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Update MineTheftAuto Changelog

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by noobfan, Aug 11, 2019.

Update - MineTheftAuto Changelog
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  1. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead, Localization Lead

    MineTheftAuto Change log!
    This thread will show changes to MineTheftAuto after 11th August 2019 and so on.

    feedback on the recently released update has been amazing here's some changes based on feedback we have received.
    Remember the x2 SBXP multiplier is still active !

    All shotguns have increased bullet spray (this may change in the future)

    Other changes:
    Increased rarity of attachments in loot chests
    Fixed attachment item lore not displaying negative effects
    Fixed bandage item in loot chest
    Fixed an issue where explosive damage was inaccurate when wearing armour.

    More changes to follow in the coming days, Keep a look out on this thread o_O

Thread Status:
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