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MineZ MineZ - Build Team Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Mar 29, 2016.

MineZ - MineZ - Build Team Changelog
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder

    Hello Survivors!

    I hope you're all having a wonderful spring. There's definitely many things moving right now on the dev server, many of which I can't tell you. Just know, Origins is well on it's way. With that being said, this is a change log of many random fixes and notable changes.

    These Changes are in no particular order and will be fully rolled by the 30th of March:

    -Shrine of the Dusk
    *Fixed several small bugs

    -Abandoned Mineshaft
    *Removed useless dispensers.

    *Fixed loreblock.

    -Agni Ignis
    *Rewired the Magic Shop.
    *Changed sign story into lore block.
    *Fixed/Rewired the secret bunker.

    -Al Hasa Quarry
    *Rewired Toilet-Crafting Bench hole.

    -Axis Mundi
    *Added several new loreblocks
    *Added a special new, only found in this location, item. Many people(7) are needed to acquire this item.

    -Barathrum Caverns
    *Rewired timed parkour challenge.

    -Byesford Labs
    *Small Aesthetic Changes.
    *Made Lore Signs to Lore Blocks.
    *Slightly Increased Difficulty of Wave Room.
    *Added a corridor to the "Subject Z-87" Control Room and allowing the door to be opened and closed.
    *Made the Animal Experimentation Harder
    *Changed Codes

    -Dark Mansion
    *Rewired Dungeon.

    -Fire Spire
    *Reverted Christmas Changes.

    -Floating Islands
    *Reverted Most of the Christmas changes to the islands.
    *Rewrote the Lore Block to be more appealing.

    -Fort Kharj
    *Added a sign proclaiming it is Fort Kharj.

    -Fort McHarlington
    *Fixed Loreblock Typo.

    -Frostbain Catacombs
    *Fixed Loreblock typo.
    *Fixed a way players could cheat one of the rooms.
    *Rewired a trap room.

    *Drifted to a new location, with some new loot.

    *Rewired hidden chest hole in plaza.
    *Rewired secret cave under the church.
    *Removed obsolete redstone.

    *Rewired Piston Door.

    -Krubera Vault

    -Lorfaul Mines
    *Rewired Entrance Door.

    -Meteor Crater
    *Rewired Entrance Door.

    -Necromancer Tower
    *Rewired Code to to check for spamming, and allow double inputs.

    *Rewired door to secret prison and the door that allows escape from the lava pit.

    -Sacrifical Pit
    *Small Asthetic Changes (Mostly to the exits).
    -Secret Meeting Place of the Kiss of Death
    *Rewired Door.

    -Simoon's Shrine
    *Rewired piston door and lock-in door.
    *Changed the fake entrances into a command block message.
    -Strip Mine
    *Rewired Piston Door.

    *Rewired bunker and lake hole.

    -Warped Ruins
    *Rebuilt warped ruins

    -Fisherman Hut

    -Ghost Fleet
    *Added an exit to Davey Jones' Oasis
    *Made a project plank
    *Removed the command sign from davey Jones' Locker


    -Modified some loot locations

    -Fixed map bugs

    -Closed Aeternalis Crypt and Body Offload.

    -Continued work on the Origin.

    Good Luck :)

  2. Nokah Retired Staff

    Danm, you guys have been buisy. Good job! :)
  3. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    Shrine of the Dusk
    *Fixed several small bugs

    I guess ur talking about my glitch to get in the redstone?
  4. Jered Platinum

    updates for minez

    N I C E
  5. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    -Closed Aeternalis Crypt and Body Offload.

    Is this permanent or temporary?

    I'm loving the changes. Going to have to go explore a bunch now.
  6. Archi_ Platinum

  7. Archi_ Platinum

    Also Lost Thievs Guild got nerfed(dungeon_in chests at the end)
  8. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Temporary, until they've been redone.
  9. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    Ok. Awesome. I never got to try Aeternalis, and am looking forward to it being reopened.
  10. Catsage Retired Staff

  11. Archi_ Platinum

    Well,we already checked like 40% of those towns and there are only redstone systems changed to command blocks. Also it says: "-Kauri
    *Rewired Piston Door." But we didn't find anything new here
    bellyjellybean likes this.
  12. sunlost Retired Staff

    He meant to say "rewired piston launcher".
    bellyjellybean likes this.
  13. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    The dungeon for Fort McHarlington is almost complete.
  14. Archi_ Platinum

    It can be a bit rough but it is like it is.
    I wasted like 3 hours just to discover all those towns because I thought you really changed something there. Instead of posting information about every town you could just say like "Redstone systems got changed into command blocks in most of the towns".

    -Floating Islands
    I'm not sure if its a bug or it supposed to be as this now but there's absolutly no vines on Floating Islands. It looks really bad without it,also you can't skip most of islands anymore when going away just falling down to the first island's vines.

    -Fort Kharj
    Chests are still not updated there.
    1- There's no water refill anymore(I think the cauldron with one water refil should be added back)
    2- As I just said chests not updated yet so I can't know how may of them you can reach without button but if it's like 1 or 2 that's bad.To get inside you need 1 button but button spawns REALLY rare now so you will need to farm tool chest for like 30 minutes just to get 3-4 military and 4 heal chests (THAT'S REALLY NOT WORTH).
    3- It would be much better if you can get inside without a button but only with 2 players (And not just 2 plates as at the dragon's head where you can use zombie to open it. I think 2 stone buttons at different sides of the room should be good)
    4- The dragon's head door closed too fast,it's VERY hard to get in,also you can stuck in the wall

    -Frostbain Catacombs
    I didn't test it with a button but there's actually a private zone so button will probably disappear (When you type /rg info you can check it)

    -Ghost Fleet
    May be it's also still not updated but I didn't find any changes in Davey Jones' Oasis and Davey Jones' Locker
    -Shrine of the Dusk
    You still get fall damage while teleporting after the library and while falling down to the Air Trial room wich can knock you to the void

    By the way there are still Christmas chests in the air at Ridgevale and Yawpton
  15. bellyjellybean Platinum

    The only thing that changed is now it's more difficult to get in, AND you forgot to hook up the button on the inside, so you can no longer get out unless someone else is with you to let you out.

    If this is true, the pigman spawners better be gone. The loot shouldn't be nerfed while leaving the pigmen, as that was the whole issue before.
  16. OneZedArmy Silver

    I think the issue is that they don't realise that while they constantly nerf, the game gets slow-paced to the point that it's really boring looting in towns (basically everything but dungeons). So I think they should buff towns in general and leave the dungeons how they are rn.
    Unless it's your 1st or 2nd time Ltg is really easy even with pigman spawners. They didn't add almost any difficulty, maybe it changed from 3/10 to 4/10, but its still very easy. And adding that it's located on the south and that you can do it with spawn gear perfectly, I think it's good how it is rn even if the chests got a little nerf xd.
    bellyjellybean likes this.
  17. bellyjellybean Platinum

    Meh I like the op chests but ik they shouldnt be there >->
    OneTupacArmy likes this.
  18. EduardoKanp Regular Member

    Please remove Herobrine
    OneTupacArmy likes this.

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