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MineZ MineZ: Christmas Build Contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MineZ Team, Nov 12, 2022.

MineZ - MineZ: Christmas Build Contest
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    MineZ Build Contest

    Hello Shotbow and MineZ community members! With MineZ Spookfest ending soon, we are hard at work planning MineZ’s next holiday event which will take place in December.

    Each year we have decorated a growing amount of locations for these holiday events and we expect this year to be no different. This year, we’d like you to join in on the fun of decorating locations for Christmas.

    For that reason, we're hosting the first ever MineZ Holiday Build Contest! Anyone can enter a build into this, and we're hoping to give many of you the chance to have a build added into the Christmas rotation! The contest will run until December 3rd, and we're excited to see all that you have to submit!

    How Does This Work?
    • This MineZ Build Contest will last for 21 days, ending on December 3rd, 2022.
    • Builds can be of any size, though we recommend sticking to towns. Builds should be taken from the overworld only. Dungeon locations will not be accepted.
    • Builds do not have to be strictly reskins of current locations. You can build new locations for this contest.
    • Submissions are welcome to suggest chest/water/crafting table/etc locations, but will ultimately be left up to MineZ staff. Generally the placements of these resources don't change for holiday locations.
    • For this contest you will be allowed to download the chunks you need to build with.
    • Multiple winners are expected. We will add winning builds to the Christmas map, so long as they meet a certain standard.
    How Do I Submit My Build?
    • Please submit your build here as a comment. Make sure to list who worked on it and what location it is.
    • Each submission requires an Imgur album of build screenshots, taken in vanilla without shaders!
    • Each submission requires a schematic file of the build.
    • Each person/group is limited to 3 submission
    The rules of the contest are as follows:
    • Anyone can send in a submission
    • Each person/group is limited to 3 submissions (Please note, group submissions will only receive one prize amongst the group. In the event of multiple winning submissions from the same group, you will receive double/triple prizes.)
    • Builds must be created in 1.12.2
    • Submissions, if selected, are subject to edits as necessary by the MineZ team
    • Submissions sent in, if selected, will be property of Shotbow
    • Submissions sent in after December 3rd will not be considered for the contest
    Winners will be announced by December 4th! Special prizes will be given to the top 3 builds:
    • 1st Place: 50,000 Shotbow XP + Gold Rank + Shotbow Lunar Cape
    • 2nd Place: 25,000 Shotbow XP + Silver Rank + Shotbow Lunar Cape
    • 3rd Place: 25,000 Shotbow XP + 3 Shout Tokens
    All winners will additionally receive a special in-game prize and holiday cosmetic for use on MineZ. There may be more than 3 builds added however, and in that case, those who did not place in the top 3 will also receive a special in-game prize and cosmetic.

    Final Thoughts
    It is our hope that as many of you as possible get in on the fun of building Holiday locations, however big or small! While it is unlikely, we must say that winners and ALL submissions are not guaranteed to be added to the Christmas MineZ Map. To avoid this scenario you can follow some of these tips:

    • Review past holiday locations. There are several locations that we expect to use again from previous years. This means if you select Al Hasa, your build will be heavily contested. It would be wise to select another location.
    • Find inspiration on the web for fun decoration tips for the holidays.
    • Use custom Minecraft heads, though don’t go too crazy!
    • You can always ask for feedback on your builds. Don’t shy away from getting an opinion on your build.
    Happy building and Happy Holidays!
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  2. WTDpuddles Mini Builder

    Prizes are worse than a skin competition lmao
  3. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer

    We've updated the prizes for this contest! We hope these will better motivate players to enter.
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  4. stla_Moco Gold

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  5. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    For my contest submission I rebuilt Aurora!
    Made by LawsOfAviation

    Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/xkh5uj8
    Schematic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HRQr2Tt_UZHGVB9iLc5BHZaX89KERlhu/view?usp=sharing

    • "Country Nurseries" is a reference to the original Frosty the Snowman cartoon. It is the greenhouse where Frosty melts.
    • The original build had some command blocks, but their contents didn't transfer when I downloaded the chunks. I left the command blocks empty in my rebuild.
    • Make sure the world has randomTickSpeed set to 0! Otherwise, the ice will melt. And there is a lot of ice.
    • I haven't used WorldEdit before, so I'm not sure I did the schematic right. If there are any issues with that or anything else, please contact me on Discord at Btd456Creeper#3711. (You can also send a forums message, but I use Discord more often)
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  6. OrcaHedral Warband Mini Admin

    - Rebuild of Concord
    - Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/lI7BD75
    - Schematic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/90xqgob0z0ak0aa/fairylightcord.schematic/file
    Notes: Allows for the top vine/cable area to be accessed without a grapple, so would include chests there. Also allows for the back entrance to be exited through without a grapple.

    Overblown Encampment
    - Rebuild of Overgrown Encampment
    - Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/j2QKOmd
    - Schematic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rrt7ri3pizzdzhf/overblown_encampment.schematic/file
    Notes: Probably needs a few touch-ups (particularly the entrance), contains a long parkour set which is pretty difficult and fairly dangerous.

    Snowmelon Town
    - Rebuild of Melon Town
    - Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/EsqTnEh
    - Schematic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f135e1xu20op8p8/snowmelon_town.schematic/file
    Notes: Contains parkour up onto both mushrooms.

    I also made a rebuild of Diving Board which isn't being submitted to the contest due to the 3-submission limit but can be found here: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/skating-board-christmas.418495/
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  7. Tannatron Retired Staff

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  8. DogC203 Regular Member

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  9. rory2 Emerald

  10. WTDpuddles Mini Builder

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  11. Tannatron Retired Staff

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