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Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by 100PercentHippo, Dec 1, 2016.

Discussion - MineZ 2 - December Feedback Thread
  1. 100PercentHippo BAC Team Lead

    Image credit: Catsage, TunaFeesh

    Welcome to another monthly feedback thread! Another quiet month as the finishing touches are being put on Shotbow's 1.9 update.

    - Reviewed the feedback from last month's thread
    - I am now the lead for MineZ 2, with Gallihad as co-lead (Everyone else is still around, don't worry)

    The US Lobby server is unfortunately still down. We'll let you know as soon as it comes back up, but for the time being it is still offline. If you have any other bugs you discover while playing, don't hesitate to mention them in a comment below or fill out a bug report.

    Build Submissions:
    We're still more than happy to put your awesome build on the map if you make them. You're most likely to have a build accepted if it falls into one of the below categories, but that shouldn't be an issue as they are quite broad:
    • Any kind of cave build; a town, a cool fort etc, as long as it would fit underground.
    • Forest builds for example Treetop villages etc for the dense northern forest.
    • Any nether or lava themed builds. These should mostly have a darker theme to them.
    • Small on land builds.
    To submit a build, head over to the Build Submissions forum here and post it there.

    Community Poll:
    A lot of questions have been asked in previous threads about your thoughts on specific mechanics or ideas, so this month we'd like your feedback on something a little more general, "What do you think would make MineZ 2 more fun?". Be it a minor loot table change, or moving the map around, what would make the game more enjoyable to play?
    If you want to give feedback on something else entirely, we're always happy to hear your feedback.

  2. Aexon Regular Member

    - Dungeons obviously
    - Other gearing routes than Asindia Kholheim (as Kholheim is op for gearing). Once I was fighting giants and I needed some water, food, potions, and armor repair, I tried all the town around the giants spawn place and, I almost died of dehydration/starvation, it's so horrible to find stuff if you're not in Kholheim. Even Balsor Castle seems less interesting.
    Maybe Kholheim is too op, maybe the other towns are bad (I personally like to have more difficulty so I'd say nerf Kholheim, but I guess not everyone has the same opinion).
    - Make the spires interesting (better loots)
    - The cave system in the south (at least south west) doesn't have a lot of things to explore compared to the cave system in the north (Around Terra Mathet)
    - Why are there like 40 zombies if you log back in a town ? And why are zombies spawning in groups of 10 sometimes ? It'd be brtter to have them spawning like in MineZ 1. Is that a bug ?
    - Fix the invasions : If you logout in a town with invasions and this town is not loaded for a long time by other players, there will be thousands of zombies.
  3. Mellnyfox Regular Member

    I agree with the dungeons, I think 90% of the players I've ever played with wanted them, mind you that was 2 years ago.

    I also agree that the towns loot needs changed, but I don't think kholheim needs a nerf, just that others need a buff. I remember we used to just camp and hop kholheim as it was truly the only place to be. However I believe it should keep its name as the strongest/most notable place in the game, just that other town such as balsor, kuwana, and giving grannus its strength back.

    The zombie thing isn't a glitch, and I don't really mind the whole zombies thing. However as for spawning, I heavily believe in adding the slow effect for a good 5 seconds, with the warning. That not being a thing made the game annoying from what I remember, although I was always the one hopping so....

    Clans. Now yes there have always been clans on the forums and transferred to the game. But if you've ever played call of duty ghosts, then you can understand the truth to my next sentence. Adding an in game clan system, increasing A) The amount of people that have knowledge about clans B) the amount of people willing to join a team C) increase in teamwork throughout the game in general D) greater competition in fights and a greater amount of clan wars. It simply overall adds a new level to the game that can make it interesting. While I have plenty of ideas on this subject, I don't want to type it all right here, so if you like the thought just say and ill get to it.

    Final thing, Zombies. I was so hyped when I heard there were different types of zombies, I thought it made the game special compared to minez 1. But the zombies arent really fun to fight, more just annoying (And yes I get they are zombies) as they don't drop items worth killing them, and simply are avoided. However while I believe this would be a cool part of dungeons, it would be cool to have some other special zombies with special drops. The special items in dungeons in minez 1 are cool, and interesting. Adding something like that into mz2 but trailed off something that was already started (special zombies) would be an interesting addition imo.
  4. necco99 Platinum

    Using tools/weapons/armour/whatever when legendary should give them the enchanted effect, just for style points though, with no affect on game play. though to be honest some could do with buffing as you've probably been told about 4000 times by now *cough* revival.
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  5. 100PercentHippo BAC Team Lead

    Zombies spawning when you logout in a town is intentional, yes. Zombies spawning in groups, sometimes large groups is also intentional. Not saying it can't be changed, but it is intentional.

