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Suggestion minez ocean suggestions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by shinshin29, Sep 29, 2023.

Suggestion - minez ocean suggestions
  1. shinshin29 Silver

    Adding dungeons and ships or icewalker's boots or other things to the ocean will color the currently unused ocean. You may also have more room to make the map larger. I think this will also be useful at that time. You can now add more dungeons without having to do expensive and time consuming things like changing the size of the map.You can also add a potion of underwater breathing, coral, etc. It would be nice to have some buildings.To be honest, there is almost nothing in the sea of Minez.

    And it is good to add drowned.Example of drowned's performance Adds poison status for 2 seconds when attacked

    Example Underwater Cave T2 Dungeon There are places where you can take a breather. He has few zombies. The boss is a drowned explorer. He is on land. Sometimes he summons two zombies. Also, the battlefield is leaking rain, so if you get hit by water, you will be damaged. falling

    Loot Underwater Breathing, One Minute Potion, Chain Equipment, Enhanced Chain Equipment, Iron Sword, [Knockback I Smite I]Recovery Potion I Splash Recovery Potion I
    Legendary item Good fishing rod compared to normal fishing rod
    It's easy to catch good ones [it's not necessary]
    Also, if hooked onto an opponent, it will cause damage and fly quickly.
    and pigman power down please!!!!!!!!! 2/1 attack powerrrr please!!!!

    So rry it's so long I'm using Google Translate and the accuracy is a little bad

  2. shinshin29 Silver

    image of dungeon  a place where you can breathe is @ and boos room is all a place where you can breathe
    dungeon :in
                 [  ]
    _______________________~~ ] ___________
    dungeon in the middle
    | [@@] [ in ]
    | ________]
    dungeon boss room
    |  | ___ | loot |
    | ..... | ......| boss | chests |
  3. shinshin29 Silver

    ......... no comment pls comment
  4. shinshin29 Silver

    Here is a new idea and using deepl translation
    It would be nice to have dungeons, boats or other means of transportation
    It would be nice to add underwater breathing potions, dungeons reefs and other beautiful scenery!
    To be honest, the current mines ocean is overwhelming compared to the architecture on land!
    It would be cost effective to improve this.
    And let's add a dround.
    Example of performance of a draught: Poison 1 on attack for 2 seconds.
    Scorcher, shiver, etc. positions.
    How about darkened, he moves faster than a regular dround and kills players in multiples [upward compatibility with drounds].
    dungeon examples underwater caves t2 dungeon with breathing areas in places and few zombie drounds followed by a cave-like area above the sathara.
    Loot includes: enhanced chain equipment chain equipment 
    underwater breathing potion iron sword [may have simite1 or no knockback].
    At the far end is a boss, a drowned explorer who sometimes summons two drounds like the bosses in the aridtemple.
    The battlefield is leaking and the falling water does 2 damage[true] it is preannounced and disappears when it hits!
    Legendary is a good fishing rod, it can catch better and faster than a regular fishing rod.
    It also deals 3 true damage when it hits an opponent [cooldown 30s].
    [Here are some suggestions outside of the ocean].
    And the dungeon has no unique enemies like revenant, shiver scorcher forsaken, etc. It is sad that they
    That's cool from our point of view.
    And the zombie pigman's attack power is too high, because the baby pigman can't do anything if he is approached.
    It's just enough to keep them from spawning at high altitudes and in open areas!
    The value here is based on a hit point of 20.
    And why did you do this to arid temple ?????????
     Even though the lava on the block shows a high threat to everyone.
    Because it was just athleticism, a little fighting, and puzzles with the addition of a boss.
    The only use for it was to start up after death.
    The only use for starting up after death was to make it impossible to complete the game unless you had the same level of equipment as was available.
    And the added loot requires additional athleticism.
    Can you clear it with chain equipment in the first place .....?
    Why undermine loot that wasn't good enough in the first place?
    Some of these can also be used when it comes to enlarging the map or expanding elements such as alternate worlds.
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  5. shinshin29 Silver

    this solo game hahahaha
  6. shinshin29 Silver

    thanks treetop_archer
  7. ysysimon Emerald

  8. shinshin29 Silver

    Thank you for your comments and likes
  9. shinshin29 Silver

    As an additional idea, water and hp should also be restored to maximum when entering the meridian, and if you have a red dye or green dye spawn kit or both, add the ability to instantly recharge the healkit. Water is easily obtained in the meridian and hp can be restored with bandages or red dye and water bottles, these are just time savers.
  10. shinshin29 Silver

