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Suggestion minez ocean suggestions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by shinshin29, Sep 29, 2023.

Suggestion - minez ocean suggestions | Page 3
  1. hinaw Platinum

    Hey. Amazing suggestion Shinshin.

  2. shinshin33 Regular Member

    hi 29..... Snorgo is banned
  3. shinshin29 Silver

    m mee meee![i not goat!]
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  4. shinshin29 Silver

    This is a proposal, so let's evaluate it fairly, even if it's an enemy [Actually, I hope snorgo doesn't come] lol
  5. shinshin29 Silver

    thank you
    : )
  6. shinshin29 Silver

    { . . . } . . . { . . \ . . . { . . . }
    . . .. . .meee[shinshin29]. .
    . . . ....................................
  7. shinshin29 Silver

    If you simplify shotbow and divide it into different types of players, this is what you get
    [all game player]
    |[all game playing man]
    |[rpg player]
    ||[minez player]
    . .\|/
    |||[minez haeler]
    |||[minez bandit]
    |||[minez dungeon man]
    ||[anni player]
    . .\|/
    |||[anni noob]
    |||[anni silber player]
    |||[anni gold player]
    ||||[solo player]
    . .\|/
    |||||[def player]
    |||||[solo attack player]
    |||||[inv attack player]
    |||||[wall create player]
    ||||[clan player]
    . . \|/
    |||||[big clan player]
    |||||[mini clan player]
    |||[anni master player]
    . \|/
    ||||[solo player[Same as above.]]
    ||||[clan player[Same as above.]]
    ||[slaughter player]
    |[pvp player]
    . \|/
    ||[anni player[Same as above.]]
    ||[minez bandit]
    . .\|/
    |||[minez clan bandit]
    |||[minez iron bandit]
    |||[minez no item bandit]
    ||[gg player]
    . \|/
    |||[bow player]
    |||[sword player]
    |[noob player]
    |[random game player]
    |[minez admins]
    [minez builder]
    [minez mini admin]
    [minez admin]
    |[anni admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[gg admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[mtr admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[warband admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[gold rush admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[death by void admins]
    [Same as above.]
    |[jr specialist]
    |[all game admins]
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  8. shinshin29 Silver

    thank you agypagy for like
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  9. shinshin29 Silver

    I say this because I'm not there right now, but maze of the tenth may have a bug.
    I didn't get the legendary weapon, but there was one other person who did, so maybe we were just going through the same dungeon.
  10. BasicAly Administrator

    Sometimes this can happen if you get the same dungeon instance, so it's likely they went inside a minute before you did.
  11. shinshin29 Silver

    I mean... Better outcome because pvp didn't happen! I'm lucky.
  12. shinshin29 Silver

    Cause of death in MINEZ 40%lag.10%pig.30% parkour 5% food and water and state anomaly.5% zombie.10% uncommon zombies

    what this is a zombie game? lol
  13. shinshin29 Silver

    That means me and someone else were two out of two in the same dungeon.
  14. shinshin29 Silver

    Undersea Ruins
    first mini boss
    Phase 1
    Basically, they attack with guns, but when you get close to them, they send shockwaves and attack at a distance or at close range.
    If hp is set to 3/2, it will go to phase 2.
    phase2 They attack with bayonets in a stylish manner and fire their guns in between.
    When hp is reduced to 3/1, it goes to phase 3.
    phase3 phase3, he will do a big move at the beginning of phase3. he will jump and shoot a barrage of bullets for 3 seconds, then he will land on you and send a shockwave. then he will summon 1~3 drounds or zombies. then he will double the damage for about 10 seconds and he will be immobilized.
    They look like zombies in military uniforms.
    second boss
    PHASE 1
    They drop stones and chandeliers from the big hall, and send bows and arrows and bullets.
    When hp reaches 5/4, go to phase 2.
    phase 2
    It sends out shockwaves, then electricity waves horizontally and vertically, which of course can be dodged by jumping.
    When hp reaches 5/3, go to phase3
    phase 3
    Zombies will spawn, and zombies like pickmen and revenants will also appear [not very often].
    When hp reaches 5/2, go to phase 4
    phase 4
    At last, the administrator rises from his seat and attacks!
    They attack with a variety of techniques, including attacks with hidden handguns, which are difficult to predict, and attacks with machine guns, which have many bullets.
    When hp reaches 5/1, enter phase 5
    phase 5
    In the chat room
    [boss name] I think it's time to finish...
    [boss name] By your death!
    [player name] I can't die here!
    The boss will perform a big move, and the big move will be fired with multiple firearms, followed by use a bayonet attack, and then the boss's hp will be reduced to zero.
    I'm out of ideas for the moment.
    You don't have to use it, or you can apply it to other bosses.
  15. shinshin29 Silver

    Put the items obtained in MINEZ in a specific chest, etc. and transfer the items [which will come back since they are only inserted] to a server where they can be practiced and made available for copying.
    and the basic battlefield you get at the beginning of the game as a map.
    A system that allows you to fight enemies you have defeated once.
    [you can practice while avoiding spoilers].
    How about a server like this?
  16. shinshin29 Silver

    good night i go sleep i love shotbow!
  17. shinshin29 Silver

    good moning!
  18. shinshin29 Silver

    hmmm..... no comments lol
  19. shinshin29 Silver

    hmm... i not have idea i go sleep
  20. shinshin29 Silver

    i waiting feedbacks... there is nothing we can do...

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