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MineZ MineZ: Capital Gains Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Aug 26, 2023.

MineZ - MineZ: Capital Gains Update
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer

    Hello Survivors!

    Welcome back! We are excited to release our latest MineZ Update, Capital Gains!
    Capital Reformed:
    As one of the most important towns in MineZ’s history, Grimdale has been a focal point of our player’s attention. One piece of feedback we have received more than any other since Origins is that we did not get it right with the current iteration of Grimdale.

    When we started planning this update we knew we had to take another crack at this special town. We wanted it to play well but still maintain the look of a capital city while also calling back to some of those nostalgic parts of the original Grimdale.

    Some months ago we began work on an expansive terrain overhaul of major portions of the world. While you won’t see all of it this update, we hope to be able to share more about the other build updates we’ve worked on since completing Grimdale and the surrounding biomes.

    Mining and Refining:
    Since MineZ’s inception, the choice of what you receive from a town and how you get it has been left to a roll of the dice.

    Loot chests have by and large been the only way to get most of your gear. Small changes have been made to this in the years since, but none will be as impactful as this update.

    The mining and refining system brings with it a whole new way to gear up and adds several new utility items. Most integral to this new system is the component bag:


    Chop down logs, mine ores like iron and coal, scrap excess items you no longer need and craft what you want! You’ll find a host of familiar recipes and some new ones with our ./mzcraft menu.


    Supply Drop Refresh:
    With this update comes a refresh of supply drop loot, and some small changes to some of the items. The schedule of upcoming supply drops can always be accessed ingame with /drops.

    What Comes Next:

    For more detailed information about this update, please check our changelog. There are a lot of changes we did not cover in this thread. Not all changes will be listed in this changelog, so you better get out there and play.

    Our Map will be updated within a day of the update, which should give players ample time to experience these changes blind.

    We are excited to release this update, and even more excited to utilize these mechanics in future updates. Spookfest, version changes, and Wonderland are right around the corner and we expect the next few months to bring lots of excitement, terrain updates, treat chests and more.
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  2. Shimmied Platinum

    Wow this makes me nostalgic for MineZ 2...

    Looks like MineZ is really making a comeback with some of these updates though, keep fighting the good fight!
  3. Oraceon Obsidian

    If you want MineZ to come back, get rid of the PVE line and let people choose how they want to play again.
  4. ShayminPlays Emerald


    do you play the game
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  5. Arasai Platinum

    the PVP line limits nothing, everything good in the game is in the PVP zones.

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