your group to have a "guild hall").

    As I said, these will be application only. You will be allowed to suggest a location for your hall, but we reserve the right to deny placement in certain locations ( Al Hasa is off-limits). We welcome any new build submissions for guild halls aswell.

    Something that has been long-debated internally is rebuilds of old locations. I’ve noticed that there a quite a few builds across the map that are collecting dust and gaining more cobwebs.I would like to put into effect a trial system for a Monthly Rebuild. For the next few months we would select one or two locations throughout the map and give them a much needed face-lift, similar to Geuten. Is this something you would want, and if so, would you like to vote on a location, or be surprised?

    You may have noticed those freaky floating obelisks throughout the map. They do actually have a purpose as “Project Eclipsed” has shown. If you want to try out what they call, the “Pillar Quest”, feel free to! The build changelog will now be updated as we add new things into MineZ, so check that!


    I apologize again for the Radio silence between us. Sometimes things happen and you can’t control it. This is a new Year, and we’ve already done so much to get this project towards the end. Expect to actually hear more about Origins as it draws near. Thank you for sticking with us.

    With Love, The MineZ Team.

  2. FadingGeneral Platinum

    Personally, I think that X being equal to 5 is too small. There are many groups that form and stick around MineZ with around 4-5 members (usually close friends, etc.), and although they can impact the game significantly it would be hard to, if not only for a short period of time. X equaling 10 seems good to me.
  3. Nalacion Mini Builder

    Disregard my 5+ vote, misclicked
  4. LegendaryAlex Gold

    I probably missed it, but what exactly will happen with the world event (since you're active again)?

    Oh and welcome back.
  5. Meifot Silver

    So we can build our own place? I would very much like to make an official clan structure for DB. (Or work on one with DB)

    Does it have to be in an existing location or can one be built by itself?
  6. ACrispyTortilla SMASH Mini Admin

    Voting for remade locations is just unneccessary for now, I believe that just picking some obvious ones first before doing voting (ie Barathrum, Kaocho..) is a good choice.

    EDIT: also can we get told if stuff is unfinished so we arent wasting our time ie obsidian obelisks ty
  7. Manaea Platinum

    I'd love to see some popular locations rebuild, would definitely make the game feel more "fresh".
  8. Benjamaster7 Regular Member

    Now that the void obelisks have been put into use, I'd like to see the obsidian monoliths serve some purpose as well. Or do they already and we just haven't figured it out?
  9. TahmKench_ Gold

    10+ definitely feels right but I have no friends so I voted 5+
  10. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    What are we considering "positive interaction" and how far are we going with it? If a clan is old, how far back in the history are we looking for positive interaction? How much will individual clan members count towards positive interaction? What about older members that have a horrifying past but have been behaving better in the past 6 months to a year? And what about people that appear to have a bad past but only because other groups would lie and fake to make a person look significantly worse than they are? If we had to have a good recent history, would they have to prove that they were not actually that bad? I do believe that if we are given an incredibly strict positive interaction policy (amazing history, no bad eggs within clan, made MineZ great again) the only clan/guild with a guild hall is going to be TNW because they happen to already have one.
  11. Kryptuss Obsidian

  12. Sir_Isaac_Nooton Regular Member

    There should be a sign at Al Hasa center tower that says
    "Welcome to Hell
    -Dearest Assassins"
  13. FreeCookson Platinum

    I personally believe domjules should have his own town dedicated to him.
    FixGoldNameTag likes this.
  14. halowars91 Lead Builder

    I'm looking to find time to do this, again. For February's update post, I'll address that and the podcast.
    Goliac and LegendaryAlex like this.
  15. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Just remember that a build update is no excuse to mass nerf
    ROBMM, connor564 and IvanDoomy like this.
  16. Typuzer Platinum


    Meme_MC and TahmKench_ like this.
  17. Goliac Silver

    *cuts communication*
    TahmKench_ and FixGoldNameTag like this.
  18. Meme_MC Platinum

    it would be highly appreciated if an admin could respond as to what is going on with this. even a simple "not anytime soon" would be great, although knowing specifically if any of these features are being looked more into would be nice too
    MTrout, Aexon, Tozzu78 and 2 others like this.
  19. Fridge2177 Localization Lead


    I can assure you that there is still work being done on this project and that we have a dedicated team to making this happen. There are still a lot of moving parts right now but getting Lomrun as the build team co-lead has helped move this project in the right direction
  20. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Tbh i think i heard a builder saying that Origins Part 2 was actually nearing completion, they said that the things that weren't actually ready were due to Halo's lack of time.

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