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MineZ MineZ: Coldsnap Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Feb 10, 2024.

MineZ - MineZ: Coldsnap Update
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer

    Hello Survivors!

    We’ve got a weather update for you, it looks like MineZ is in for a Coldsnap!

    Grab your Coats:
    If you're like most of us these past months, you are also stuck in the bleak midwinter. Given the season we felt it was the perfect time to overhaul the bulk of MineZ’s largest biome: the snow biome.

    From the very beginning this large section of snowy, difficult to traverse area has captured player’s attention. Whether trying to make your way out of Ridgevale’s dense forest or navigating to Whitehaven, it’s always been a little lacking.

    For several updates the build team has been working through sections of the world. With each one another portion of the world becomes updated, and increases the usable space we have to add new builds, locations, and stories.

    This update adds the largest amount of potential yet, freeing up mountain-locked areas for new builds and future projects. We can’t wait for you to take a walk through the snow!

    A New-ish Chilly Challenger:
    Introduced in the Wonderland update, the Frozen Giant has been added to the default game as a boss with the surrounding Frost Peaks terrain being given a slight update as well. This giant has received some small updates, including loot revisions.

    The exact numbers can be found in our changelog, here. This giant will continue to spawn on both PVE and PVP, but be warned; there are some slight changes.

    Supply Drop Refresh:


    It’s always jarring going from seasonal supply drops to normal, non-seasonal supply drops. With this update we’ll be releasing the full loot table ahead of the first drop. Some items are censored out, but from the very start you can know what is likely to be found from any supply drop in this rotation.

    This initial rotation also features special Valentine’s Day themed cosmetics, items and legendaries in addition to the new supply drop loot!

    Full table information can be found at our changelog.

    The schedule of upcoming supply drops can always be accessed ingame with /drops.

    Join the Crew:
    We are opening back up the MineZ Mini Admin applications! If you are interested in applying, check out the link attached.

    We plan to go through the applications as they come in and bring in new mini admins as we decide on who we would like to bring onto the team. We also plan to leave this application open indefinitely, but will likely check it less frequently as time goes on or revisit applications when we plan to recruit people again.

    Community Highlight:
    We’ve got some exceptional community members creating content and activities that really deserve a shout out. If you’re not already familiar with these, now’s your chance to jump in!

    CEO’s Discord - by Plusouplus

    Currently hosting a variety of challenges, mini-games, and dungeon runs within MineZ: Plus’ events in the CEO’s discord are now sponsored by the staff team and we encourage anyone looking to get into MineZ’s PVE content to check them out!

    MineZ’s Lost Locations - by Beyond_Rogue

    While old locations can often hold a large amount of nostalgia for veteran players, they are often the target of much needed modernization. Sometimes this is a total redo of an area and other times certain locations just a new coat of paint. Regardless, Beyond_Rogue has endeavored to catalog changes to the game and locations over the years. He recently completed season one, and we can’t wait for season two!

    Closing Thoughts:
    For more detailed information about this update, please check our changelog. There are a lot of changes we did not cover in this thread. Not all changes will be listed in this changelog, so you better get out there and explore!

    Our Map viewer will be updated within a few days of the update, which should give players ample time to experience these changes blind.

    We are excited to release this update finally! There are few more minor updates planned for the next few holidays but we’ll be focusing most of our effort now on MineZ 1.16. Expect at least one or two PTR releases for this!
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