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MineZ MineZ: Military Loot Overhaul PTR

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tatre, Dec 19, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ: Military Loot Overhaul PTR
  1. Tatre Administrator


    Hello survivors!

    Since the last loot overhaul update in the summer, a lot of loot changes have happened. While there were a lot of positive changes such as an addition of Studded Leather and Pristine Chain, we've found some problems and shortcomings with the military loot. We need your help testing some changes to the Military Loot!

    December 20, 12 PM CST

    Current State of Military Loot Balance

    The intention of bringing back mythic chests was to make Iron Armor the defacto endgame gear, and only accessible in the most dangerous northern locations, and the most difficult dungeons. Instead, we added pristine chain and reduced the gap between iron and pristine chain so players won't have to gear for hours to get endgame gear to fight, or do one of the many elite dungeons in the world.

    I believe what's more important than throwing out an update is for us to carefully monitor and reflect on how the changes actually play on live servers by playing, patrolling, and having a lot of discussions with players. After long investigations, we have found the opposite of our initial goal has happened.
    • Although the gap was small, grinding for the endgame gear still gave a significant amount of advantage in both PvE and PvP gameplay.
    • Players were forced to gear for hours to do endgame content (dungeons, PvP) and the only viable options to get this endgame gear was to go to the most northern locations or to do difficult dungeons.
    • Midmap and mid-north locations that used to be very popular gearing spots have become worthless to visit due to iron being mostly eliminated, such as Frostbain, Al Hasa Quarry, Crowmure, and Eillom.
    • Loot quality of a town is completely determined and controlled by the number of mil_epic or mil_mythics due to the huge gap between tiers, where opening 1 mil_mythic for high tier armor is equivalent to opening 6.67 mil_epic and opening 1 mil_epic for high tier armor is equivalent to opening 7.12 mil_rare.
    So, what's changing?

    • Now has a small chance to spawn iron (same % as pre-origins loot table)
    • Iron spawnrate has been increased by 66% (same % as pre-origins loot table)
    • "mythic" is no longer considered another tier of chest, but an upgraded version of mil_epic. This will allow us to place more mythics in the map rather than locking them behind the most dangerous locations in the map.

    "Wouldn't this make the most northern locations not worth visiting when you can get iron down south?"
    - Farming iron at mid-north towns full of mil_rares is much more inefficient than going to the northern towns. We have done internal and external testing as well as calculated each town's expected number of iron armor you can get on average, and have come to the conclusion that northern towns are still better to get iron. As PTR is meant for, we are going to closely monitor this.

    "Are you keeping pristine chain and studded leather?"
    - Yes.

    "Will southern locations that have mil_rares like stonehenge stay the same?"
    - Most of them will be replaced with mil_uncommons. Some may give more items than normal.

    "Is iron more common in general?"
    - Partially true, but not entirely. Iron is being made more accessible.


    Please note that just like other PTRs, nothing is final and things are subject to change.

    We thank you for helping out in advance. Please be sure to share any and all feedback with us while we are in this public testing phase!

    - The MineZ Balance Team

  2. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator

  3. Oraceon Obsidian

    I don't really see the problem here. I have been able to get full iron and a splash inventory in just a little over two to three hours, which is incredibly fast. Everybody easily gets full iron. Its not an "endgame" gear. Its the most common gear and just expected at this point. Increasing the spawnrate will literally do the opposite what ya'll are trying to do. You're just making iron more common.
  4. Laitilla Platinum


    Great idea Oraceon, I love gearing in just a little over two to three hours.
    But seriously good changes.
  5. TrueTail Regular Member

    bonk bonk bonk bonk
  6. frogmarty889 Regular Member

    Even if a small chance, there are people who would still grind out rares just to get the stuff. With this change it also devalues pristine chain and even chain itself as iron is now the main prize. If you really wanted mythics to have a purpose, you could always add the reinforced iron armor as a rare drop from them instead of locking it behind hardcore endgame challenges. A change like this would then instill them with some purpose as they were only useful for easy iron and the occasional diamond axe, and this would give people a motive to hunt them out.

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