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MineZ MineZ: Future Sight

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Jul 2, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ: Future Sight
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Jr. Developer


    Hello Survivors!

    The past two months have been incredible. We are steadily pushing content out and MineZ is steadily growing again. As we enter July we wanted to use this thread to give you a glimpse into the next couple of months.

    Dark Deeds

    The next big content release we have planned is coming together nicely. We are focusing on smaller, more refined stories taking what we’ve learned from players and applying it to our new locations.

    First, we are looking into revising the emerald shard questline. Currently, it is not very accessible to most players, and even veteran players have a hard time completing this quest. We are looking into alternative challenges that will bolster the solo player, meaning you do not have to complete the path to Axis Mundi to collect one of these shards. The hardest part of this is keeping the difficulty in the right place so that we can continue to give out good rewards at the end of this quest.

    Now to the main event; this dark creation of ours. If the header image is any hint, we’re working on something special. This particular “quest” will feature many locations you have already seen, though slightly reimagined, as well as some new ones.

    In my opinion, it is the most unique and exciting content we’ve put into MineZ as far as builds and dungeons go. Furthermore, it is being created with the intention of it being possible to solo or do with small groups.

    More information on this will come later in July so stay tuned!

    What You Treasure

    Two weeks ago, we released a follow-up to MineZ: Origins, the Loot Overhaul Update.

    With this update, we expanded on the progression system, and reintroduced Mythic Chests onto the map. So far, the reception has been very positive to these changes, and we are continuing to explore ways to further this revised loot system.

    We are listening to your feedback, and working to make impactful changes that are needed to smooth out gameplay, and enhance the overall experience in MineZ.

    Follow the Signs

    Mentioned in the Loot Overhaul Post, Quests will be coming to MineZ soon. They are well on their way, and Doc has made incredibly exciting steps in creating this system. We hope to debut it later this summer.

    Currently we are drawing inspiration from games like Oblivion and Witcher III, which have very unique and structured quest systems.

    Dawn of the Second Sun


    The calendars can not be wrong. Even in these uncertain times, those dutiful record-keepers continue their job. The Dawn of the Second Sun approaches. It is needed this year more then any other.

    Surely, you remember this holiday, right? Well, as with prior years, Festival Carts have been pulled into certain towns around the world. If you happen to stumble across these carts, feel free to take what you need!

    These carts contain beautiful and rare fireworks that you can collect and launch. They will only be available for a short time. Fireworks, like many other things, are severely limited in these times.

    Names Build Character


    Teased by Doc earlier in June, we’re bringing in a new title system to locations around the world. These titles will display when you enter a new location and may contain a small subtitle hinting at this location’s importance to the world.

    This is a fun feature we were happy to include and we hope you enjoy these! For those of you worried that this might intrude on your playstyle, we have included an option in /toggle to disable these messages.

    We hope this helps new players become more familiar with the world and give a hint at what these locations contain and mean to the world of MineZ.

    Archaic and Forgotten


    As a reminder, it is now possible to purchase the very symbols of the Gods and illuminate your faith to them.

    Furthermore, the symbol of the Eclipsed, the mysterious group interwoven in so much of MineZ’s history, is now purchasable on the Shotbow Shop!

    Play with Flare!

    Along with the particle banner cosmetics, the MineZ team has been hard at work designing new and fun cosmetics for you to use when engaging with your enemies!

    Coming to the Shotbow Shop very soon, Kill Effects, as well as Arrow Trails will be purchasable in the store! We already have plans to expand upon the first wave of these, so keep an eye on our Twitter for updates!

    What is a Picture Worth?

    This competition has been extended to August 1st, 2020.

    MineZ is a world rich with picturesque landscape, towns, and legendary locations. Over the past eight years the map has grown; builders and community members alike contributing to its shared legacy.

    This month we’ll be kicking off the MineZ Summer Screenshot contest. We are encouraging you to get out there, trek across the vast landscape, and find a location that speaks to you. Snap a photo of it using any shaderpack you want, and submit it at the link below.

    Submission Link


    We are looking for screenshots that would look great as a wallpaper. You will be judged on how closely you adhere to this theme, so be creative! The winner's image will be featured as one of the backgrounds on the Shotbow website!


