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MineZ MineZ: Challenger Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MineZ Team, Apr 18, 2021.

MineZ - MineZ: Challenger Update
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    MineZ Changelog

    Hello Survivors!

    We are releasing another round of updates to further enhance your MineZ experience. We're pleased to present you with quite a sizable amount of content through our Spring Cleaning efforts. Read on to get the full scoop!

    A new challenger appears...

    You all know of the Giant Zombie by now. They are one of the few boss monsters you can find roaming the dried up lakes in the north. When roaming these lands, you may hear rumbles and a distant roar now...

    There is a brand new Giant you can find exclusively at Giant's Camp on public servers! This foe is not for the faint of heart. We recommend bringing a few friends to take on this baleful beast. If you do manage to slay it you will be graced with some new and unique loot, which no doubt will shake up the meta.

    If you hear this beast roar in the distance, you should get over to Giant's Camp and take it on!

    How Legendary!

    With this update, we are bringing you three overhauls to existing legendary weapons, as well as some quality of life improvements to a few others. We plan to continue working on a few more of these special items throughout the remainder of April, so look forward to that!

    Venom Bow

    Venom Bow suffered the same uninspired and realistically, quite poor legendary design of old. Previously, you would shoot someone and have a chance to inflict them with a short dose of poison. Not very interesting...

    Now, the legendary weapon does the following:
    • Shooting players will now stack marks, which is essentially a scaling number for each shot you successfully land on your target.
    • Within 10 seconds of your last shot, you can left click Venom Bow to detonate your applied marks, dealing half a heart of damage each. You can stack up to 8 marks on a single target, adding up to a whopping 4 hearts of damage!
    • Deals Power 1 damage at base.
    Night's Shadow

    Another legendary weapon that was underwhelming was Night's Shadow. To theme with the night, we're adding a relatively under utilized effect into MineZ, and one that you have full control over!
    • Right click to gain Wither Strike, which will then allow you to inflict Wither I on your target for a few seconds. Deceive your opponents with darkened hearts, and combo them back to spawn!

    Not to worry all of you Flail (ab)users! We didn't change any of the mechanics surrounding this weapon, but simply injected further clarity into it to hopefully better inform your next decisions in the middle of battle.
    • When PVP Tagged and holding the flail, you will emit particles. These particles will grow more intense the lower your health is.
    • As a refresher, Flail deals increasing damage the lower your health is. These particles exist to both tell you (and your opponent) how deadly the weapon is at the moment!
    Minor Changes

    There were several other minor Legendary changes that are not included on this thread, but please take a look at the extensive MineZ Changelog for all of the specific details!

    Looter's Delight

    This update is targeted at those who have experienced the shortcomings of the looting in MineZ first-hand. This update does not fix the problem, but rather serves as the building block for further changes to gearing up in MineZ.

    Some locations have seen significant changes to the loot tables, as well as some overall fixes to potion chests! I also hear there's something new to be found in civilian and potion chests...

    Pirate's Booty

    If you've ever had the experience of walking into the Zerbia Depths loot room, you may have found yourself underwhelmed with some of the loot in their hoard.

    Whispers in the ocean winds has alluded to these undead pirates having salvaged new treasures...If you dare enter into their domain and fight, parkour, and challenge yourself, you just might find brand new goodies for your trouble!

    PVP Changes

    A few updates ago, we made quite a few changes to PVP, and some of them were a bit too drastic. We've lowered base sword damage, and we are exploring further changes over the next few weeks.

    Instance Overhaul Update

    Officially released on April 14th, the Instance Overhaul is upon us! Now whenever you enter a dungeon, you will be sent to a different MineZ server where you can take on the dungeon. We've been hard at work optimizing this system since release.

    However, this update takes full advantage of instance update because of the following minor adjustment...

    Main World View Distance

    MineZ for the longest time has worked off of a 4 chunk view distance. It was hard to appreciate the landscape and chase opponents in PVP. While this isn't a large increase, we're going to be monitoring performance to see if we can go even higher or not.

    With that being said, we have increased the view distance from 4 to 6 chunks! This is quite a large change, and you have to just log into MineZ and experience the difference!

    More on the horizon...

    There is quite a lot of content packed into this update. We've got a little bit more planned to release this month and then work will begin on the next few big projects.

    We know there are a few other projects that we've teased before, and our hope is to slowly deliver them over the summer.

    This summer is shaping up to be quite exciting for MineZ content, so stay tuned!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!
    ~ The MineZ Team ~
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    Whose that handsome guy fighting on the banner?
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    I see Twitch has finally made his way into MineZ.
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