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MineZ: Origins - Final Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Mar 6, 2017.

MineZ: Origins - Final Update | Page 4
  1. Iveon Regular Member

    Lol seems like staffs just ignored my comment asking Mz Classic staffs to work on Minez 2...
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  2. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    Because it's not going to happen for now or in the soon future.
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  3. Aexon Regular Member

    lol nice one
  4. SakuraWolf Gun Game Admin

    I must say, that's pretty outstanding work on the teaser. :)
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  5. ACrispyTortilla Administrator

    I think he meant 2018 March, even if we were that lucky...
  6. sunlost Retired Staff

    Aww ty :heart:

    Origins would have to be on 1.9. No one would enjoy it anyways because it all would be reset once we get our 1.8 player states to 1.9.. :confused:
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  7. kscopekid Gold

    People wouldn't enjoy the origins update because eventually it would be wiped?????
    People want an update, shotbow refuses to release a date and instead just keep baiting us and baiting us that the update will be soon. We don't want teasers, we want updates.
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  8. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    The people making this update have lives. I agree, it's unreasonable to announce an update and then not release it for almost a year -- but think of it in their shoes. Most of them have families or are in college, and they are working hard to get it done. If they promise a date, and something comes up, and they can't finish it, then we'll be even MORE pissed then we are now, which is why they aren't promising a date. If you're fed up with them, why are you on the forums? Either leave or be patient.
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  9. Iveon Regular Member

    Leaving: Look how much Minez 2 got deserted and forgotten by many. Being patient: Well seems we, Minez 2 players, got 'another' 2 years to wait.

    I do agree with that and i understand that sometimes there are situations when devs can not work for the server but i just want to ask why Shotbow did not employ more voluntary devs (larger no. Of active devs) through many years or else hire paid devs if voluntary devs cannot be found. And also it is a fact that in general, Shotbow update things much slowly than other minigame mc servers. If Shotbow earns enough money from server, invest it to the server. Then Shotbow will earn more money. And please do not regard complaints and negative feedbacks as just raging and hating, as negative feedbacks are to show signs there are rooms for improvement for better future. However i am not saying that i favor ad hominem nor any insulting nor pointless hatred nor anger. However though, sometimes seemingly just angry criticisms are not just anger but rather, passionate Shotbow or a Shotbow game lovers who are experienced Shotbow players knowing well about Shotbow.
  10. kscopekid Gold

    Wanna know what's unreasonable? What's unreasonable is that a server that has received thousands of dollars in donations can't buy any developers, shotbow constantly brands itself as a hobby when someone criticizes them, but a business anytime else. Servers cost money, I get that, but the fact that this update has taken this long is unacceptable. And Mistri, I'm on the forums because I've spent 50 dollars on this server and probably hundreds of hours and the administration constantly give the same responses and cope out of ANY responsibility, the difference between shotbow and any other big network is that the admins on here can have no fault because its a hobby, but the second any of them try to have fun(Trails) they get demoted because you're not allowed to have fun, its a business.
  11. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    I'm sorry but your worldview does not align with the reality of the situation. We receive enough donations to barely keep the lights running. A single developer, full-time, costs at minimum ~$40,000 yearly - and that's low. I would not accept a job that low at this point.

    We don't "cope out of responsibility" - we're being 100% transparent here - We do not have a known period of time where we can release this update. We are waiting on a block of non-conflicting time during which we can release the update and monitor it.

    I, specifically, routinely state that Shotbow is a hobby - because that is what it is. While it is a hobby, we do expect our staffers to maintain an air of professionalism that includes not abusing privileges. We do not kick out staff for "having fun." We kick out staff for ruining player experience doing things they shouldn't be.
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  12. Lomrun Platinum

    I don't get why people are still complaining.

    For those who complain about MineZ 2:
    Just accept the fact it will be gone. If you want to revive MineZ go study coding and apply for a developer. Don't tell other developers to work on MineZ 2 simply because you want to. That is selfish.

    For those who complain about not hiring devs:
    All devs / admins / staff are volunteers. Simply because the server earns money, doesnt mean its obligated to hire staff. The argument that hiring staff would increase the earnings isn't a valid one. Its not guaranteed that the server will earn money. Its a risk, and shotbow doesn't want to take that risk. Respect their choice on that.