    You will be judged in the following areas:
    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • Adherence to Theme
    • All pictures must be taken in game on Shotbow. Screenshots featuring locations world downloaded will be removed from the competition and any violators will be subject to punishment as detailed in our rules.
    • While the use of a Shaderpack is encouraged, you may not use any textures other than default Minecraft textures.
    • You may only submit one picture. You may resubmit as many times as you like up until the deadline. Your last submission will be used.
    • Post-processing of images is not allowed. If any images are discovered to have gone through post-processing they will be removed and you will be disqualified.
    • All images must be uploaded to a file sharing website, such as http://www.imgur.com.
    In addition, the running up 14 contestants will receive a special item, commemorating this event.

    Good Luck!

    Exceptional Creators

    In the past weeks, we’ve seen some exceptional content from players. From tutorials to theory videos, the level of content that players are making is exceptional and helpful to players. Going forward, we’d like to honor these players in these end of the month threads while also giving them access to The World Forge Cosmetic. More on that to come.

    If you haven’t already, I would definitely check out ShayminPlays YouTube Channel. Here you can find tantalizing theories that connect the many threads of MineZ together. They are enjoyable to listen to and fun to think about.

    Recently, longtime member GunOverdose started posting MineZ Tutorials. These tutorials are very useful, especially if new players find them. They’re something that we encourage community members to do and we are impressed with the quality of his work.

    We encourage you to film your experiences, teach new players, and create a better environment for everyone going forward. If you’re a content creator, we’ll be watching!

    Community Montage

    Our Shotbow Film Crew is proud to announce the MineZ Community Montage! We are looking for submissions of your favorite moments of exploration, fights, dungeon runs, or comedy!

    You may have briefly seen this announced on our Twitter asking for your favorite moments from the Origins release. We have decided to expand outwards and accept all of your favorite moments, Origins related or otherwise.

    Submission Link


    June was a month of introspection for MineZ. We looked within and began a few corrective measures like the Loot Overhaul Update. MineZ has always been our passion to work on; our gift to you. This month, like the month before it, we have dedicated ourselves to proving that we will not go gentle into that good night. MineZ will rage against the dying of the light.

    We have much more planned for you in July. This month has been lighter on build updates, with this post bringing you temporary builds and a rebuild in the form of Camp Kharj. Worry not! Incredible experiences await.

    In the meantime, remember what makes Shotbow special. It's you. It always has been. I urge you all to forge new bonds. Create a tight community, and help those you see struggling with the game. Everyone gleams something different from this game, but we all share in the joy it brings us.

    Until next time,

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Lil_Jeffy Obsidian

    Haven’t read that but I already have hype

    EDIT: This is Pogchamp, collecting those fireworks will be a very small but very fun things, besides that, the Dark Deeds quest will clearly be associated with some Dentril, and that image reminds me of the Tristia Bunker that doesn’t have a function yet.... Dentril Quest, QoL changes, cool small additions, rebuilds, cosmetics, events... I’m very, very hyped! Good job guys

    Also don’t worry, the up-to-date Jeffy Dungeon tutorials are on it’s way...
  3. Carmi_ Platinum

    Sweet, always excited for new content.
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  4. shrauger Regular Member

    That flare pun is a knee slapper.
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  5. PindaFlippy Emerald

    Nice job! Enjoying to play minez again!
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  6. thedom12 Platinum

    Did i just hear a heart beat?
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  7. RisingThumb Regular Member

    The quests need to be well structured. Linear probably works best for MineZ, but branching could also work(albeit with a fair amount of time to code up). Whatever you do, be careful about time locking it like garbage phone games. Also make sure the gains from the invested time are satisfactory and not rendered redundant. I'd also suggest named and slightly above curve(power curve) weapons as quest rewards as well, to satisfy those achiever, collector types, and the PvPer types who want good steel to fight with.

    Consider how Fallout 76 did quests, due to a lack of NPCs. Once you see that, I think it's hard to dispute that you'll need NPCs(not a lot, just some) to give life and meaning to the Quests. I'd also suggest not having all the quests centralised in one location like how MineZ 2 did it. Give an incentive to explorer types to find them, and social types to talk about them.

    I'd also suggest you open up quest suggestions to the community if you internally develop a decent or at least workable toolkit for developing and designing quests. I imagine some people would want to make you good quests.

    Radiant quests are the cheap, lazy way out. Doing that is an unforgivable admission of incompetence.

    Also consider that Achievements satisfy a relatively similar purpose to quests as it stands. This should be considered otherwise you'll just be adding redundant features.
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