    Idea Place Here you will find ideas that you find difficult or unimportant.
    New zombie Underground he comes out of a tomb in the north, often he spawns with 2 or 1 zombie, sometimes he dives underground like the boss of undermine, disables attacks and gives wither 1 for 3 seconds to the player above his head.
    His drop underground shovel has the same attack power as the iron sword in simite 2 and has a cooldown of 30~60 seconds, the cooldown is used to dive for the number of enemies around at the time of use [5 seconds per enemy]. The dive will not allow any attacks and will disable any attacks, and after 10 seconds it will return to the location where it was used.
    Deep Sea Zombies that appear when fishing in the northern part of the sea.
    Being near him grants blindness, he sometimes teleports out of sight of the player [near the player], he disables arrows, he gives the player a slowdown when he attacks and appears again out of sight of the player.
    His item can be used 10 times to fire a beam or a ball that does 2 damage and blinds.
    hese are supposed to stand like a scorcher shiver darkened [or its superordinate subordinate].
    Underground will probably be dressed in gray
    Deep Sea would probably be dark blue
    i have idea scorcher should drop fire awareness, one of the few drops of fire res pot, but it has no iconic drop compared to shiver. fire awareness is use to it increases attack power by 50%, but the damage taken is increased by 3. the effect wears off in 10 seconds.
    Here is the city/dungeon of the sea from here
    Replace the cave at 1751 529 under romero or at the end of it.
    After a brief athletics there are 3 drounds of 3 waverooms loot is skin armor underwater breathing potion [30s] enchanted skin armor stone axe enchanted stone axe carrots potatoes apples
    Legendary is a helmet with water blessing chain equipment
    Speed increased by 10% in water
    Forgotten forsaken same tier character initially melee attacks don't work long range doesn't work when hp is half and his sword is a diamond shovel but it sends dirt[ture damage 2] he sometimes drops an iron equipped diamond shovel the diamond shovel does 2ture damage with no dirt charge
    CAVITY is a city of giant seashells, and the loot is undecided, but there will be underwater breathing potions [20s].
    Undersea Ruins
    t3 dungeon This is a dungeon in the ocean, and the difficulty may be similar to t4 [dare I say it, t3.5].
    Section 1: The test to enlist. There is an entrance here, but if you try to enter without clearing this section, you will be told that you do not have enough clearance, which can be avoided by clearing two trials per person.
    Section 1.1 Stress test Very easy 2 squares + up
    or 3 square jumps, but if you fall, you will fall into an abyss.
    Section 1.2 Athletic test, quite difficult, but with rehydration and no damage due to failure.
    Section 1.3 Combat test Mainly 10 zombies, 3 pickmen and 5 drounds in 5 random waves, then there is a chest to replenish what you spent on pot mil less combat
    Section 1.4 Brain test Randomly generated puzzles combining pushing boxes, using mushrooms, using cranes, etc.
    Section 1.5 The judgment test You'll need to use one splash potion, two grenades, and two regular potions to complete it.
    Section 1.6 The Sacrifice Room All the equipment is broken here, created to test your strength, but there's nothing in the presser, and all you can do is use your friends.
    Part of the room is collapsed, and the control room that raises all clearances to beginner level will also appear when you clear the room.
    Section 2, the Beginner's Room, here you will find a few items and some Legendary, which you can take and escape, but you can't go back.
    In this room you have to get a nail puller, a crowbar, and an electrical outlet to get higher clearance.
    You need to get an electrical outlet, only one person can be in one room
    Section 2.1 Easy athletic and wave room
    Section 2.2 Slightly more difficult athletic and easy wave room
    Section 2.3 This section is connected to Section 2.1 Section 2.2
    A mid-boss battle takes place
    Section 2.4 Get an intermediate clearance to enter the gate
    Section 3 There is a new Legendary and a new Legendary with an Intermediate Chest that you can get before and after the previous section, you can take it and escape, but you can't go back. If you don't escape and you want to go to Section 4 where the Intermediate Chest is, get the Advanced Clearance. There is a puzzle.
    section 5 here you will find some fine loot and some new Legendaries and Legendaries that you can get before, you can take them and escape, but you can't go back, if you don't escape press the secret button 3 times to make the secret passage appear 
    Section 5 boss fight: I didn't have an idea for him, so I'll come back to it later.
    Inside the passage is a secret dungeon, the Lost Ruins.
    Trivia This dungeon is a remnant of what was built in the most prosperous era of minez
    Legendary Mariner's Food3 in the beginner's section8 in the intermediate section20 in the advanced section30 available after clearing the section10 pieces can be stackedUse to restore 4 [initial value as 20] hidden satiety levels [initial value as 20].
    Legendary Gun of magic[3 available in all sections] Immediately deals 2 damage to players [penetrates half their defenses] and 5 damage to zombies, cool time 3 seconds, 1 bullet consumed [30 in Intermediate section, 60 in Advanced section, 100 in Clear section, all 3 available + unlimited bullets item that allows you to stock up on bullets]
    Sword for Marines available at Legendary Advanced Section or Clear 5 extra damage when attacking zombies in the water [2 for player].
    Legendary Mariner's Suit Iron armor that receives 1 increased attack power and 2 increased speed in the sea
  11. shinshin29 Silver

