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Announcement MineZ 2021 Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Jan 7, 2021.

Announcement - MineZ 2021 Changelog
  1. MineZ Team Administrator


    Hello Survivors!

    • Below is a comprehensive list of all of the changes in MineZ for the year 2021. The purpose of this thread is to keep players up-to-date on the changes and rebalancing coming to MineZ. If you are looking for previous changelogs, you can find them linked below.
    • MineZ 2020 Changelog
    06/4/2021 ( 3.12.4 )
    • (Bugfix) Corrected an issue with Player saving during instance transition.
    05/26/2021 ( 3.12.3 )
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where farming beetroot only gave one beet.
    • Moved the "Zombie headshot message" to the action bar, to keep from cluttering a player's chat.
    • Added death messages for players killed by Shivers, Forsaken, Revenants and Scorchers.
    • Added better XP rewards(for a base player) for killing the following zombies:
      • Scorchers - 6 XP
      • Revenants - 6 XP per kill, total of 12 XP
      • Shiver - 30 XP
      • Forsaken - 40 XP
      • Note: These values can be adjusted. If a mob is buffed/nerfed the values could change.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where chests were not functioning correctly in dungeon instances. This also meant that the gamble did not work properly in instances. These issues should be fixed.
    • Reduced the durability cost for using the Simoon song to 1.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where some zone names broke the scoreboard. Locations like Devil's Respite should no longer appear as "De".
    • Chimney Sweep now take durability on Launch, instead of land. To avoid disabling this legendary in dungeons, making it always take proper durability per use was imperative.
    05/23/2021 ( 3.12.2 )
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug with levitation in instances.
    • Patched several duping methods related to instances.
    • Added additional logic for admins to help assist players who are disconnected from dungeon runs/better ability to spectate dungeon runs.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where instances did not have proper zone names.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where players could grapple in dungeons.
    • Fixed a couple of backend issues affecting players in instances.
    • Implemented additional logic for PvE dungeon creation from the PvE Server.
    05/16/2021 ( 3.12.1 )
    • Reworked the way in which Zones are processed per player.
    • Reduced durability use for Simoon's Song from 3 to 2.
    • Fixed a couple of backend issues that were affecting the servers.
    • Note from the Team: In the past two weeks, a good number of our staff have finished their spring semesters and are now in summer mode. We are hard at work moving several updates into the pipeline, though stability updates like this are imperative.
    05/03/2021 ( 3.12.0 )
    • Zombies from dungeons and spawners now give XP if they are killed with items other than Axis Mundi books
    • The following dungeons have been moved to new locations:
      • Body Offload
      • Maze of the Tenth
      • Red Demon Temple
    • Removed the cracked stone brick pillars which lead to Whitehaven, Yawpton and Logging Camp.
    • Scorched Giant Changes:
      • Increased zombie spawnrate and lowered scorcher spawnrate
      • Lowered the radius of lightning effect & time taking until the effect
      • Lightning strike damage: 4 >>> 5
      • Increased speed (It is still slower than a normal giant)
      • Fixed a bug where lightning effect sometimes don't work
      • Fixed a bug where normal giants that spawn on PvE and Private had a higher health
      • Scorched Giant now announces when it’s ready to be spawned (currently announces when a player is nearby)
    • Stomper: Slightly lowered Y vector knockback
    • Critical hit damage: +30% base damage >>> +35% base damage
    • Reduced entity view distance to 4 chunks. This should fix invisible entity issues as well.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where bags could not be opened when a vanilla water bottle was placed inside.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where Chimneysweeps would not work as intended in PvE zones.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where Gorgon’s Gaze would not work with reinforced chainmail and iron equipment.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where right-clicking a chest with Rabbit’s Feet would give the player infinite jump boost.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where a revenant’s corruption effect would affect chests.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where right clicking a chest to open it, while holding a Night’s Shadow, would trigger the effect.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug causing the legacy Blunderbuss conversion to a Grapeshot to trigger only in bags.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where you could eat the DCS boss room TNT.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where the mushroom in the Wizard Tower cauldron room gave a jump boost when right-clicked.
