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No Prefix MineZ Dungeon Help

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by SomeYoungGuy, Feb 1, 2019.

No Prefix - MineZ Dungeon Help
  1. SomeYoungGuy Platinum

    Are there any Dungeons I could do that are not heavily focused on parkour? I am talking about the ones where basically if you miss a jump you die, no hate towards them I just suck at parkour. I have already completed;

    - Floating Islands
    - Fire Spire
    - Red Demon Temple

    Thanks for reading, hope you can help. :)
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  2. FadingGeneral Platinum

    If you need a dungeon to do solo without any parkour (however there is one possible fatal fall area), you should try Maze of the Tenth. The legendary weapon you get from it is very useful, and you don't need much gear to complete it.
  3. SomeYoungGuy Platinum

    Hey thanks for the reply, I didn't mention but i have a friend i play with but we will give it a go! :)
  4. Goliac Silver

    You could try doing Lost Thieves' Guild. Parkour isn't really a problem but it's mostly puzzles so make sure you learn how to do it before you go in.
  5. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    The above 2 are good choices that don't depend too heavily on parkour, another choice is to learn the different tricks so you can ace parkour sections which you can generally learn over time by playing on parkour servers/parkour maps
  6. GJrocks09 Builder

    If you've got some friends, I'd try out sunken library after you try lost thieve's guild. Its basically a harder version of that dungeon.
  7. TeazHacks Silver

    You can try Krubera Vault, it has a choice between a wave room and a parkour room
  8. boogaert Emerald

    Yeah I’m in the same boat in that I’m garbage at parkour, so this thread is helpful
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  9. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    if you count spire as a dungeon you should try water spire, there is parkour but not deadly or the abandonned mineshaft, it's mostly puzzle with a hard jump at start, it can be easily passed with sugar
  10. Cringeguy85369 Regular Member

    There aren't many dungeons that don't include parkour a lot. One you could try is Meteor Crater. The beginning is just running through lava and then a dropper. After that it's a bit of parkour, if you have any kind of sugar source, it should be easy. You can also solo Meteor Crater. Not sure if this dungeon is closed but, Asindia Ruins is a dungeon that is fairly short. You stick onto slime blocks and top of you and you need to glide your way through. After that part, it's just a quick boss fight. The dungeon is a bit tricky and you need a sacrifice to enter the dungeon. It doesn't hand any loot except a key thing that gives you a 100% chance of getting the dusk fragment after beating Shrine of the Dusk.
  11. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    Its not asindia ruins, its eclipsed ruins and the dungeon is closed

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