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MineZ Official Trading Thread

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Andrew_64_MC, Jul 10, 2015.

MineZ Official Trading Thread | Page 42
  1. Prompted Regular Member


    I am trading 2018 Halloween items in exchange for items such as gunpowder, glowstone, gapples, splash IIs, and legendaries. If you would like to trade other things, let me know and maybe we could work something out.

    I would also like to say that depending on who you are, I might ask to use PvE to trade.

    Here is what I have.

    Humerus - 4
    Blood - 3
    Spooky Chestplate - 3
    Spooky Helmet - 2
    Femur - 1
    Bat Wing - 2
    Blood Rose - 2
    Halloween Pumpkin Pie - 1
    Guts - 2
    Ghostbusters - 2
    Tainted Tulip - 3
    Toffee Apple - 2
    Cursed Wand - 2
    Eyeball - 6
    Spooky Slayer Bow - 3
    Skeleton Skull - 2
    Spooky Slayer Sword - 1
    Music - 1
    Wither Skeleton Skull - 1
    Spooky Boots - 1
    Spooky Pumpkin - 5
    Spooky Leggings - 1

    Let me know if you would like to trade anything! Thanks!

  2. boogaert Emerald

    I have 5 inf bows I'll trade them for almost anything that'd help with pvp like splashes, etc if anyone wants to do a quick trade

    edit: they're gone
  3. Meme_MC Platinum

    Looking for:
    Any event items
    Halloween Treat Chest items
    Christmas Treat Chest items (would very much like an Ornament)
    Halloween Masks (not Creeper Mask)

    Items for sale:
    Snowman Head (only trading for another event item, is not the one from Carmi)
    Seeds (x2)
    Heal Bow
    Infinity Bows (x3)
    Diamond Sword
    Feather Falling IVs (92 dura)
    Depth Strider IIIs (57 dura)

    pm me on discord or on here
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  4. Prompted Regular Member

    Look up in this thread
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  5. ShayminPlays Silver

    Looking for:
    Axis Keys
    The map you get from Axis Mundi
    (For any of the below I'll take above half dura, but you'll probably get a better trade if you have higher dura)
    Phantom Blade
    Pluvia's Hail
    Agni's Wrath
    Dentril's Fear
    Dentril's Dread
    Simoon's Song
    Simoon's Sonata
    Simoon's Melody
    Simoon's Tune

    Items for sale:
    Zombie Bow
    Binding Bow
    Zombie Head
    Ninja Sandals
    Rabbit Feet
    Truth Bow
    Spike Thrower
    Meteor Rain
    Earth Shaker
    Heal Sword
    Helmet of Vision
    Guts "Halloween 2017" (Beetroot)
    Bowl of Blood "Halloween 2017" (Beetroot Soup)
    Spooky Fish "Cleared the Graveyard in Portsmouth of ghosts! Spookfest 2017" (Fish)
    Broom (Power II Golden Axe)
    Skull Mask "Spookfest 2017" (Head)
    Pumpkin Mask "Spookfest 2017" (Head)
    Scary Fish "Halloween 2018" (Luck of the Sea I Clownfish)
    Witch Powder "Halloween 2018" (Efficiency I Glowstone Dust)
    Ancient Ashes "Halloween 2018" (Efficiency I Gunpowder)
    Skeleton Key "It radiates a dark energy..." (Tripwire Hook)
    Poinsettia (Rose Bush)
  6. cyclone_43 Silver

  7. cyclone_43 Silver

  8. Smartz_ Platinum

    Trading four inventories of water bottles DM me for offers. (A hug and a kiss go for a lot, no homo tho.)
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  9. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    I'll buy for two glowstone, maybe more
  10. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Let's welcome whoopiecow as the latest green trader! Remember if you ever wanna get yourself on the list, you can always apply!

  11. whoopiecow Platinum

    Hey everybody, I'm currently in possession of 7 white wool. I'm not too sure of their value as I've never really traded around with them too much. If anybody is interested in buying them please message me with an offer on Discord: whoopiecow#8285. Also please feel free to join my public Discord I made for my trading company! (It's in my signature along with my store page [google spreadsheet] as well)
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  12. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Let's welcome Phern as the latest green trader!
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  13. whoopiecow Platinum

    WES is currently having a sale on all half durability infinity bows it owns! If you buy a minimum of 3 infinity bows, it will cost 3 Splash II's! And for every half durability infinity bow you want to add to the deal, it will only cost one Splash II per additional infinity bow! If you also buy 5 or more, you will get a free Golden Apple! Add me on discord if you are interested: whoopiecow#8285
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  14. DungeonEdge Regular Member

    i have Dentril's Fear and Simoon's Melody . how many Rabbit Feet u have ?
  15. ShayminPlays Silver

    Just a single item for each of these :(
  16. DungeonEdge Regular Member

  17. ShayminPlays Silver

    Everything listed should be full dura
  18. Escape_ Obsidian

    looking for :
    Rabbit Feet >100 dura or full dura
    Zombie Bow >300 dura or full dura

    i can pay elite legend and gunpowder Glowstone Dust lot
  19. Saints_Evolved Platinum

    Looking for:
    Gorgons Gaze
    Wither Shot

    Items for sale:

    Ask about specific Items Not all items are present anymore (legendaries not for trade unless I have duplicates)

    Time available: We can work something out.
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  20. Teckit Platinum

    Anybody looking to buy a Christmas Star from 2017?
    Message me on discord at: Teckit#6484

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