    • Fort Kharj
      • -1 mil_rare
      • +1 mil_epic
    • Geuten
      • -2 civ_common
      • +2 food_common
      • -1 mil_common
      • +1 mil_uncommon
    • Septus
      • - 1 zombie spawner
    • Grayvale
      • -8 mil_uncommon
      • +3 mil_rare
      • +3 civ_uncommon
      • +2 civ_rare
      • +1 food_common
    • Romero
      • - 3 civ_common
      • +3 food_common
    • Zerbia Ship
      • -2 food_common
      • +2 food_uncommon
    • Logging Camp
      • - 2 civ_rare
      • +2 civ_uncommon
      • Removed a pair of mushrooms
    • Ridgevale
      • -1 civ_rare
      • +1 civ_uncommon
    • Farm House (Near Huntsgrove)
      • -1 civ_rare
      • +1 civ_uncommon
    • Anvalia
      • -2 civ_rare
      • +2 civ_uncommon
    • Sanctuary Of Peace
      • -2 civ_uncommon
      • +2 civ_rare
      • +1 mil_rare
    04/20/2021 ( 3.11.1 )
    • (Bugfix) Fixed an extreme bug where the server logout routine would cause rollbacks.
    • Adjusted Entity View Distance to match the 6 chunk render distance. It is now approximately 96 blocks.
    • There are now 3 minimum instance servers instead of the default of one. This should help load balance the more intensive dungeons. We will improve on the instance weight on a later patch release.
    • Big Tree near Huntsgrove:
      • +2 food_common
      • (Bugfix) Fixed an issue with brown carpets.
    04/18/2021 ( 3.11.0 )
    • MineZ Challenger Update Thread
    • Combined pot_common and pot_uncommon into one tier (pot_common)
    • pot_epic has been renamed to pot_rare
    • pot_rare has been renamed to pot_uncommon
    • pot_common: Increased spawnrate of drink II
    • pot_uncommon:
      • Reduced spawnrate of drink I
      • Increased spawnrate of drink II
      • Increased spawnrate of splash II
      • Increased spawnrate of lingering I
    • civ_uncommon:
      • Reduced spawnrate of Heal Kit
      • Added a small chance to spawn a button
    • mil_uncommon:
      • Increased spawnrate of sugar
    • mil_rare
      • Increased spawnrate of grenade
    • Virway Tower:
      • -2 pot_common
      • +2 pot_uncommon
      • -1 civ_uncommon
      • +1 civ_rare
    • Eillom
      • The blocked off cave is opened and players can go to the top from the middle
      • +1 pot_common (at the top)
    • Lodged Ship:
      • -1 civ_rare
      • +1 pot_uncommon
    • Pirate Ship:
      • Added water source
      • +1 mil_epic
      • -1 mil_rare
    • Drowned Tower:
      • -1 pot_common
      • +1 pot_uncommon
    • Aurora:
      • -2 mil_rare
      • +2 pot_uncommon
    • Altin:
      • -10 mil_rare
      • +7 civ_uncommon
      • +5 civ_rare
    • Sunken Tower:
      • Fixed the stairs on the bottom floor
    • Speed Potion cooldown: 5 minutes -> 1 minute
    • Added a new boss mob: Scorched Giant
      • Scorched Giant spawns only on public servers, every 30~60 minutes (based on the player count) at the Giant’s Camp. Giant’s Camp on other types of servers will spawn regular giants.
      • When it spawns, players in the gravel canyon will hear a sound & receive a chat message.
      • Has guaranteed drops of the following:
        • Half dura diamond sword
        • Power II infinity bow with 50 durability
        • Weak grapple with 32 durability.
      • Has a chance to drop:
        • Giant’s Brew (Potion)
        • Stomper (Bow)
        • Zombie Head
        • Speed Potion
        • Gunpowder
        • Glowstone
        • Golden Carrot
      • Zombie heads drop at a much higher chance than regular giants.
    • Added Cleansing Elixer
      • Spawns in civ chests and pot_common chest
      • Removes all active potion effects on you
    • Slightly lowered iron and diamond sword damage
    • All Legendary potions have received new lore text and colors to differentiate them. This will not apply to potions you already have.
    • Added ./mz radio; a command for getting a replacement radio if you drop your radio. Players are notified of this command when they drop a radio.
    • Player zombies now drop water bottles.
    • Iron shovels have received a small rework. Left click a cobweb to instantly break it. There is a cooldown of 10 seconds between breaks. Right click to dig a grave.