    Enchanted items would be cool.
    4000? No that's not enough revives to level up yet, sorry. (Yeah, reviving prof will probably be changed)
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  6. Iveon Regular Member

    I should have said this in November post but anyways another suggestion about pvping (or pvp gear). Can we have Flame enchantment for bow or something similar?
  7. Aexon Regular Member

    Bows are already powerful and something like fire aspect or flame would be REALLY op as fire does 1 heart per times it damages
  8. kscopekid Gold

    Bows do half a heart per hit with power 2, thats terrible. Flame albeit would be really OP but bows need a buff big time, the only reason you should carry them rn is for forsaken, and even that is debatable if you're pvping.
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  9. FreeCookson Platinum

    Bows are useless even with power 2 against geared players.
  10. Mellnyfox Regular Member

    While we all know they need a buff, to something like 2 hearts of damage. Fire is incredibly broken in pvp, anyone who plays UHC knows the importance of fire due to the extra damage it puts off, as well as the extra chase potential it brings, but in UHC there is at least a reliable way to get rid of it (water bucket). So yes a bow buff would be nice, but fire on a sword or a bow is just too much.
  11. Iveon Regular Member

    How about this? Drinking a water bottle putting out the flame. Also, how about making flame enchantment book extremely rare or sold by Renn by extremely high rep? (oh well btw i was like wondering it could be better if there was fire arrow cuz people can see it well and i can use it as firework / position marking :stuck_out_tongue:) (and welp it's just a suggestion so yh don't take too seriously)
  12. Smartz_ Platinum

    I welp I'm back from the dead. I just quickly want to say that I think there should be a sword that can hit forsakens even through them being in bow mode. However have it be non-repairable and make it so that it is a stone sword with MAYBE unbreaking I or II.
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  13. 100PercentHippo BAC Team Lead

    If flame were added, it would probably only deal a few ticks of damage at most to keep the extra damage from being too op. Alternately it could be added in a fashion similar to the old Agni's sword from MineZ Classic where there was also a chance to light yourself on fire. I like the idea of drinking a bottle to extinguish flame (is/was that a vanilla mechanic, or am I thinking of something else?).
  14. lJuanGB Mini Builder

    Bows for zombies are perfect just like they are:
    A pristine iron with crit can 1-hit kill a regular zombies. A power 1 bow headshot can 1-shot zombies.
    A diamond pristine sword can 1-hit kill even without crit. A power 2 bow can 1-shot without headshot. I find it pretty balanced.

    However, I think bow could use an update, specially for the special zombies so here is my idea:
    Different kinds of arrows. With the use of the 1.9 tipped arrow design, we could recreate different tiers of arrows, each of them corresponding with leather, chain and iron. This may compensate the fact that there is only 1 type of bow. It would be like this:

    -Wooden arrow: The regular arrow design. Deals -1 Damage. Stacks up to 20. Can be found in low mil tier chests. Changed recipe.
    -Stone arrow: Tipped arrow with the design of a weakness arrow (without the effect). Deals +0 Damage. Has a 10% armor pen. Stacks up to 15. Found with medium military tier chests. Changed recipe.
    -Iron arrow: Tipped arrow with the design of a invisibility arrow (without the effect). Deals +1 Damage. Has a 20% armor pen. Stacks up to 10. Found with rare military tier chests. Changed recipe.


    For PvP you say? Then I have no idea. So if any change was to be done to de bow, it should be only for PvP.
  15. kscopekid Gold

    A power 2 in minez 1 can do around 2-3 hearts to a full iron, in minez 2 it takes sometimes two shots to deal half a heart. Who cares if it can kill zombies, when I'm 1v1ing someone I'm not gonna bring a bow incase a random zombie appears.
  16. Mellnyfox Regular Member

    My problem with drinking a water bottle (as i thought about in my last post) is that anyone with some decent timing and bow skill can immediatly reignite the flame. Afterall, while drinking your standing almost completely still, and it isnt hard to take advantage of that time to, get closer, and reignite the flame.
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  17. Mellnyfox Regular Member

    And in 1v1s bows can be used to start a combo...so its not useless in a 1v1.
  18. FPSHater Obsidian

    Personally I think that the most important thing to do to keep MineZ 2 fun would be to have it not stray too far from the theme that is already currently in place - that it's an MMO.

    I think that a great first step towards keeping that in mind while still staying true to that MMO-esque theme would be to have an overhaul of the profeciencies. An old post found here would be an amazing way to do it as well, if it were changed a little.

    Essentially, it would add more benefits to having legendary prof's. Similar to the "Crafted by [Name]" if you have legendary armorsmith/weaponsmith prof. Some examples would be:

    - If you have Legendary Healing, you would always heal the disease, you wouldn't need to use the white dye

    - If you have Legendary status on any of the tool prof's (Wood Axe, Stone Axe, Iron Pickaxe, etc) there would be a chance for double resource drops

    - If you have Legendary status on the Bow, you could have a chance to get the Archer Elite 2.0x arrow damage, if you hit a shot from far away.

    There can be many other benefits given for other prof's as well, and I think this is a great starting point to making MineZ 2 more fun.
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  19. kscopekid Gold

    I can kill a zombie with a wooden sword, does that make a wooden sword good now? Bows are supposed to be used for damage, not for unreliably starting combos.
  20. Mellnyfox Regular Member

    That comparison is not even close to being logical, a bow is used to start a combo at a range before a normal sword would be able to hit, and while it may be unreliable for you, it works just as often as a rod for me. A wood sword provides no extra usefulness while a bow does. And your argument about it being useful for killing zombies has nothing backing it as it wasn't even related to my comment, a 1v1 is pvp not pvm. And your passive aggression is unnecessary.

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