    No matter what, the top priority is to improve the lag.
    Lag killed me x4
  12. shinshin29 Silver

    To be honest, I would like to hear both critical and positive feedback. If you comment on something critical, please tell me what is wrong with it.
  13. shinshin29 Silver

    time stop!!lol
  14. shinshin29 Silver

    umm... i not get to day idea
  15. shinshin29 Silver

    xd nothing comments in
  16. ProZone09 Regular Member

    The only thing I see a problem with would potentially being able to instantly regenerate your HP upon entering Meridian. Its a good concept, but I just think the development team would have more important issues to fix. Also, it's not that hard to instantly stock-up on potions in Portsmouth anyways, and that would make Meridian more of a way to avoid the survival parts of the game more than it already is, even in the south.
  17. shinshin29 Silver

    I agree, but it seems to be an unavoidable trend, as games these days emphasize speed, not just this game.
  18. shinshin29 Silver

    |. . . . . . . . . .__| / . . . . . . . . . . . .idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|
    <-mounting/ <-examination. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|
    |. . . . . . /. . . ./.|. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | lol
  19. shinshin29 Silver

    idea space 2
    Lost Ruins Hidden dungeon that can be entered from the undersea ruins, probably with an entrance in the room before the boss fight.
    A text telling the player that the boss in the undersea ruins was a fake, and an athletic game of high difficulty.
    After the wave room, etc., you will fight a real administrator, with 60 rations for the marines, 50 bullets for the magic gun, and other legendary items.
    Maybe the gun of magic should have the ability to turn arrows into bullets with shift+right click

    Raid bosses like Giant could be a good idea [e.g.] absolute zero zombie Have the size of a Giant but can be identified by name tag.
    They move around attacking by raining big snowballs here and there.
    Sometimes there are shivers, white slivers, etc. in the area where the snowballs are located.
    Zombies also spawn there periodically.
    When you attack the absolute zero zombie, you will receive an item called agni afterglow, which you can use.
    [agnis fury can also be used as a substitute].
    Use it [agnis fury, etc. can be substituted] to clear the snow from the area.
    It appears around snowy areas and in snowy areas.
    I'll add some more ideas for "white silver" as well.
    White silver, which spawns very rarely in the snowfields north of the zombies with lots of hp, summons zrozen zombie [to be added later] periodically and walks around shooting a slow barrage of arrows at you, which are disabled if you don't get close enough.
    Froze zombie is now mostly just a zombie, and will slow you down when attacked, but it also moves a little slower.
    P.S. I may be a little off on the white sliver part, but it's probably the right one.
    A white sliver moves in a slow barrage of bullets.
    The white sliver disables the arrow until it gets close.
  20. shinshin29 Silver

    feed back is nothings lol

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