    • Gravedigging has been changed slightly. Players will no longer need to dig mossy cobblestone.Simply right click with an iron shovel to “dig” up a grave.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug with the percentage of a zombie spawn on gravedigging. Previously, it was 95% instead of 5%.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug with zombie health in Instances. They should now be correct.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug with loot not spawning correctly in persistent instances, such as Wind Spire.
    • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where players could not leave persistent instances.
    • Note from the Team: Instances 2.0 was a major refactor and milestone. There are still some notable bugs remaining and we are working to correct those. Thank you for your patience and please continue to submit discord tickets if you come across any issues.
    • Increased view distance from 4 to 6. Due to the performance increase on the main world thanks to Instances 2.0, we will be monitoring server performance and increasing the render distance.
    • Player Head drops have been changed slightly. They now keep track of the player’s killer, if that killer was another player.
    • Nearly all the giant trees around the map have received rebuilds.
    • The Easter Egg Hunt is complete. All Eggs have been removed. Thank you for participating in the first automated head hunt. In the future, headhunts will be easier to set up, will reward for places(1st-Xth) and give more diverse loot and XP.
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    • Flail
      • Updated Lore
      • Made particles play around the wielder, and they change as the wielder gets lower and lower health (to signify Flail will deal more and more damage.)
    • Night's Shadow
      • Right click to toggle "Wither Strike"
      • Wither Strike lasts 25s, and will inflict Wither 1 for 5 seconds when hitting a player.
      • 60s Cooldown
    • Venom Bow
      • Shoot a player to mark them. Repeated shots on the same target will stack more marks. Stacks up to 8 marks, marks last 10 seconds.
      • Left click to detonate all applied marks, dealing .5 hearts per mark.
      • Deals Power 1 bow damage at base.
    • Gamble
      • Gamble will no longer work if the chest has already been opened.
      • The percent chance to double the loot has been increased to 60% to compensate.
      • Chests will no longer drop items when Gamble fails. The percentage increase exists to compensate for this change,
    • Phantom Blade
      • Decreased Launch velocity
      • Increased cooldown to 30seconds
    • Zerbia Depths
      • The current Blunderbuss will be converted to the “Grapeshot” on login. It maintains the legacy effect. This was done due to the massive overhaul given to the new legendary and the new changes at the end of this dungeon.
      • A new legendary has taken the mantle of “Blunderbuss”.
      • Added two unique consumables to the loot room. These are Zerbia exclusive items.
    • Spring has sprung in a brand new MineZ Lobby courtesy of _frostie!
    04/14/2021 ( 3.10.0)
    • The MineZ Instances Overhaul is live!
      • All dungeon instances are now offloaded to different "Instance" servers. These servers will act as load balancers for the more technical dungeons that impact server performance.
      • When entering a dungeon, players will be transitioned to an instance server after a short delay.
      • Dying in a dungeon will still act as normal. You will be returned to spawn.
      • Leaving a dungeon will still act as normal. You will be placed outside of the dungeon entrance.
      • An instance server will attempt to return you back to your originating server when completing or leaving the dungeon you were in. If this connection cannot be made, you will be returned to the Shotbow Lobby where you can safely log back into MineZ.
      • Multiple instances of the same dungeon can now exist.
    • Party Information
      • A newly created instance will be unlocked for any players to join for one minute. Once this timer elapses, a new instance of the same dungeon will be loaded when entering.
      • Players in a party (/party create) will always be sent to the same dungeon instance to join their team, with no regards to the previously mentioned lockout timer.
      • If at any point, a party member of yours joins your instance with a PVP tag, the instance will become unlocked, so any friend or foe may follow you into the same instance for one minute. This mechanic exists to circumvent using dungeon instances to escape a PVP encounter.
    • Continued Work
      • There are still some extra nice-to-have features you will see added to this new environment over the coming weeks and months. If something doesn't look quite right, or you think a feature is missing, please feel free to let us know.
    04/07/2021 ( 3.9.2 )
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with the prize of the Egg Hunt being given incorrectly.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with Gorgon's Gaze giving more than 5 seconds of slowness. Intensity of the effect has not been changed.
    • Added a 15 second cooldown between uses for the Gorgon's Gaze.
    04/06/2021 ( 3.9.1 )
    • Sirus Alchemical Lab changes:
      • Updated to allow only one player in at a time.
