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Update MineZ: Loot Overhaul and Rebalance PTR Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Jul 14, 2022.

Update - MineZ: Loot Overhaul and Rebalance PTR Changelog
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  1. MineZ Team Administrator

    With the quest and optional PvP PTR, we will be introducing some changes in the loot system to make the looting experience feel better and combat the recent inflation problems in the economy.

    Here is a preview of some of the major changes.
    • Most chests now spawn at least two items.
    • Increased the average item count for most chests.
    • Reduced the difference between the minimum and maximum items of a chest. e.g min=1, max=4 ⇒ min=2, max=3
    • There are now fewer chests in some major locations. However, each loot chest has become much more powerful.
    • Toned down loot in locations with overplaced high-tier chests.
    • Better mil_rare and mil_epic chests
    • Removed a lot of filler chests
    Why this change?

    Over the past years, loot chests have been placed with a low item count. Due to the low item count, more and more chests had to be placed to achieve the desired quality of loot in a location. It made players have to open unnecessarily many chests and only get 1 or 2 items per chest to obtain the loot they are supposed to get. This kind of ‘chest spam’ has made looting more repetitive, boring, and stressful.

    For example, Septus used to have only 5 mil_epic chests and was considered the most efficient location for full iron gearing. However, the current version of 5 mil_epic is a lot worse because it gives only 1 or 2 items. At least 10 mil_epic chests must be placed to have the same quality as the old mil_epic (old mil_epic spawned up to 4 items, but the current one spawns up to 2).

    Current mil_rare and mil_epic chests are underwhelming compared to how they used to be. Because of that, more and more high-tier or location-specific chests had to be placed to make a location feel worth going to, at the cost of inflating the economy, reducing the value of rare items, and removing the progression that the five armor tiers provide.

    It doesn’t only apply to military chests but also to other types of chests such as potion, food, tool, and civ. These chests may spawn up to 4 items, but there is a high chance that they only spawn one item. For example, if you open a potion chest, there is a chance you only get a single drink I potion. This kind of ‘bad luck’ makes players feel like they are not being rewarded for the time they spent looting and make it difficult to determine the real quality of a town without looking up Wiki and looting hundreds of chests.

    What Changed?

    Before we continue talking about the changes, we want to reassure you that we are not trying to make endgame items such as iron armor take weeks to get. Some locations and dungeons that were overbuffed in the past will be toned down, but at the same time, many locations will receive buffs in both the actual quality and loot consistency.

    Please note that not all detailed changes, such as loot table and town loot changes are not listed here as there are a lot of chest removal/addition/changes. We will work with the wiki team to update the wiki with the latest loot information when this update is rolled to live.

    • There will be fewer chests in locations, but the quality of each chest has become higher.
      • Most chests will spawn more than one item.
      • Increased the average item count.
      • Removed a lot of ‘filler’ chests.
    “We believe it is more satisfying to find chests occasionally and actually get a good reward from them, rather than opening countless chests and getting disappointed each time you open them. Due to having unnecessarily many low-quality chests around the map, looting has become repetitive, boring, and time-consuming, and the thrill of finding and opening a chest has been gone. We aim to make opening a chest a satisfying experience by making individual chests stronger.”

    • Buffed mil_rare and mil_epic
      • mil_rare min/max item: 1/3 ⇒ 2/3
      • mil_epic min/max item: 1/2 ⇒ 2/3
      • Increased weak grapple spawnrate
    “mil_rare and mil_epic chests were not worth looting unless a player loots 50 of them due to low item count and too much randomness in reward. From now on, mil_rare is no longer a filler chest, and mil_epic is no longer ‘slightly better mil_rare.’ Instead, they will be the core chest type for the military loot and more useful than before.”

    • Armor spawn durability range: 20%~40% ⇒ 20%~30%
    “Iron is now more accessible due to military chest buffs, but the difficulty of getting a full set of iron armor with full durability is still present by nerfing the maximum durability they spawn with. This way, we could guarantee a more consistent reward without inflating the economy too much. Also, note that most armor spawning with this durability range can last for at least a single fight, which helps reduce the gearing requirement for PvP.”

    • Enchanted bow spawn durability range: 20% ~ 40% ⇒ 15% ~ 30%
    • Enchanted sword spawn durability range: 20% ~ 40% ⇒ 20% ~ 50%
    “Bows have higher total durability than iron swords but consume less durability than swords in practice. Due to the mismatch of the total durability vs durability consumption for bows and swords, we have adjusted the durability range of these items to fit better in terms of durability consumption."

    • food_rare now only spawns exactly one item but is guaranteed to give one of the best food items on MineZ.
    “We have redesigned food_rare to be an upgraded version of food_uncommon, such that it spawns exactly one item but is guaranteed to give one of the best instantly edible food, such as baked potatoes and cooked fish.”

    • Chests now have a more similar min/max item count.
    “Players can easily understand how good a location is by simply looking at the chest numbers and types without having to know the inconsistent item count per each placed chest. There are still special chests at iconic spots in towns with a higher item count, such as mil_rare at Cole Castle throne room and mil_mythic at Hell Tree cave, but most chests will have a consistent item count.”

    • There will be more towns that do not have many types of loot but specialize in few loot types.
    "Towns having different types of loot makes each town have their own purpose of visiting. However, in recent years, more towns with many types of loot (civ, food, tool, potion, military, and crafting table) have been added to the game. This has made us rely too heavily on location-specific loot to make a location unique and feel different compared to other towns. Towns with no location-specific loot or don’t contain many types of loot have become unpopular and not worth visiting.

    From now on, the following balance principle will be followed: “The loot quality and the diversity of loot in a location are in inverse proportion.”

    There will be more towns that do not have many types of loot but specialize in a small number of loot types. Not every location will have all types of loot, crafting table, and water, but towns with a few types of loot will give much better loot than similar towns with many loot types. For example, a town with only food chests will have better food than a town with food, civ, potion, and a crafting table.”

    • civ_common
      • Added apple and water bottle
    • mil_uncommon
      • Removed smite I stone sword and smite I stone axe
      • Inceased sugar and chain armor spawnrate
    • mil_rare, mil_epic
      • Reduced sugar spawnrate
      • Inceased grapple spawnrate
    • food_common
      • Added bowl
    • food_uncommon
      • Removed crafted food
      • Increased wheat and coco beans spawnrate
      • Added bowl
    • pot_common
      • Increased splash potion spawnrate
    • pot_uncommon, pot_rare
      • Increased splash potion and golden apple spawnrate
    • Civilian and Tool chest min/max item count: 1/2 ⇒ 2/2
    • Food chest min/max item count: 1/2 ⇒ 2/3
    • Potion chest min/max item count: 1/4 ⇒ 2/3
    • Room chests now have the consistent min/max item count, 3/3
    • Ghost Ship now spawns more loot on a public server
    • Ghost Ship now also spawns high tier heal kit and dyes.

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