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Announcement MineZ 2021 Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Jan 7, 2021.

Announcement - MineZ 2021 Changelog
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    Hello Survivors!

    Below is a comprehensive list of all of the changes in MineZ for the year 2021. The purpose of this thread is to keep players up-to-date on the changes and rebalancing coming to MineZ. If you are looking for previous changelogs, you can find them linked below.
    01/17/2021 ( 3.7.16 )
    • Added lore text to the “Click to Spawn” zombie head in spawn
    • Added the leather chestplate back to the default spawn-kit. Premiums and subscribers will have a colored leather chestplate based on their rank
    • Reduced the default PvP tag timer to 10 minutes
    • The Earth Shaker and Rusted Earth Shaker now do 2 hearts of true damage to mobs
    • Hunger loss values have been adjusted
    • Radio changes:
      • Radio frequency has been removed in favor of global chat
      • Players now hold a radio in their hand to talk in global chat
      • Radio message receives can be toggled by right clicking the radio
    • Changed login slowness on PvE servers to last 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds
    • Changed the (Sub) prefix for subscribers to a suffix. Premium players with a subscription will properly show their premium as a prefix and (Sub) as the suffix; Bandit and Healer tags override the (Sub) suffix
    • Fixed an issue at Giant's Camp where mobs could get stuck
    • Fixed an issue where players would instantly respawn or open the spawn select GUI if they were holding right click and had the first hotbar slot selected on death
    • Fixed an issue with barriers covering a chest in Medusa Lake
    • Fixed a bug where crafting pristine chain with normal chain could yield pristine chain
    • Fixed a bug where the Earth Shaker was uncraftable
    • Fixed a bug where pigman explosions in dungeons could blow up cobwebs
    • Fixed a bug where players could block other players from spawning by standing too close to the spawn points
    • Fixed a bug where the decreased mob spawn option for PvP hotspots (Gravel canyon and Crowmure) wasn’t working as intended; these areas now spawn 50% less mobs
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    01/08/2021 ( 3.7.15 )
    • Fixed a bug where iron shovels were not taking correct durability when hitting zombies
    • Fixed a bug where once the radio is turned on normal chat wouldn't work
    • Fixed a bug where repairing studded leather and pristine chain armor would repair to full durability
    • Lorfaul Mines: -9 mil_epic, +8 mil_rare, +1 food_uncommon. These changes have been made to the chests on the staircase down into the mines to encourage players to loot the main area of the location instead of the stairs
    01/07/2021 ( 3.7.14 )

    MineZ New Year thread
    • Wonderland 2020 has come to a close. Thanks to all who participated in all our in-game content for this event!
    • The Loot Overhaul PTR has ended; many locations have had their loot adjusted from this public testing. Find all the changes in the MineZ Loot Changelog
    • Added Treetops Shelter
    • Rebuilt Crymoore Pond
    • Added a crafting table to the Agni Jungle Staircase (3200, -3500)
    • Carrots now restore 1 thirst
    • Apples now restore 2 thirst instead of 1
    • Zombie Pigmen now blast other entities away when exploding
    • Iron Shovels now stun zombies for 4 seconds. Each stun uses 3 durability on normal zombies and 9 on special zombies (Forsaken, Revenants)
    • Changed the stone buttons in Paluster Shrine to wooden buttons
    • Removed roughly half of the zombie spawners at the bottom of Lorfaul Mines
    • Slightly increased hunger drain when walking and sprinting
    • The Ghost Ship has moved!
    • Shifted the PvE line to z:-100. This change was made based on player data collected since November, 2020 and aims to help new players die less often to other players while learning the game in the south
    • Added coordinates and direction to the scoreboard
    • Updated the PvE line tip to reflect the adjusted PvE line
    • Updated the “stuck in a block” tip reference the /mz stuck command instead of the forum page
    • Updated the /mz help text to show more relevant information
    • Replying to private messages using /r no longer requires you to have messaged another player first
    • Radio messages can now be seen when on the same channel regardless if the radio is on/off
    • Fixed an issue with zombie targeting and snowballs; when players died any zombies targeting them would wait briefly before switching targets to the nearest player, regardless of whether or not that player was actually visible and within their sight range
    • Fixed an issue in Clarce where the underground path didn’t display the location name properly
    • Fixed an issue where hoes and shovels crafted together didn’t retain lore text
    • Fixed an issue where zombies wouldn’t attack combat logged NPCs in dungeons
    • Fixed an issue where zombies in the Body Offload boss room didn’t target players properly
    • Fixed an issue where players could not see radio messages from other players when their radio is turned off.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to claim every day from their Advent Calendar. The /advent function will be removed in a later update, grab your items while you can!
    • Changed the Sanctuary of Peace grave in the Crypt of Agadeem to close after 4 seconds instead of 1
    • Phantom Blade
      • Launches the user anywhere from 10-15 blocks when right-clicked
      • Consumes 15 durability when used
      • Has a 15 second cooldown between uses
    • Gamble
      • Right clicking a chest will break it, where you have a 50/50 chance to get more items from it or watch it explode and lose the items inside
      • Consumes 22 durability when used
      • Has no cooldown, can be used on any valid loot chest

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