    For those complaining about MineZ 1 anti cheat / hacks will be bad, even in 1.9:
    MineZ 1 isn't just a kit pvp server, the server focus more on the other aspects. If they wanted to focus more on the PVP, then yea they would do Screenshares etc. But the server doesn't want to do that. So if you don't like the way they handle hackers. Then stop playing this server. This server isn't for you then. Its even more ironic that you guys keep playing, when you know you don't like it.

    For those who are making jokes about the update will never come:
    Then why are you still playing if you only gonna make cynical jokes about it. It won't speed up the proces, and the only thing you will do is to irritate the staff.

    For those who complain about the update taking to long:
    Remember this is a free to play server. The server isn't obligated to furfill any desires we want. Even if you donated money. Given the facts they give us a rank is purely out of good will. They never enforced you to pay. It was your own free will to purchase a rank or xp etc.

    To conclude
    The server is trying their best, and wanted to give us some updates what you can expect. As many of us complained that nothing is being told what 1.9 will bring. Now that they finally give some updates what you can expect, a whole new wave of complaints are comming of diffrent things. In my opinion, that is just being ungrateful of us.

    Remember, no one is enforcing you to play the server or stick to the forums if you don't like it. Even if you feel its a waste of money if you quit, because you spend your money. Sometimes you have to move on.
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  13. Iveon Regular Member

    kscopekid i have nothing against you and i agree with your point but please discuss leaving out emotions. I mean your tone is little too aggressive and that can upset others and discourage developers and will result in replies with the same tone as you have. We need discussion not a fight.
  14. Iveon Regular Member

    Maybe, maybe i might learn coding then. idk how it'll go if i do but i MIGHT try and i do have a few friends who know a bit about coding but idk and not sure if i'll really learn it but i might try.
  15. Smartz_ Platinum


    Lom, I want to agree with you. I really do. You normally have a really good point but here is what I think.

    Minez 2 was dead. It's gone. Infact I've picked up coding for dummies and have tried to teach myself java so maybe I could do something. I also tried some stuff myself and I got particles and stuff working. I am slowly learning some stuff and I'm doing this because I want to see if there is anything I can do to help Minez2. It isn't fun but I like the stuff I can do with it. It is like math to me. I hate working the problem but the outcome is satisfying.

    The whole Dev thing for me is just not even an arrangement. If shotbow doesn't have the money, they ain't got the money. If they took the risk to hire on and the server didn't increase, it would be seriously scary and may result in Shotbow going bankrupt or in debt.

    Minez no cheat is terrible in the snow. I think everyone can agree on this. I know Socom made it and it works well but apparently No-cheat plus is what messes with it. I have tried socom's no cheat alone on DBV and it works well. Like it runs smooth. However, the hacker problem needs to be addressed. There needs to be a ban system rather than just replying on mini admins.

    I don't blame the people who think 1.9 won't come any time soon. I've stopped playing. I've just about quit till Minez 1.9 comes out.
  16. Hollow_Leg Gold

    When 1.9 goes live, I'm going to be playing a lot of MineZ
  17. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Then perhaps consider hiring a freelance developer part-time when needed, im sure there are people out there who would be willing to work on plugins for shotbow every once in a while for a fee, win-win situation or is that me being stupid?
  18. Iveon Regular Member

    I just have a question. Does programming feel like making a redstone minecraft machine?
  19. Aexon Regular Member

    No, it feels 100 times better. But programming in Java feels 100 times worse than making a redstone machine.
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  20. Iveon Regular Member

    I mean if it's like making complicated redstone machine i should be good at it because i really do make redstone machines really well. And as inventing these require a lot of problem solving, as well as figuring out which part of circuit is causing unwanted malfunctions and fixing and stuffs, i thought it would be pretty similar to fixing software bugs and programing.
    Like this one of my machines i invented for example:
    I actually invented this from scratch like maybe 6 months or an year ago in MC Vanilla and i doubt if these even exist on Youtube either. And i tested this out and except few problems i pointed out on the signs, it work as written on signs. I might delete image of redstone part later on because i wanna keep it secret :stuck_out_tongue: or otherwise it'll be all over Youtube which i do not want. (Sry i'm mean or otherwise credit me as the original inventor)
    Anyways so would it be easier to make these or to fix a bug?

    And btw can Shotbow make a promise that they will rerelease Minez 2 back later on, after it enters garage as well please?
    (Anyhow about previous comments, like asking why not hiring paid devs and etc. i was not only complaining but 50% complaining and suggesting, and 50% actually asking for what is the reason and now i see the reason as Navarr pointed out so i'll stop talking about that)

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