    • Grapples now make a sound when successfully attaching onto a surface.
    • There is now a very rare chance for player heads to drop from player zombies.
      • Player heads will be engraved with the player's name who slayed the zombie, as well as the current date.
      • If a player head drops from a zombie, it will play a special sound and the head item will glow.
      • The player zombie must spawn above the PVE line to be eligible to drop a head.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where players would lose empty water bottles on logout.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with sharpness books not dealing the correct damage to players.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where diamond & iron axes were not dealing the correct damage to players.
    • (BUGFIX) Shrouds in Emerald Shard instances now properly put you back in the overworld.
    04/05/2021 ( 3.9.0 )
    • MineZ: Spring Cleaning Update Thread
    • Base sword damage has been buffed and critical hits now do 30% bonus damage instead of 50%:
      • Critical hits often did too much damage (2+ hearts), especially when a player isn’t wearing a full iron. This change will ensure there’s no more unexpected death caused by critical hits while keeping the overall damage high enough to the point where you can quickdrop players.
    • Heal Bow Changes:
      • Heals 3 hearts.
      • Consumes 2 arrows and 2 durability.
      • The shooter becomes afflicted with weakness 1 for 5 seconds when successfully hitting a player.
      • A shot player is on a cooldown from getting hit again by ANY Heal Bows for 10 seconds.
    • Readded the swamp Ghost Ship area.
    • Buffed item drop rates at Rotted Tree.
    • The Emerald Shard quest line has been redone. Old shards can no longer be used.
    • Created an automated Easter Egg Hunt system
      • A head hunt honoring the Valarune prophecy has been created.
      • There are 20 heads around the map, placed near named locations on the map. These will not be found in dungeons.
      • The head hunt will run for at least a week but may go longer.
      • Each egg grants XP and winners receive a special gift!
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    • (BUGFIX) Giants and Golems no longer use their abilities after death.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where Axis books did not do critical hit damage.
    • (BUGFIX) Speed potions now override any speed I potion effect. For example, drinking a speed potion after drinking Manzana Cider will no longer cancel out the speed potion’s speed II effect.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where Eillom Ale and Manzana Cider had ‘No Effect’ in their lore.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where Abandoned Farm’s zone would stop working.
    • (BUGFIX) Replaced Desert Canyon Sanctuary’s loot room slime blocks with water.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with Shrine of the Dusk’s maze room’s broken path.
    • (BUGFIX) Added a PvP shroud to the Thieves’ Guild.
    • (BUGFIX) Negated the Necromancer Tower Phantom Blade skip method.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where Wizard Tower’s cauldron items could be removed from the dungeon.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with potion serialization, allowing us to now make colored potions/custom potions.
    03/31/2021 ( 3.8.3 )
    03/21/2021 ( 3.8.2 )
    • Reworked the decision tree for zombie spawns. This is the process that chooses whether a zombie, villager zombie, pigman, Revenant or Forsaken is chosen. This new decision process takes weights into account, favoring zombies first. This should cut down on boss spawns that have been plaguing fights. We are currently looking into creating areas where bosses spawn more frequently, similar to the other unique zombies. Stay tuned.
    • Reduced zombie speed across the map. All zombies are now consistently one speed. This makes it possible to outrun hordes again. This also shortens zombies long arms, meaning players with higher ping will have a better chance at hitting zombies before they hit you.
    • Removed the maze from Grimdale's Thieves' Guild.
    • Replaced Axis Mundi's in-world exit with a zone teleport system to stop ILLEGAL access.
    • Added a hole in Byesford's west wall.
    • Increased the interval between mob spawns. As mentioned in 3.8.1 the team is working to retrofit the spawning algorithm and is carefully adjusting the new spawn system to accommodate all players.
    • Added a check to make sure that a Shiver has lost health before using the ranged attack.
    • Increased the radius of what the mob spawning algorithm considers to be a group to 40 blocks, reducing overall spawns for large groups which are spread out in an area (like Crowmure).
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where chests were spawning one fewer item than their max. Places like Agni Ignis which have routinely been spawning one item should now feel much better.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue within Devil's Respite. Magma blocks were boiling away water, creating a near impossible drop.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with iron ingots and blocks overflowing disabilities.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where drinking Manzana Cider after eating a golden apple doesn't apply absorption hearts.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue with the Wind Spire instance causing inventory rollback.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where zombies could spawn right on top of a player in groups. Zombies will now spawn at least ten blocks away.
