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MineZ MineZ: First Steps

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Sep 10, 2020.

MineZ - MineZ: First Steps
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Jr. Developer


    Hello Survivors!

    Since our last update, major changes have taken place across the entire network. The network has changed, with many new faces being welcomed onto the staff team and some other staff resigning. Lead developer, DocCodeSharp, was among those who have resigned.

    DocCodeSharp began his time on Shotbow as a player and ended his time here as one of the most influential people on Shotbow. He came to MineZ and Shotbow at our lowest point and raised us back up. We owe him a lot. While we are sad to see him go, life must continue. The end of one’s journey, no matter how large and impactful, cannot be the end of our journey; so Shotbow goes on.

    Now this change took some time for us to get used to, and any staff were called upon to serve new roles. Now that the dust has settled and our path is clear, our first steps can be taken.

    So, what’s next for MineZ?

    Future Development Plans

    Previously, MineZ was fortunate to have one dedicated developer. Plans were drawn up for a large schedule of updates that were made public. Of course, only Hestril knew the progress on these, and many pitfalls befell us. Now that developer has parted ways.

    Many devs will now be taking over for Doc, working together to bring a slew of updates. It is our hope that we will continue to churn out new features, bugfixes and quality of life Improvements at a good rate over the coming months.

    This update is an amalgamation of many changes to the game – some big, some small. In time, we will lay out a new roadmap for you to follow along. For now, please trust that MineZ is in capable hands and we will do right by you.

    New Challengers Appear

    Previously released during the Origins update, Revenants and Husks were the first addition to the MineZ Zombie catalog.

    Though, interaction with the entities of MineZ have always felt a bit bland. Having been influenced by other popular zombie survival games, we set out to add to this catalog.

    Step 1

    Teased some time ago, we needed to make good on the promise of Forsaken. They were teased some time ago and needed to be brought into the fold. These frightening, roaming zombies found in the north, are cursed. Forced to wander and given great, lingering power to enact a final judgement on any that cross its path, they should not be taken lightly.

    Step 2

    With the Forsaken complete, we needed to make this mob, and others like it worth finding and fighting. Unique mobs(those with nametags) now carry with them the ability to drop special loot. These mobs now carry with them a unique drop that should be pretty interesting and compel you to find them!

    Step 3

    With mobs and loot addressed, we needed to consider some mechanics that players utilize; zombie headshots, and bows to an extent. These are both valuable tools to quickly dispatch any pesky threats to your life, though you'll find not every zombie comes in the same shade of green now. You’ll have to get more creative, because these unique mobs can’t be killed with a headshot. They are protected…

    So with that being said:
    • Added Forsaken
    • Added Scorcher
    • Improved Revenant
    Now you might be wondering….What is a Scorcher? Good Question!

    These are only the beginning of the expansion of mobs we have planned to help expand the world of MineZ.

    All Natural, Produced Fresh for your enjoyment

    Now, I’ve wandered around the world for a good time, and I should note, this world is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. What’s that you say, survivor? You don’t see any zombies out there in the wilderness? Well neither did I.

    Fret no longer, coming to a wasteland near you, zombie spawning is back! Be careful where you hide, be careful where you look, natural zombie spawning has returned.

    This has been tested, though it might prove to be too many zombies for a zombie apocalypse survival game. If that should happen, we can tone it down.

    Prized Possessions deserve to be useful

    We have taken our time to modify a couple of legendaries that have been highlighted as problems. These were either too strong or outdated. While we can not get to every legendary in one update, we hope that doing these legendary updates piecewise will slowly introduce more useful items to the game.

