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Question MineZ 2 Opinions

Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by tallkids, Jan 8, 2019.

Question - MineZ 2 Opinions

How many of us want MineZ 2 back?

I do 13 vote(s) 61.9%
MineZ 2 sucks 1 vote(s) 4.8%
I would be fine without it coming back 7 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. tallkids Obsidian

    So I have noticed that most who like minez classic don’t like minez 2 because it is a lot different and things are more complicated and pvp is only up north so I want to make a vote section of answering this question, how many of us want it back?
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  2. SwineFlu Platinum

    I would seriously consider coming back to Shotbow permanently (or at least regularly) if MineZ 2 returned, but that's never going to happen.
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  3. _Silver Gold

    How much I liked MineZ 2 aside, I think it would be an absolutely terrible move on Shotbow's part to bring it back, in the server's current state. In my opinion, MineZ 2 didn't improve on enough issues of MineZ to justify having a second game. Gameplay changes aside (because that's subjective), most of the time a sequel to a game is released, it's built on a different game engine, or an updated version of the old one. This brings some legitimate, objective improvements such as better performance or networking, support for more players, or other things like that. MineZ 2 was just different MineZ, and now it'll be competing with MineZ for the same limited playerbase and most likely the same developers. I think that probably the best move for Shotbow would be to expand to Hytale, and be one of the first to do it to get a lot of attention from the initial hype of the game.
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  4. Toyl Regular Member

    I dont think that MineZ 2 was a bad game, I just dont think that Shotbow has enough resources to create it again.

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