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No Prefix MineZ: Origins - Bug Report Thread

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Marine_PvP, May 9, 2020.

No Prefix - MineZ: Origins - Bug Report Thread
  1. MarineMZ Jr. Developer

    Please report any bugs on this thread!

  2. MLG_MLG Platinum

    I found an issue related to food saturation. I ate an apple at Fort Erie and then proceeded to:

    - Travel to Septus and loot around there for a while
    - Travel to Statue of Agni and climb it
    - Loot Frostbain for a while
    - Travel to Death Mansion and loot there for a while
    - Travel to Mining Town and loot there for a while
    - Travel all the way back to Cave of the Dead Lady

    ...all without losing any hunger points. At that point I logged out, but the issue probably would have persisted if I'd kept playing. If it matters at all, this was on MINEZPVE_02_US.

  3. Duden8r Regular Member

    -NoCheat itself has been a bit of a problem. Makes parkour, walking through doors, and walking on fences problematic. Simply doing those actions can either glitch me back to a block or glitch me off the edge, making me take fall damage. I sometimes get nocheated when sprinting and sprint jumping
    -Zombies are harder to hit and it's easier for zombies to hit you. I used to be able to walk backwards while fighting them while taking minimal hits, but now it seems like I take a hit for every hit I give them
    -Zombies don't really get knocked back when hit
    -Server Lag
    -Zombies seem to be spawning at a much higher rate everywhere. The moment I stepped into Agni Ignis, a massive horde of zombies and pigmen instantly spawned. Romero and Camp Bell have more zombies.

    Edit: Thread says zombie spawning was adjusted, but it still seems pretty high
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  4. MajorPail18 Platinum

    908, 94 two food chests spawn outside randomly in the grass
    1036, -61 chest in bottom house looking south breaks when right clicked
    also the chest bug seems to be specific to certain chests. Only specific chests do not open when I left click, ie at south basic middle hut, the chest in the closet with the double doors does not break or open correctly
  5. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Bug: Typing /logout doesn't always run and you have to type it a few more times. Not sure if related to server lag but maybe?
  6. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    I right clicked with the Radio and it vanished from my inventory. It stayed on until I re-logged (and I couldn't turn it off because I did not have the item).
  7. kbsfe Jr. Developer

    Possible Bug: snowballs from other player cause bleeding under the PvE line.
  8. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    - Melons sometimes give 2 thirst and other times give 1.
    - The grenade cooldown is super fast now.
  9. DocCodeSharp Retired Staff


    This is great, but I do see some issues here that can cause server lag due to the math being done on the math thread per arm swing do know every time someone swings there arm its going math and that can cause the server to freeze do to the work. I have already fixed this issue in a patch (my problme was a issue with how spigot used something wrong and had to work around it).
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  10. ManHeadRambo Platinum

    Eillom Ale didn't disappear after logout, even though the tooltip still says it should.
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  11. ragemachine12 Regular Member

    A friend and I walked into the Zerbia Dungeon, and when the local instance was created we fell through the unloaded map and died.
  12. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Bug: Toggles set on a player are not always saved.
    Bug: Right clicking trapped chests seems to break them instantly.
  13. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Bug: Players always log in facing the North direction, not the direction they were looking when they logged out.
  14. kbsfe Jr. Developer

    • When direct messaging a player, the TabExecutor/Completor only fills the player you're messaging, not all online players
    • Inside Maze of the Tenth, the exit door sometimes breaks.
    • When leaving/entering Maze of the Tenth, food saturation disappears completely (instance related?)
    • When completing Maze of the Tenth, sometimes the Lone Sword does not spawn on the wall.
  15. _SealClubber Platinum

    • Shot arrows cannot be picked up if your inventory is full.
    • There's an unlootable loot chest in Eclipsed HQ, it's on the top shelf on the right side.
    • Right clicking some chests breaks them instantly, seems to happen with the same chests.
    • Falling on ice at Paluster doesn't give fall damage.
    • Zombies in water spin in circles and take a long time to swim across.
    • Grapples sometimes don't lock on horizontally and need to be recast.
    Unknown if bug or feature
    • Trapped chest zombies have more health than normal zombies (from PTR)
  16. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    You have to use red dye to heal bleeding now.
    Repairing a soulbound item now removes the soulbound tag (it didn't used to, from what I remember).
  17. Duden8r Regular Member

    -Non-Soulbound water bottles don't drop from player zombies (I've recovered stuff from my zombie and I never get my stuff back)
    -Giant in ravine north of Eillom and just south of Tenebris sometimes spawns up top

    -Edit: Also, depth strider spawn rates at water spire have been nerfed to the point where I haven't gotten a single pair in over 100 chests
  18. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Bug: Toggles do not always save between servers and logging in and out.
  19. US_Canadia Regular Member

    I managed to take a fern from a flower pot in ridgevale, and it's not just a graphics glitch, I'm able to drop it and pick it back up again.
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  20. Dungeon_Maniac Platinum

    [Minor Bug] Using /logout instantly after logging in will cause the command do nothing if you try it again later that session. Only way to log out then is /hub or disconnecting.

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