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MineZ: Minor Location Build Contest!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrJack, Feb 16, 2022.

MineZ: Minor Location Build Contest!
  1. MrJack Film Crew Co-Lead


    MineZ Build Contest

    Hello Shotbow and MineZ community members! The first month of 2022 was filled with fun events, streams, videos, votes, new locations and much more! The MineZ team has been busy with putting out content when possible, revamping and creating new locations and adjusting existing ones to keep the game fresh. A focus of ours as of late has been to revitalize areas of the MineZ map that have been void of content, or in need of revamps to bring life to an outdated area. While we continue to work on that, we want you, the community, to have the opportunity to contribute as well! So much of the MineZ map is full of history, just like the community, and as the map changes, we want the community to be part of that.

    For that reason, we're opening a Minor Location Build Contest! Anyone can enter, and we're hoping to give you all the opportunity to make a permanent mark on the MineZ map of your own creation. The contest will run for 1 month, and we're excited to see all that you have to submit!

    How Does This Work?
    • The MineZ Minor Location Build contest will last for 1 month, ending on March 15th, 2022.
    • Builds must be created in 1.12.2
    • Builds should be small enough to be considered a Minor Location, around a 32x32 (2 chunk by 2 chunk) area.
    • Submissions are welcome to suggest chest/water/crafting table/etc locations, but will ultimately be left up to MineZ staff.
    • Do something unique! Minor locations, while small, should not be boring. Think of something that sticks out in the world of MineZ!
    • Staff will not be giving out schematics. Please feel free to make terrain for your build. Staff will make adjustments if necessary.
    • Submissions/winners are not guaranteed to be added to the map
    How Do I Submit My Build?
    • Please use this form to make your submission
    • Each submission requires an Imgur album of screenshots of the build, taken in vanilla without shaders
    • Each submission requires a schematic file or a download link to a world file of the build
    • Each person/group is limited to 1 submission
    Rules & Winners
    The rules of the contest are as follows:
    • Anyone can send in a submission
    • Each person/group is limited to 1 submission (Please note, group submissions will only receive one prize amongst the group)
    • Builds must be created in 1.12.2
    • Submissions, if selected, are subject to edits as necessary by the MineZ team
    • Submissions sent in, if selected, will be property of Shotbow
    • Submissions sent in after March 15th will not be considered for the contest
    Winners will be announced by March 20th! The prizes are as follows:
    • 1st Place: 20,000 Shotbow XP + Silver Rank
    • 2nd Place: 10,000 Shotbow XP + A Shotbow Lunar Cape
    • 3rd Place: 10,000 Shotbow XP
    • All winners will additionally receive a special in-game prize
    Winners, and ALL submissions, are not guaranteed to be added to the MineZ Map. While we certainly hope to be able to add new things from the community, submissions must meet a certain level of quality to be added to the map. All things will be heavily considered however, and we're looking forward to your submissions! Happy building!

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