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MineZ Christmas Head Hunt 2017

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Catsage, Dec 11, 2017.

MineZ Christmas Head Hunt 2017
  1. Catsage Retired Staff

    MineZ Christmas Head Hunt 2017

    This is a scavenger event happening on all MineZ servers! 20 heads (10 per difficulty type) will be hidden around the map. You must find them all (or just 10 of one type) and take a picture to win. The event will begin on Friday, December 15th, at 6:00 PM CST. Submissions for the event will close on January 1st at 12 AM CST. The heads can be hidden in any major or minor location on the map, and is not limited to areas marked on the MineZ map. This means a head might be hidden in a location not listed on map due to it not being 100% updated. No heads are located in areas that require buttons, grapples, multiple people or inside of dungeons. Some heads might be located at dungeon locations, but you will not have to complete any part of any dungeon to find them.

    UPDATE: There will NOT be any heads outside of the normal MineZ map. That means if you happen to get on a weird boat to go somewhere very far away, there will not be any heads there.

    What do the heads look like?
    In total there are 20 heads placed. 10 of them will be a "normal" difficulty, and 10 of them are an "EXTREME" difficulty. "normal" difficulty heads will be well hidden and "EXTREME" difficulty heads will be extraordinarily difficult to find.


    How to participate:
    Everyone is able to participate in this event. Just log on any MineZ server and start looking for heads. To win you have to send me a private message on the forums containing a link to an Imgur album with all the pictures in it.

    Picture requirements:
    - All 10 (or 20) pictures have to be on Imgur and preferably in an album.
    - All of your photos MUST be of the same head difficulty type.
    - The picture must contain a screenshot of your Minecraft character with your skin on it.
    - The skull has to be in the picture (if the head is in a tight place and you cannot fit it into the picture, try your best to take a picture showing where the head is hidden).
    - You have to type in chat, showing your name and tag in the picture.
    - Must contain some surrounding scenery so I can determine if the location is real or not.

    Example picture:


    Prizes (normal):
    The first 5 people to find all 10 "normal" heads will receive a big prize. This prize contains wonderful and mysterious Christmas loot!

    Prizes (EXTREME):
    The first 5 people to find all 10 "EXTREME" heads will receive an EXTREMELY HUGE prize! This prize contains wonderful and mysterious Christmas loot! If not all "EXTREME" heads are found by the submission deadline, submit all of the ones you did find and you may find yourself a spot on the leaderboard!

    Everyone else who completes the hunt (either the "normal" hunt and/or the "EXTREME" hunt, as long as you find a total of 10 heads) will receive a special Christmas Sapling as well as some small treats to remember the event by. This means you will receive a reward even if you're not in the top 5. I will update this thread as soon as I can to show how many of the top 5 spots have been claimed.

    Top 5 "normal" Leaderboard:
    1st - [ E ] temis
    2nd - [ P ] Alisa_Reinford
    3rd - [ E ] jicho3
    4th -
    5th -

    Top 5 "EXTREME" Leaderboard:
    1st - [ E ] temis
    2nd - [ P ] suitaso
    3rd - [ P ] NationBlue
    4th - [ S ] Astolfo_
    5th - [ G ] daiya0925

    You may place on the leaderboard once for both types of hunts. Completing the hunt on multiple accounts is not allowed, and you may be disqualified if you attempt to do this.

    It has been just over 1 week since this was announced, so I believe it is time for some hints! I will be providing a list of locations that DO NOT contain a head. This should save you some hunting time!

    - Kaocho
    - Grimdale
    - Pravus
    - Portsmouth
    - Camp Bell + Bell Farm
    - Romero
    - Carmi
    - Geuten
    - Grayvale
    - Yawpton
    - Yongton Abbey
    - Carnival
    - Patchwork
    - Forest
    - Whitehaven
    - Frostbain
    - Paluster
    - Aspermont
    - Crowmure
    - Crymoore Pond
    - Krubera
    - Riel
    - Sirus
    - Anvalia
    - Fort Rockwood
    - Cole Castle
    - Medusa Lake
    - Aurora
    - Ravine
    - Oasis
    - Tristitia
    - Pileus
    - Bazel
    - Hell Tree
    - Mining Town
    - Necromancer Tower
    - Desert Canyon Sanctuary
    - Logging Camp

    As the final submission date draws closer, I will add more locations! Until then, happy hunting!

    ** Feel free to pm me or leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns regarding the hunt! Good luck and happy holidays! **

  2. Bupin DBV Admin

    Nice! Good luck everyone!
    ROBMM likes this.
  3. srslyBailey Platinum

    Awesome to keep the community alive
    ROBMM likes this.
  4. Nokah Retired Staff

    Good luck everyone :)
  5. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    What are the prizes? "Special" snowballs? A Christmas tree sapling?
    Also i'm don't think i'll enter since there is no chance of me winning this because of what happened to me at the Spookfest ;-;
    Gl to other people tho
  6. Catsage Retired Staff

    Many of the leaderboard prizes involve some special event collectables as well as useful in-game loot.
    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  7. ACrispyTortilla Administrator

    useful as in a christmas pufferfish :>
    ACringyTortilla likes this.
  8. Benjamaster7 Regular Member

    So, in theory, there could be a head hidden in a random location in the jungle around Agni Ignis? The bottom of the ocean? A random spot in a huge area with no locations nearby?
  9. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    Head placement is limited to the existing locations when the head placements were determined. They won't be in the middle of a forest or at the bottom of the ocean unless there was already something there. The clause about it not being limited to the MineZ Online Map is due to some locations (e.g. Giant Spawns) not being on there.
  10. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Happy Hunting peeps
    Meme_MC and 100PercentHippo like this.
  11. Catsage Retired Staff

    I'm a bit late, but the heads are now out on the map! Happy hunting everyone!
  12. Catsage Retired Staff


    There will NOT be any heads outside of the normal MineZ map. That means if you happen to get on a weird boat to go somewhere very far away, there will not be any heads there.
  13. ohNick Emerald

    How do you submit your imgurs? Where do I send them to?
  14. Catsage Retired Staff

    After making an album of all 10 heads on https://imgur.com/, PM me your album and I will let you know if it meets all of the requirements
  15. ohNick Emerald

    How hard are the extreme ones to find? I've been looking everywhere haven't found one. Any chance of a hint being released in the next few days maybe? Not sure if anyone else has found any.
  16. ACrispyTortilla Administrator

    During one of my usual gearing routes, I found one that i haven't even seen the past few times ive been there during the headhunt, The extreme ones are "EXTREME"ly hard to find, Some tips should be coming soon I would assume, but until then just make sure you leave no block unturned.
  17. Catsage Retired Staff

    I do plan on releasing hints eventually, but for now, good luck! As the name suggests, they are "EXTREME"-ly hard to find!
  18. suitaso Mini Builder

    This time head hunt was very difficult....
    Good luck on your everyone
    Thank you for a fun event catsage! :heart:
    Catsage, JTGangsterLP6 and Meme_MC like this.
  19. Nokah Retired Staff

    Congratulations! I was rooting for you and your team. Knew you guys were dedicated enough to finish it :)
    suitaso and Catsage like this.
  20. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    At the end, can you reveal where the heads were? :eek:

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