    • The team is hard at work on multiple large updates. Recently a PTR was launched to test the new instance system, which should greatly improve server performance when it is rolled to live. We gathered a great amount of data on it and are currently putting the finishing touches on this system.
    03/03/2021 ( 3.8.1 )
    • Reduced Chance for Revenants, Forsaken and Husks.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed Iron Ingot Crafting Issues
    • Fixed an issue with zombies spawning on Snow.
    • Increased interval between mob spawns.
    • Slightly Lowered the amount of cows that can spawn at a farm.
    With the new spawning system, small adjustments will be made over the next few rollouts. We're analyzing how it is working in relation to group sizes and adjusting accordingly.

    03/02/2021 ( 3.8.0 )
    • Optimized tips for server performance.
    • Optimized chest spawning, increasing server performance.
    • Changed reboot cycles from every 12 hours to every 7 (this does not include the hour warning).
    • Reworked zombie and animal spawning:
      • Increased the time between zombies spawning.
      • Lowered the base limit of zombies that can spawn per group.
      • Zombies will now spawn by groups of players instead of per players. A group is defined as any players within 30 blocks of each other. This dynamically grows, meaning if player A and B are 20 blocks apart but player C is 15 blocks away from B (meaning further then 30 blocks away from player A), the group will grow. This will have a big impact on group fights, meaning that each player is not spawning mobs, but the groups are. There is a depreciating amount of zombies that will spawn, which is dependent on the group size. As a rough example, with the old spawn algorithm the maximum amount of zombies was equal to 3 * every player. It is now much less than that.
      • (BUGFIX) Fixed several errors with locational checks. Spawns are now more accurate, meaning that the chances of a zombie spawning are higher.
      • Villager Zombie Changes:
        • Spawn chances have been reduced.
        • Movement speed is now 10% slower.
        • Max item drop reduced to 2.
      • Cow spawning has been adjusted to allow for them to spawn outside of farm zones. A player must be at a farm to trigger the spawn, though.
      • (BUGFIX) Wolves no longer spawn outside of the snow biome.
    • Strength and weakness potion effects now work correctly.
      • Strength increases damage by 10% per level and weakness decreases damage by 10% per level.
    • Overkill now uses weakness potion effects instead of static damage reduction after using the active ability.
    • (BUGFIX) Sugar now overrides any speed I potion effect. For example, consuming sugar after drinking Manzana Cider will no longer cancel out sugar’s speed II effect.
    • Increased Hunger effect for Pluvia’s Storm and Pluvia’s Rain. They will do a more noticeable hunger debuff to players.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed a bug where Earth Shaker’s ability launched players on PvE.
    • Added a glowing effect for Giant and Golem drops.
    • Messages related to thirst, bandaging and milk have been converted to use the action bar.
    • Players drawing aggro outside of wave rooms in Anemos Sanctum and Frostbain Catacombs have been tweaked. Zombies must have line of sight in these dungeons (only) to aggro.
    • Replaced slime blocks in Devil's Respite with half water.
    • Shiver Changes:
      • Shivers now only drop one item (either 3x snowballs or Frostwalker Boots)
      • Max health was increased.
      • Will now use their ranged attack more often.
    • Frostwalker Changes:
      • Now drop at lower durabilities from Shivers.
      • Effect duration reduced by 5 seconds (10 seconds total now).
      • Added the ability to repair Frostwalker Boots with Iron Ingots.
    02/21/2021 ( 3.7.19 )
    • Added Shivers.
      • They are an icy zombie you can find in the Snow and Ice biomes.
      • They spawn north of Ravine.
      • They will drop something quite nice!
      • Be careful not to get Frostbite!
    • Cow Changes
      • Will now spawn more frequently around farms.
      • Will spawn less frequently in the wild.
      • Cows now drop raw beef.
      • Cows do not spawn south of the PVE line.
      • (BUGFIX) Leather drops will now properly stack with other leather.
      • (BUGFIX) Cows will now no longer rarely crash servers when getting aggressive.
    • Expanded Zombies:
      • Designated towns and notable locations will now begin to spawn villager zombies which drop loot!
