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No Prefix MineZ Guide - How to get Health III's.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by chipaton_, Aug 22, 2017.

No Prefix - MineZ Guide - How to get Health III's.
  1. onyachina Emerald

    Okay guys so thanks for clicking on this thread, thanks to an admin who commented on one of my posts, i am now just posting this stuff because i genuinley want to help the communtey, sure I'll say leave a like and sub, but that's up to you.

    If you want to see how to get to these locations and what they spawn then you can go onto my video here:

    I didn't add in how to actually get into the rooms that spawn the potions, although you can figure it out yourself pretty easily, some people may find that hard and give up, and i don't want that.

    DEATH MANSION: As soon as you arrive to Death Mansion, you'll see two iron doors next to eachother at the entrance of the actual Mansion, you have to bring a button as i stated in my video, you'll need to place the button next to the door and walk in, then you will find all of the loot just by walking around.

    To get out of the Mansion, you'll need to go to the top room and exit from the balcony out the front, you'll take 2 hearts of damage MAX, if you do it correctly.

    FORT KHARJ: As soon as you arrive to the Fort, you'll need to get into it, now it's pretty simple. You just have to climb through the broken walls apart of the Fort. Once you're in, you'll have to look around the a hole in the ground, you'll go down that hole and be greeted with an Iron Door. Place the button on sed Iron Door, and then you go inside and loot, all of the loot is open to you so you don't need a button, you also don't need a button to get out.

    SANCTUARY OF PEACE: Sanctuary of peace is pretty easy, there is a church like building witch spawns some civ_common chests, then there is a grave yard, i actually show where it is in my video, but you would just go into the grave yard, and find a hole that goes down in one of the graves, you'll again be greeted by a locked iron door, hence why you also need a button, you need a button for all of these places, but it is worth it because you will get good potions!
    To get out, there is a button above the Iron door.

    Thankyou for reading this post, AND watching my video, appreciate it.
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  2. ACrispyTortilla Councilor

    Tahosa also has 2 pot rares, you also don't need a button but they are hard to get to protected by parkour.
  3. onyachina Emerald

    O okay, I'll keep that in mind for part 2!
  4. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Always love it when people are trying to help the community
    Ya got a like from me, my dude.
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  5. Goliac Silver

    Liked for that awesome cinematic!
  6. jinl3e Platinum

    Nice editing and video. I'll pass you a like : P
  7. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    Nice video, I like the cinematics and the nice shots of the locations. To add this on to this thread, I made this video a very long time ago but it's probably outdated and very, very long
  8. iiiJedi Platinum

    good shit
  9. onyachina Emerald

    Thanks Fridge, Your content was the best and helped so much people, but yeah the reason i made my one is because unfortunately yours is abit outdated now.

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