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MineZ MineZ Map & Zerbia Challenge

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, May 15, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ Map & Zerbia Challenge
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Jr. Developer


    Happy Friday everyone,

    Nearly one week ago, we launched MineZ’s latest update: Origins. For a detailed changelog of the update, please see here. Throughout the past week, the MineZ team has been hard at work fixing bugs in the map and code, as well as increasing overall stability. There is still more work to be done, but we are getting closer by the day. You can view our updates to MineZ since the Origins release here.

    As promised, we have updated the web map and you can now see all the new locations throughout the world. This should help those of you who explore by map greatly. The reworks done to the swamp and the east are absolutely gorgeous, and there’s tons to see and do throughout the map. I highly encourage you to explore them if you haven’t already!

    Additionally, our Wiki Team has been hard at work updating location information as well as providing detailed write-ups on all of the new locations! Huge shout-outs to their hard work!

    Summer 2020

    This summer is shaping up to be very exciting for Shotbow and MineZ. As stated in the changelog, we do not intend to sporadically release content anymore. We will be shifting to routine smaller updates that provide a steady stream of content across the entire game from dungeons, towns, locations and new features.

    Our next content update will be coming by the end of May. Our current efforts revolve around fixing bugs in dungeons, balancing loot and reducing lag, so once we are confident MineZ is in a stable spot, we can move forward towards new content!

    Zerbia Challenge

    While a vast majority of Origins content has been thoroughly played through, one daunting task remains. In the north exists a grand tree, sprouting out of the sea. This once great fortress for pirates and renegades alike now sits abandoned. Those pirates bored deep below their fortress and now its depths are open for exploring - if you dare.

    The Zerbia Depths dungeon is and will remain the most difficult dungeon in the game. It is an incredibly expansive dungeon that will test even the most seasoned of dungeoneers (as we’ve seen). To incentivize the community to come together and conquer this undead-pirate infested dungeon, we are creating the Zerbia Challenge starting today and ending on June 15th.

    As a reward to any team that can beat it, we will be offering a myriad of rewards. First and foremost, you will receive the Pirate’s Rally cosmetic.

    This cosmetic will only be given to those that complete this challenge, and it doesn’t stop there. Survivors of the dungeon will receive some exclusive special items, be able to plunder the largest loot room in the game, and receive the legendary weapon Blunderbuss.

    • To be eligible to receive this prize, you must record the run and all members must be clearly shown. Only those that make it through the entire dungeon will be awarded these prizes. This is being done to prevent artificial team inflation. Please have something that shows the date and the time of completion.
    • You must be one of the first three teams to beat the dungeon. The specific amount of prizes you will be awarded depend on whether you are first, second, or third. A team can have duplicate members, but you can not receive more than one tier of prizes. This means if you beat the dungeon first, you can not receive second place prizes as well.
    • You must complete the dungeon before June 15th.
    Prize Details
    1. First Team: Each surviving member receives the Pirate’s Rally, 20k XP and two special items.
    2. Second Team: Each surviving member receives the Pirate’s Rally and 10k XP
    3. Third Team: Each surviving member receives the Pirate’s Rally.
    We encourage you to get together with as many of your friends as possible and to give this dungeon a shot. This dungeon will require a large group and will test you in every way.

    New Cosmetics

    As you’ve seen, MineZ is entering a new age. With the addition of Hestril’s Light and Pirate’s Rally, MineZ is finally getting interesting and flashy cosmetics.


    Coming soon, you will be able to summon the very symbols of the elemental gods. These will be available for purchase in our shop. A release date for these will follow soon.


    As always, it is our goal to provide you with the best experience and we are actively working to ensure the servers are stable, the loot is balanced, and the gameplay is fun. If you find any problems, we encourage you to report them here and we will address these issues as they arise.


    The MineZ Team

  2. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    Can't wait to add that 20K Shotbow XP to my count.... Not like I need it ;p

    Yes, I did just say we're gonna beat it first, watch out fellas
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  3. ShayminPlays Emerald

    Dude I just spent $15 on Shouts don't make me regret it already I want those cosmetics
  4. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Aladdin's your best parkourer and he shakes in his boots every time someone mentions zerbia
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  5. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    don’t be so certain.
  6. otcathatsya Developer

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  7. IBlakeI Emerald

    Can we get those build submission schematics?
  8. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    i told you :wink:
  9. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    Simoon's Avengers is honnestly the best dungeon group that ever existed
  10. MuffinMinister Platinum



    GL to everyone else ! : )
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  11. MuffinMinister Platinum

    I think since attempting it the very first time there have already been some nerfs such as voidwater in first room being removed and other minor nerfs (cauldrons with water refills in some places)
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  12. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Keep up the great work!

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