    Truth Bow:
    • Requires a full charge
    • Consumes 3 durability per shot
    • Shooting a player will mark and give them a glowing effect for 10 seconds
    • While marked, the player takes 15% more damage from all melee attacks from players
    • The shooter will be given Slowness 2 for 10 seconds
    Binding Bow/Slow Bow:
    • Consumes 3 durability per shot
    • Slowness effect duration now depends on how far you shoot a player from, starting from 1 second (less than 5 blocks) up to 7 seconds (more than 40 blocks)
    • Now does damage
    • Fixed an issue where the healing chance was incorrect
    • Does 5% less damage than a normal iron sword
    • Works against zombies. Healing chance is 15%.
    • If Vampyr heals, it loses 2 durability.
    • Vampyr now notifies the attacked player in chat so they can counter against it.
    • Each use of the Hurter consumes 40 durability now.
    • Overkill has a brand new effect.
    • You can use it like a diamond sword, but also right click to charge Overkill's legendary effect.
    • Charging takes 50 durability.
    • The next attack after charging deals true damage based on the enemy's missing health. The more health they are missing, the more damage they take.
    • The active effect lasts 5 seconds, or until you hit an enemy. Whichever comes first.
    • After using a charged Overkill, all melee damage is reduced by half for 10 seconds.
    Added one new legendary item.

    Added two new Utility items.

    A Hot Location

    Remember that small little encampment north of Carmi, and south of Afaya? Did it start with an S...? Hmm. Nobody knows for sure. Either way, there is burning rubble there now, and nobody seems to remember what was there before.

    In other news, a new location has been spotted in the now nicknamed Dungeon Desert. Check out one of the first photographs of this area below.


    Indeed, Saens has been rebuilt and relocated to the desert just north of the Tristitia forest. Built by community member EnderMCx, this beautiful re-imagining of this old location was a community build we just couldn't pass up. Special thanks go out to EnderMCx for this build!

    Now, if you're wondering why the image is so dark, well, we just want you to go explore it for yourself! Where's the fun if we show you all of the details before you can experience it yourself?

    A Quality Experience for Quality Players

    Now in addition to a wide variety of reworks in the code, we have been targeting to release more quality of life features and bugfixes for some time now. The team has been working very closely with players to note what features and changes would be appreciated.
    • Axes now damage all non-player entities. We'll see how this plays, and adjust as needed, but this one made a lot of sense to us.
    • We have modified Paluster Shrine again, this time more closely aligned with what works well for players. The changes are light, but should help!
    • We have removed Abandoned Mineshaft, and promptly readded it as a Tier 1 dungeon, fully rebuilt. You may find that it has also been relocated to better fit the Tier 1 ranking.
    • Arbreton and Geuten have been relooted. A handful of other locations have had some loot altered. More information in the changelog.
    • Fixed a couple of duping bugs and other potentially dangerous exploits.
    • Ghost Ship has moved again! Good luck finding it this time!
    • Spawnkit Speed Potions and Grenades can now be used in the south again. We'll see how this feels!
    • Horizontal Grappling has been made a bit more strict. Grappling at a height of 4 blocks will now count as a horizontal grapple.
    • The potion chests in Al Hasa can no longer be "griefed" by standing near them to prevent them from spawning. The respawn timer has been increased to compensate.
    • Bags can be opened while looking at the ground now.
    In Closing

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on" - Robert Frost

    While the past couple of weeks have been quite strange, we have emerged with a redefined team. Once more, we have committed ourselves to transparency, communication, and an overall increase in fun and exciting features to MineZ. We yearn to make the game interesting to explore, to fight in and to survive in

    We remain committed to making this game for you, and will continue to do so as long as we can. Looking to the future, October is only a month away. What sort of surprises may we be planning for you? Well, we have a ton we are planning for this Spooktacular Halloween and we'd love to share some of this with you in our last thread of September(coming soon)!

    But for now, as always,

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

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  3. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    This sure is uh
    a thing?
    idk we were hoping for a blunderbuss buff
    but if there's a new legendary that's cool too
  4. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    never mind the game is saved finally
  5. rudyroker3 Silver

    Looks like mostly great changes to me. I'm excited to see how these affect the game! Keep up the good effort. :)
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    mz map update plz

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