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Event MineZ Helia Sewers Hide and Seek

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by LangScott, Mar 20, 2024.

Event - MineZ Helia Sewers Hide and Seek
  1. LangScott Administrator, Specialist


    Good evening gamers! If you like to hide from Admins hunting you, this event is made for you. Join us for the Springfest Event Marathon and hide in a modified version of the Shrine of the dusk sewers... Don't get caught... And win the event!

    How to join?
    You can join 10 minutes prior to the Event using the Event Server NPC in the MineZ lobby.

    The Event
    • Everyone will be given 5 minutes to hide.
    • Players will be hunted by staff members and event helpers.
    • The top 3 hiders win a prize.
    • If you give the location of another player to a seeker, you will be kicked from the event and the future hide and seeks events.
    • If you you try to kill other hiders you will be banned from partaking in future hide and seek events.
    • If you die in the first round, stay online on the event server. There is a chance that we host a second round afterward.
    • You must be online immediately after the event to claim your prize or you forfeit it.
    Time & Date

    EST 23 of March 4PM
    CET 23th of March 9PM
    JST 24th of March 3AM

    Click here for a time converter.

    Can't wait to see everyone there!

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