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MineZ MineZ - Dungeon Loot Overhaul

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Jul 15, 2017.

MineZ - MineZ - Dungeon Loot Overhaul
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Dungeon In's are out of Dungeons
    (Get it? It's a pun!)
    We've made a change, and I know that it can be scary sometimes, but stick with me. Today we overhauled how loot spawns in dungeons. For a while now, some dungeons which are. well, easier then others, have been used to basically instantly gear.

    So, let me explain how dungeon loot is structured now.

    The way this new system works, is that the loot is split into three types: Supply, Health, and Military, which are split into three tiers(1,2,3). You may even see some new items in one or two of these!
    Each contains specific items according to their types, for example:
    • Supply chests contain large amounts of food.
    • Health chests contain healing potions.
    • Military chests contain gear and weapons.
    We've done this so we can better tailor the loot you receive to the dungeon it comes from. So, as an example, if the dungeon contains a lot of parkour, you can expect to see a lot of Supply chests, whereas a combat dungeon will have more military chests.

    This will provide a better balance then our current system, and hopefully, more satisfactory results at the end of dungeons. There will definitely be some fine-tuning as we transition to using this loot system, so I ask you all to work with us. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us make these decisions.

    Elite Dungeon loot rooms are unaffected, and will still spawn dungeon-outs, for the time being.

    As a note, The spire of Pluvia now spawns Depth Strider Pants! Now you can have a full set of Spire Gear!

    Coming Up
    This is a major change, but it is not our last. We have a couple more loot changes to make during the coming weeks, and a few more build changes. We're currently setting our sights on one spawn town that starts with a G. You'll have to buy more vowels to figure it out, I guess....
    Anyway, we're well on the road to Origins Part 2, and you will definitely start seeing new things pop up around the world, and more information and media about Part 2, soon.
    Again, I'd love to hear some feedback on this new dungeon loot system, and any other suggestions you may have! The new dungeon loot will go active at 8PM EST, on the 15th of July.

  2. This_is_Hugo Emerald


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  3. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Feel free to change gueten
  4. ACrispyTortilla Administrator

    what about loot in dcs? like, in the oasis room your gonna give us food/military/AND potions? sounds a little op if you ask me
    Wtfisthisname and This_is_Hugo like this.
  5. SwineFlu Platinum

    I like how you guys were worried about people gearing at dungeons with no effort, but did absolutely nothing about that for almost a year when krubera, necro, and wizard tower were being abused...
  6. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Did Navarr think of that pun?
    GeneralWaffle64 likes this.
  7. ACrispyTortilla Administrator

    they couldn't change anything because origins was already on the dev server so they couldn't roll anything without origins going out prematurely
  8. Nalacion Emerald

    I certainly hope they'll address non-dungeon gearing after this change. It was hard enough to obtain full iron/decent inventory when we could use dungeons to hear and while I don't want to continue with the same system, we need to tweak the drop rates for things. If you've got a busy schedule (like most people), it's hard enough to get gear for an Elite Dungeon by going through an easier dungeon. Now we're going to be going back to farming northern towns for thirty minutes at a time.
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  9. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Put bread in dungeon outs please. Wow they are actually bringing back minez thanks!
  10. Meme_MC Platinum

    wizards tower spawning shears makes me die inside
    This_is_Hugo and BurnedApplePie like this.
  11. GeneralWaffle64 Obsidian

    Jesus Christ, I wasn't even aware that people used smaller dungeons to gear up. That sounds like madness to me.
  12. BurnedApplePie Gold


    Don't forget about the milk bucket and Drink 2 we got !
  13. chipaton_ Emerald

    I like this change, i was just complaining to my old friends because they gear up do get ' god inventories ' at dungeons, now people will actually stand a chance fighting a iron in chain.
    Marine_PvP likes this.
  14. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Oh and y'all don't forget about Giants. Today with the help of Mosh, Marine, and Senoc we finished up building a few neat new places and prepared the map for the new giant spawns. We're waiting on some tweaks to the code and then we'll be ready to roll. Less giants everywhere, more giants where you need them!
  15. iTechnoskull Silver

    This update is very sensible but still idiotic. I do a complicated dungeon called wizards tower only to find shears and band-aids at the end. What is this non-sense. You call that dungeon finishing loot? Thanks for yet again trolling me shotbow.
    kirbybubbles likes this.
  16. iTechnoskull Silver

    You mean thanks to the help of marine :lmao: with his actual concern for the community where as some people are just fronting.
  17. Aexon Regular Member

    Mmmh... Don't do wizard tower ?
  18. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Yeah umm like for real, when i though it was like an overhaul i though it would be like 3 health 2 food 1 support and rest mill
    but no, its like 7 support 2 food 3mill and 1 health, kinda dumb since were going for quick loot!
    Meme_MC likes this.
  19. connor564 Platinum

    I'd like to buy a vowel for 500. U?
  20. ohNick Emerald

    Suggestion: Please tone down the chances of spawning supply and health chests and make it a better mix. I understand that dungeons like Flooded Tunnels are mainly parkour based, but after doing it that is a lot of rather tricky parkour for just some food and health pots. At least mix some military chests in with all of it so it's more balanced.

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