      • Villager zombies come in a wide variety of flavors, and they each have their own unique loot drops.
      • This addition should provide players with the ability to gather loot from somewhere else besides chests.
    • Carmi Sewers Changes:
      • The dungeon is now more linear, with it being easier to follow where to go.
      • Lily pads have been added throughout the dungeon.
    • Krubera Vault Changes:
      • The Giant wave room has been revamped. It now no longer has zombie spawners, and instead will spawn a Rampaging Golem in its place.
      • The Rampaging Golem will drop loot!
    • Cooking Food:
      • You can now cook raw food!
      • Currently, you can cook Raw Beef and Raw Fish & Salmon by throwing them into a fire!
    • Falling into Ravine will now no longer kill you. You will be teleported onto the outside of the ravine, taking 4 hearts of true damage.
    • The sidebar and tablist has been adjusted to better follow the network-wide style.
    • Reduced Zombie Spawnrate around Crowmure & Crowmure farm.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where brewed potions would not have proper lore text.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where bowls that had been eaten from would not have proper lore text (and not stack).
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where disabling the Date in the sidebar would display an empty line.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an issue where players could craft multiple bags and carry them.
    • (BUGFIX) Fixed an exploit where players could spawn any boss or creature into the game with an admin command. We know you found this.
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    01/31/2021 ( 3.7.18 )
    • Moved a pigman spawner in Paluster Shrine further away from the door past the Root Room and before the Ice Chamber
    • Slightly increased bow damage to players: Bows are currently out of the combat meta and barely used. This change will make bows more viable to use in fights while not making them dominate PvP.
    • Removed snow layers from Jacsebalon’s head in Crymoore Pond to prevent anti-cheat rubber-banding
    • Fixed a bug where cows could crash the server
    • Fixed a bug where pigman explosion did no damage to players
    • Fixed a bug where players occasionally get Jump Boost on login
    01/24/2021 ( 3.7.17 )
    • Slightly adjusted parkour at Outpost Adera
    • Made the parkour to the second floor of Castle Wayvernia easier
    • Iron Shovels in chests now have the proper lore text
    • Removed Zombie and Pigman spawners from the Mantle mountain
    • Fire Resistance Potions now spawn in the Hell Tree potion chest
    • Added Manzana Cider
    • Iron ingot durability repair: 10 -> 15
    • Iron block durability repair: 120 -> 175
    • Earth Shaker drop chance from a golem: 15% -> 20%
    • Golem respawn timer: 15m -> 10m
    • Golem uses abilities more often
    • Player Heads have been readded to Player Zombies!
    • The Status Bar now shows effects such as Bleeding & Disease.
    • Slightly increased golem movement speed and attack damage
    • Trap chest zombies no longer hold a sword on spawn
    • Pigmen explosions will now no longer cause knockback.
    • Added the current date (Based on Shotbow Time) to the sidebar.
    • Fixed an issue where diamond axe damage was lower than iron sword damage. They now have the same damage values.
    • Redid /mz help. It is now a GUI Interface.
    • Giants in dungeons now seem to drop something...
    • Asindia Ruins:
      • Slightly Decreased Iron Armor drop rate
      • Slightly decreased Pristine Chain drop rate
      • Added Iron Shovels
    • Hell Tree
      • Increased drop rates of various chests
    • Floating Islands
      • +1 mil_epic
      • Increased max drop rate for some chests
    • Crymoore Pond
      • Increased item drops for chests on Jacsebalon’s head
    • Gamble
      • Number of Uses 6 -> 12
      • Now will still drop items when a chest explodes.
    01/17/2021 ( 3.7.16 )
    • Added lore text to the “Click to Spawn” zombie head in spawn
    • Added the leather chestplate back to the default spawn-kit. Premiums and subscribers will have a colored leather chestplate based on their rank
    • Reduced the default PvP tag timer to 10 minutes
    • The Earth Shaker and Rusted Earth Shaker now do 2 hearts of true damage to mobs
    • Hunger loss values have been adjusted
    • Radio changes:
      • Radio frequency has been removed in favor of global chat
      • Players now hold a radio in their hand to talk in global chat
      • Radio message receives can be toggled by right clicking the radio
    • Changed login slowness on PvE servers to last 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds
    • Changed the (Sub) prefix for subscribers to a suffix. Premium players with a subscription will properly show their premium as a prefix and (Sub) as the suffix; Bandit and Healer tags override the (Sub) suffix
    • Fixed an issue at Giant's Camp where mobs could get stuck
    • Fixed an issue where players would instantly respawn or open the spawn select GUI if they were holding right click and had the first hotbar slot selected on death
    • Fixed an issue with barriers covering a chest in Medusa Lake
    • Fixed a bug where crafting pristine chain with normal chain could yield pristine chain
    • Fixed a bug where the Earth Shaker was uncraftable
    • Fixed a bug where pigman explosions in dungeons could blow up cobwebs
    • Fixed a bug where players could block other players from spawning by standing too close to the spawn points
    • Fixed a bug where the decreased mob spawn option for PvP hotspots (Gravel canyon and Crowmure) wasn’t working as intended; these areas now spawn 50% less mobs
    • The Ghost Ship has set sail once again!
    01/08/2021 ( 3.7.15 )
    • Fixed a bug where iron shovels were not taking correct durability when hitting zombies
    • Fixed a bug where once the radio is turned on normal chat wouldn't work
    • Fixed a bug where repairing studded leather and pristine chain armor would repair to full durability
    • Lorfaul Mines: -9 mil_epic, +8 mil_rare, +1 food_uncommon. These changes have been made to the chests on the staircase down into the mines to encourage players to loot the main area of the location instead of the stairs
    01/07/2021 ( 3.7.14 )

    MineZ New Year thread
    • Wonderland 2020 has come to a close. Thanks to all who participated in all our in-game content for this event!
    • The Loot Overhaul PTR has ended; many locations have had their loot adjusted from this public testing. Find all the changes in the MineZ Loot Changelog
    • Added Treetops Shelter
    • Rebuilt Crymoore Pond
    • Added a crafting table to the Agni Jungle Staircase (3200, -3500)
    • Carrots now restore 1 thirst
    • Apples now restore 2 thirst instead of 1
    • Zombie Pigmen now blast other entities away when exploding
    • Iron Shovels now stun zombies for 4 seconds. Each stun uses 3 durability on normal zombies and 9 on special zombies (Forsaken, Revenants)
    • Changed the stone buttons in Paluster Shrine to wooden buttons
    • Removed roughly half of the zombie spawners at the bottom of Lorfaul Mines
    • Slightly increased hunger drain when walking and sprinting
    • The Ghost Ship has moved!
    • Shifted the PvE line to z:-100. This change was made based on player data collected since November, 2020 and aims to help new players die less often to other players while learning the game in the south
    • Added coordinates and direction to the scoreboard
    • Updated the PvE line tip to reflect the adjusted PvE line
    • Updated the “stuck in a block” tip reference the /mz stuck command instead of the forum page
    • Updated the /mz help text to show more relevant information
    • Replying to private messages using /r no longer requires you to have messaged another player first
    • Radio messages can now be seen when on the same channel regardless if the radio is on/off
    • Fixed an issue with zombie targeting and snowballs; when players died any zombies targeting them would wait briefly before switching targets to the nearest player, regardless of whether or not that player was actually visible and within their sight range
    • Fixed an issue in Clarce where the underground path didn’t display the location name properly
    • Fixed an issue where hoes and shovels crafted together didn’t retain lore text
    • Fixed an issue where zombies wouldn’t attack combat logged NPCs in dungeons
    • Fixed an issue where zombies in the Body Offload boss room didn’t target players properly
    • Fixed an issue where players could not see radio messages from other players when their radio is turned off.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to claim every day from their Advent Calendar. The /advent function will be removed in a later update, grab your items while you can!
    • Changed the Sanctuary of Peace grave in the Crypt of Agadeem to close after 4 seconds instead of 1
    • Phantom Blade
      • Launches the user anywhere from 10-15 blocks when right-clicked
      • Consumes 15 durability when used
      • Has a 15 second cooldown between uses
    • Gamble
      • Right clicking a chest will break it, where you have a 50/50 chance to get more items from it or watch it explode and lose the items inside
      • Consumes 22 durability when used
      • Has no cooldown, can be used on any valid loot chest

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    Is there any possibility of having proficiencies/crafting added to mineZ? I kinda miss it, and having something to work towards in game instead of just start, get gear, go north, get more gear, go more north, get more gear, learn a little bit, die, restart
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